Baby Bash In The Studio With Chino Grande – IG Pics

Urban Kings had set up a collaboration with UKMG Artist Chino Grande and Platinum Artist Baby Bash this week, and had them both in the studio working on some new music. We went down to the studio to hang out and hear how the song was coming out, and it came out vicious. Both Bash and Chino put down dope verses and over a D Salas beat, its gonna be a big record. Chino is currently promoting his new album, “Trust Your Struggle” and even though the CD just came out last tuesday, Chino is already back in the studio working on new music. Here are some of the pics we taken from the studio session from our IG and Follow us at @UrbanKings! And you know we have to show our fans how the studio session went, so we filmed a little bit of it, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information!

Bash layin down the vocals

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Editing is no joke!

Today was the day, we woke up early to make sure the  music videos of  Midget Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns got done on time.( and no we do not leave everything to the last minute lol). Making sure the videos are the same quality as the ones you see on MTv is harder than it looks. It took us hours to finish the videos but now they are almost done. The funny part is that, the only thing i got to edit was the intro and a jpeg (geek for picture lol) at the end. For my first time, I was having so many problems trying to edit like how the pros do it. I give video editors much props; I can only imagine how hard it must be to spend hours and hours trying to get the video flawless. I took a few snap shots while I was working. So you will be pleased to know that music videos are done and will be up on time. (We kept our word lol). As you can see the boss and I edited both videos on two computers. Which video I edited, you’ll never know lol.  



RIP Tupac

We are real big fans of Tupac here at Urban Kings. Yesterday, September 7th, marks the 19th year anniversary that Tupac was shot in Las Vegas. He lived for another 6 days until he passed away, and we celebrate his life. Everyone knows Pac was a dope rapper. He lead the whole Thug Life movement, stood for his community and his people. But I wanted to show the brighter side of Tupac, and I found this funny skit he did with Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson. Make sure to watch the video and write your comment at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Ms Krazie’s New Screen

We just got in the new Ms Krazie T Shirt screen for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour T Shirts. This is the brand new screen that has the added tour dates from the meet and greets, and upcoming concerts for Reno – Nevada, San Luis Rio Colorado – Sonora, Mexico, Casa Grande – Arizona, Medford – Oregon and Albuquerque – New Mexico. We are currently adding tour dates to Ms Krazie’s Hello Loca 2012 Tour so if you know a promoter who does concerts or carshows, tell them to email us at . Ms Krazie’s next concert is in Monterrey, Mexico on July 7th!

Chino Grande & Lana Del Rey Music Video

Did you know that Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande was featured in a music video by pop superstar Lana Del Rey. Her record label contacted us about featuring Chino Grande in her music video, since they heard that he just came home and was available to be a cameo for the music video called “Tropico”. The music video is over 27 minutes long, and has over 6,777,000 Million Views on Youtube. Chino Grande is featured on the music video “Gods and Monsters” which is the second video in the film, starting about 7:00 minutes into the video. Make sure to check it out and support Chino Grande!

Lana Del Rey – Tropico – Chino Grande Cameo

Scriptures Hits The Streets the 7th

Fiesty 2 Guns drops this Tuesday the 7th and we have his pre-sales ready to buy. We are gonna have him come in to sign the posters of his album. We are going to be hosting an event on our Fan Page on FaceBook for the fans to ask questions to Fiesty and we will pick the questions that get the most likes. Then stay tune for his interview on UrbankingsTv to see if your question gets answered. Watch his newest music video from this upcoming album “What I Dream of”

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