Baby Jokes In O.E’s Commercial

Have you ever seen the sick shirts of Old English Brand? Well guess what, they decided to come out with a commercial and they gave the part to Baby Jokes. Along side Alexandra aka Bombshell. Old English Brand has done a few collaborations with the Urban Kings familia. They have done shirts of Ms. Krazie, “Try Me”, Midget Loco “Plea The Fifth” and we got word that they are coming out with another Ms. Krazie design. They got a lot to stuff to choose from shirts, shoes, bandanas, shades (trust they got it lol). So huge shout out to Old English Brand and all its supporters.

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Urban Kings x Sand One x Ms Krazie


We have been sneaking information to fans here and there about an upcoming collaboration with Urban Kings, Sand One and UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This is going to be legendary. Sand One is a huge Los Angeles artist when it comes to designs, working with companies like Nike, Univision, Levi’s, NBA and more. Now its time to work with Urban Kings and Ms Krazie. This project will be huge, watch the video, see what we are talking about, and know whats going to happen. (Please note that the wall in this picture and in the video IS NOT MS KRAZIE, but a past mural done by Sand One).

The video is only viewable on the Urban Kings Facebook Page, so make sure to CLICK HERE TO LIKE THE PAGE AND WATCH THE VIDEO!

Speak For YourSelf

Big thanks to everyone that went to the movies to support A Better Life and Baby Jokes. Its cuz of you that “The Media” decided to play it more select theaters.(LA and NY we love you lol) Its gonna be playing in Texas and more areas in Cali so don’t let us down (more info on soon to follow).So when its playing by your area call your people to come out and support. It’s a great movie, makes you appreciate what you have in life and how you do better.  Though there are some critics that don’t seem to get the concept (well one hehe)… You know I learned something (just like a south park endings lol). When I went to go see it on Sunday, I spotted one. Fat-snotty-anglo with a note book and thats when it hit me. We read reviews and articles by people like this (maybe skinner but not the point lol). That have no correlation to me whats so ever, though I know the importance in keeping your mind open but really I just observed him and thought “Do I really care what your a** got to say cuz A: I don’t know you B: Never heard of your work and C: You don’t represent me in anyway (and you can write that down in your lil notebook lol). Now when I read articles by Latina Lista who are people for the people by all mean take it into consideration and that is what a critic is suppose to do. Not some stuck up writer with a paper certifying he/she can write and influence society behind a notepad when they don’t know their own community. Though those critics may never get to read this but that doesn’t matter just know next time you read something done by a critic ask yourself what status does this person hold on me because of critics similar to this is are responsible to why chicano rap doesn’t hit radio waves like its suppose and it keeps the movement under ground all because of them and its’ people that it influence. I thank critics like Miguel Orozco who saw it as for what it is and pulled strings to get it out there to the latino community because its about us unlike the one I read that tried sweeping the struggle of our people under the rug. So don’t let just anyone own your thoughts, opinions, or most importantly your voice.

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Chino Grande Interview On Rap Cartel

We have an exclusive interview from Rap Cartel who has done a quick interview with Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, while in back of the concert of the Charlie Row Campo/Mack 10 show. Chino Grande and Jasper Loco performed an awesome set, which was also caught on camera by Rap Cartel Tv. Chino Talks about his brand new album, and performance footage is after the interview. Make sure to check it out exclusively on Urban Kings Tv!



Youtube Friday – Old Man Ballin

Youtube Friday is back once again with the coolest video clips that we find. This week we got NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavs playing a vicious prank on some basketball players at the park. Kyrie dresses up as an old man, complete with professional make up and hair, and goes to the park to play some pick up games as an old man named “Uncle Drew”. First, to throw off the scent, he plays like an old man, slow, and shootin up bricks. Then he starts to go to work on these grown men. Watch the clip and laugh.

Video (update) On Ms Krazie Firme Homegirl Oldies 2

Ms. Krazies album has been pushed back to August 3rd 2010. Due to changes in the album. We are adding more tracks. And we are also adding the lyrics to all the songs in the album booklet. The album will now be perfect from beginning to end.


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