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Fiesty 2 Guns – Tragic – Ft. Chino Grande, Jasper Loco & Lil Cuete
Fiesty 2 Guns created a really dope solo album, and its called “Bring It Home“. He had many dope joints on his album, and one of my favorites from the CD was his song called “Tragic”, which he collaborated with Charlie Row Campo & UKMG Artist Chino Grande along with Jasper Loco along with Lil Cuete. It came out to be an amazing song and everyone was bumping that song. What did you think of it? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! Fiesty 2 Gun’s album “Bring It Home” is available now at all major music retailers and  iTunes and here at The UKMG Merch Store for just $7.99!

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Build Your Own Momentum

We have to learn how to build momentum, not expectations. We have to learn direction, and not take short cuts and expect to get directions to your goal. Momentum is beyond ambition. It’s understanding exactly what it takes to have ambition and valuing it at the highest value. To the world a career is based on money, but success to me, is based on things just landing perfectly in place. How so? Because you will never control an outcome but an outcome can be controlled by momentum. The ***KEY*** is to learn the difference, because, (now listen carefully), its a turn key action and the difference is what you do to make things happen, compared to what just simply happens to you. That’s that Hocus Pocus. I promise the magic is real, please leave the 3D glasses in the box as you leave the XSetForLifeX ;D

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

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We’re Bumping Out Your Video Game

Call of Juarez The Cartel has featured My Neighbor Hood, Fuck You and Gangster Girl. You can pick it up at Game Stop, available for xbox360, PS and Play Station 3. (sorry Nitendo, graphics didn’t cut it lol)

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UKMG Last Time Seeing Wreck..

Wicked Minds, I just saw Wreck about 1 week ago before he passed. Out of nowhere he appears as if he was there to say good bye. We talked and I even took pics with him. He told me he was proud of how far I had gone, I mean, I’ve  known Wreck since I was a kid. We always kept in touch and I’m glad I got to see him one last time and shake his hand and heard his blessings. So now as I’m flying back from NEW YORK altitude 35977 Ft up in the sky i still can’t see how this happened. If anybody can donate click the link below, and help spread the word.

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr


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UKMG Sports – Step Up Punk!!!!

Today, Floyd “Money” Mayweather called out Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao on Twitter. Floyd been demanding Manny for years to take Olympic Style Drug Testing to insure Manny not take illegal performance steriods. Manny turned down the testing many times, often softening his stance on the issue, but still making his own rules to the testing, not agreeing to blood tests two weeks before the fight.
Mannys promoter (Bob Arum) told media last week that he has four (4) possible opponents for Manny, including Lamont Peterson (Who recently beat Amir Khan but might rematch Khan due to controversial decision), Juan Manuel Marquez (Manny defeated Marquez 2 times,and one draw, but Marquez is the only one who really competed,with many fans and media convinced that Marquez won at least 1 fight), or Timothy Bradley.
Mayweather was recently convicted of hitting his babys mom and was sentenced to 6 months in jail with 3 months suspended (which meant he is going to do 3 months in jail). Mayweathers lawyers told the judge that Floyd was fighting May 5th and would bring a large revenue for the city of Las Vegas, where the fight is currently scheduled. The judge agreed and postponed Floyd’s jail stint to June 1st, which would give Floyd the proper time to heal if he was injured.
It has been suspected that if Floyd does not get Manny as his May 5th opponent, he will possibly fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, or Robert Guerrero, both Mexican fighters who would be fitting to fight on Cinco De Mayo.
This fight will be the biggest fight of the year, with fans and media alike, both wanting to see. Both fighters are estimated in making over 50 Million Dollars for the night.

*When Floyd was going to jail on JUNE 6th, BOB ARUM was saying that Manny would fight in either May or June, and as soon as Floyd Mayweather was cleared to go to jail in JUNE, Bob Arum said that a cut from the Manny Vs Marquez fight hasnt healed, which backtracked quickly once Floyd announced that he would be able to fight in May.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Calling Out Manny

Ms Krazie Brand New Video

Click Here To Watch The Video

We have a brand new video of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie while she was at her autograph signing at Cycadelic Records. There was over 1,200 people that came out to Cycadelic Records, to the first ever Ms Krazie autograph signing in Southern California. This was the first time fans got to meet Ms Krazie, take pictures with fans, and got to tell Ms Krazie how her songs meant to them. I remember the day clearly, I passed by the record shop at 8 am and I seen over 300 fans waiting in line for the store to open. We released the official Urban Kings Official Ms Krazie Autograph Signing Video a few months ago, and now our friends at www.CalifaRap.Net has made this video to give fans another look of that epic day. Make sure to click the video above to watch and re-live the excitement!



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