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July 13, 2012


November 03, 2011

Ms. Krazie

November 01, 2011

Jasper Loco

October 31, 2011

Midget Loco

Old English Brand x Jeff Reyes: OE Nation


This spring we’re ending the season with one last exciting piece, the “OE Nation” anorak jacket. Completing this Old English x Jeff Reyes collaboration, in a beautiful fashion. This piece was designed for a certain type of person mind, those people who choose to be a powerhouse in their rightIts for those people who refuse to be comfortable in mediocrity and what is perceived as the norm. The people that would rather be independent and create their own lane. This jacket comes in a black jacket comes with a velcro and our OE flag stitched on. The black OE flag symbolizes how we are the black sheep of society. This jacket also has two empty velcro spaces where you have two options to put a patch of your choosing. Let this item is a one time thing, after they sold out they’re sold out … so here’s to you the powerhouse, the go getters, the independent people the black sheep of society..  the misunderstood.








Written by: Rene Guerrero

La loca X UrbanKings

La loca X UrbanKings, we will never disappoint. Our next move is to start the process of music videos, SadGirl tour and Merch. Share the cover and tag all sadgirls on all social medias. Its our time to shine  #xSetForLIfex #UrbanKings

from @MsKrazie on twitter

We are ready to Ms Krazie newest “SadGirl Club” album cover. This one is the cover all covers. We are excited to share this.

Our support to Sad Boy loco

Our support to Sad Boy loco from 4hunnid label. Sad Bay loco just released his new album called “Evil Ways” with one song featuring Chino G. Song was recored about 2 weeks after Chinos release.

First Single

The first single of “Thirteen Hundredth Block Boys” is out now. Dollar and Pesos available now on Spotify and all major platforms.

A little update

A little update, listen to Chino New single out now, Dollar and Pesos on all major platform.

We are getting closer to releasing Chino G’s album


We are getting closer to releasing my Chino G’s album, dropping his first single tomorrow/tonight wordwide. A small taste of my bigger plans. Music video is next, its all unfolding. Its been a min, I’m ready, hope your ready. You can click on the video on top to be directed to Youtube to leave a comment and feed back.

Here’s the secret



Here’s the secret to making money and making all your dreams coming true. Don’t give a fuck what anybody says to the 10th power. Amen XX

Thirteen Hundredth Block boys

A revised of Chino Grande highly anticipated Thirteen Hundredth Block boys. Since Chino G paroled his newest album has been picking up steam. Releasing sometime summer 2018 be ready.

Special announcement!

Today at 10 I have to get something off my chest. Follow @chinograndecrc for the scoop

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