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Ms Krazie’s first single “I Like It”

Ms. Krazies first single of her highly anticipated album, Firme Homegirl Oldies 2! Everyone has been asking continuously about her newest single and Ms Krazie delivers a song nothing short of amazing. She continues to show why she is the best chicana rapper in the game. This track is now available on iTunes and all digital stores.

Latin Legacy Show

We are proud to sponsor “The Latin Legacy Show” hosted by Burst Rock, Concrete, and Nikki Diaz. Make sure you tune in Wednesday May 5th and every wednesday after for the newest sensation in the making. If you’re tired of listening to radio with the same corny songs playing every 20 minutes, you have to tune into this show. Its a show by the people for the people. There will be playing various music including yours truly Urban Kings artist. So make sure you log into on wednesday from 9pm to 11pm.

Want To Be In Chino Grande’s Next Video?

Click here to listen to Blue rose

[audio:|titles=Chino Grande ft. Baby Jokes - Blue Rose]


Arizona’s Immigration Law

I don’t know if people are aware of whats going on, but Arizona just passed a law where they can pull anyone over and check their legal paper work. Arizona does have an immigration problem, but what that law does it discriminates against Hispanics in Arizona. Hispanics will be targeted because of how they look like. Its a sad situation because there’s a lot of hard working people out there just trying to get money to support their families. And fuck those that say americans dont have jobs because we all know thats bullshit, if they dont have a job its because they don’t want to settle for less. When was the last time you seen a white guy do landscaping? Yea, thought so.

Midget Loco on the History Channel

I know some of you have already seen this, but i thought id show ya’ll again. Midget Loco was featured in a documentary for the History Channel named Marked. Marked is a Documentary about Chicano prisoned styled tattoos. This is just a clip where midget loco comes out. If you get a chance to watch it all you should its probably one of the best documentaries on Chicano tattoos I’ve ever seen. Its well documented and it has well spoken people representing our culture.

Music Wednesdays

Its “Music Wednesdays” lets sit back and enjoy this classic track “Suicide Note” by Chino Grande off Charlie Row’s Stop Studio Gangsters.

Ms. Krazie’s Fans

Ms. Krazie has to have thee most dedicated fans I’ve ever seen. Everyone has seen fans get their faces autograph, yeah that’s old news and possibly a bore fest. But how many fans actually get tattoos of album tittles, song tittles, lyrics, and their favorite rappers name?! And some one getting Ms. Krazie’s face tattooed on their chest! That’s why Ms. Krazie keeps doing music for her fans who love and appreciate every single word she writes and raps. Well you’ll believe me when you see these:

Stay tuned for more tats!

Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America Trailer

This is the first of many more video campaigns coming for Stompers Once Upon A Time In America, which will be out in July 7th 2010. Fully produced by Kast & Fame.

This is Officially Stompers first solo album which has been highly anticipated. Make sure you subscribe to get the latest news on this project. and visit stompers website.

Death Of Studio Gangsters Snippets

Take a listen to Death Of Studio Gangsters which came out last week. It sounds really good.If you haven’t picked it up make sure you do. Don’t be the last on your block to get this album!

Ms Krazie “Amiga Mia” Lyrics from Smile Now Cry Never

I can’t keep letting you trying to run my life but I made the wrong decision cut the tension the knife and I’m struggling trying hard not to tumble it’s like every single day I’m getting in some kind of trouble I had it hard and you seem to make it easy smiled when I looked into your face yea you pleased me you did things for me I’ve never seen before and I’m stuck with you hope you show me more show me I don’t gotta shed another broken tear tell me that I’ll be alright I got nothing to fear show me that you’ll always be around you’ll never leave tell me that I’ll be the one who won’t end up asleep let me see the end of my fantasy and let me show the world what I came to be don’t want any problems but I know that your about you always seem to take the words that come out of my mouth

Psycho Realm Music On iTunes

Are you Having a hard time finding your favorite Psycho Realm albums in your area? Well Urban Kings and RMG music group have connected so we can offer the classic cd’s everywhere. Check out itunes for Psycho Realm War Book 1, Psycho Realm War Book 2 and Terror Tapes. We have also turned into over 200 various digital stores if you prefer to browse around. If you still want to purchase the pyschical cd that comes with the inside artwork, lyrics etc you can visit . Powered by Urban Kings Music Group Distribution.

Donate Money Into Chino Grande’s Books

Unfortunately after a much complicated trial Chino Grande is going away for a while. He’s set to turn himself in a month from now. We have received alot of emails asking us how the fans can help. So we have set up a donation button below so you, the fans, can help Chino have a more comfortable time in there. Of course you can donate what ever amount you wish and this is not mandatory. We simply added this for the fans who want to do more for chino. We want to thank everybody who has emailed us and we are happy to see he has touched alot of people. Chino Grande also wants to thank his fans in advance for the help and says he will continue to do music to keep you all satisfied with the good old Chino Grande music.

Ms Krazie’s Firme Homegirl Oldies 2!

A release date has been set. All you Ms Krazie fans will be happy to know the album is coming June 15th. Make sure you put this flyer on your pages wether it be myspace or facebook or any other interacting place to help promote Ms Krazie’s highly anticipated “Firme Homegril Oldies 2″

Murs + Sick Jacken – The Problem Is

“The Problem Is” is the new single off Murs and 9th Wonder’s highly anticipated “Forever” it features Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm and Uncle Chucc. The video was directed by Estevan Oriol. Make sure you pick up this album up at

Chino Grande Is Working On A New Album

Chino Grande is working very hard on his new album. With his pending case he has the next few months are a bit uncertain for him. He want to get this album done and ready so if his case doesnt go the way he wants it to come out he will have music for all his fans to enjoy in the meantime he is away. He is currently working with Dave Salas on some great music so keep watching and stay tuned.