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You can now book any UKMG Artist today for your event. Wether you would like to do a concert, carshow, club, party, autograph signing, all Urban Kings Music Group Artists are now available, and they are not limited to public events, as they will also perform for a birthday party, quince, divorce party, graduation party and/or any type of private event you may have. Would you like to book a concert of The Stomper and Spanky Loco? How about the whole Charlie Row Camponeros, like Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco? Or would you like to see Ms Krazie and Midget Loco perform together for a mega concert? You can book one, two, three or all UKMG artists. Book now for Next Season! For More Information,  CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN ARTIST.

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Listen To Jasper Loco’s New Song

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We told everyone about UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo, brand new song he just released called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” featuring Oso Vicious. This is a really dope song, and its going to be featured on Jasper’s upcoming mixtape that will be Downloadable FOR FREE (only on This is going to be a very dope tape, and with this first song officially leaked, its just a sneak peak of what type of music will be featured on the tape. I Grew Up Then I Blew Up is downloadable now ONLY ON THE URBAN KINGS FACEBOOK PAGE, and You Must LIKE The Page To Download It! Make sure to check it out and bump the song loud then head over to The Urban Kings Facebook Page and download the song for FREE!


Mala Suerte Mixtape – Free Download


This is the brand new mixtape called “Mala Suerte”. It features 13 exclusive tracks and has songs from N.K, Low – G, Travieso, Los Marijuanos and more. I have already downloaded this mixtape and I can tell you that it brings something new and fresh to the game. It is most definitely worth the download and is Bump Worthy. Below is the Track Listing and the Download Link & IT IS A FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!


1. Mala Suerte Featuring Travieso, N.K, Indecent & Arch The Dawg

2. Keeping It G – Wiseguy Featuring Travieso aka El Dorado Cain

3. Big Drugs – N.K

4. La Mala – Sekreto & Merciless

5. Cuando Yo Sea Grande – Low-G

6. Todavia – Arch The Dawg

7. Kickdoor – SouthCoast

8. Morrier de Pie – Reporte Ilegal

9. Cocaine Blues – Indecent

10. 20 Dayz – Picasso Cerado Featuring Ponyboy of Los Marijuanos

11. Fire – Los Marijuanos

12. Break’em Off – Trey & SouthCoast

13. Cannon – N.K

MalaSuerteMixtape by MalaSuerteMixtape

Sly Boogy – That’z My Name

Premiering Jan 5, 2010 SLY BOOGY, if you don’t know this guy he has been a big supporter of chicano rap. In fact,  he did various collabs with Jasper, Syphon and Baby Jokes called “Gutter Tales”. He has two hits songs produced Scott Storch.With features from artists like Mack 10, Crooked I, Jayo Felony, E-40, Kurupt, Roscoe and many more. On the interview he gives some info on how he hooked up with Charlie Row Campo’s very own Jasper and Baby Jokes. Stay tuned..

La Loca’s Lesson #1

if you can avoid getting pregnant so young please DO. live the life that a lot of us moms never got to live.. enjoy your #teenyears!


Letter to my Felon-Ms. Krazie

Still haven’t heard that has been set on repeat since the day it came out? Ms. Krazie’s Letter To My Felon is on the Street Anthem 3. Get your copy of the 3rd Street Anthem or get it now on ITunes. You can also find the Street Anthems 3 at all FYE stores near you.

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