Calling Out Names

We always get hit up on making shows and going to events. Well guess what, we are down but we need supporters. Fans tell us to come to their city, we came make that a reality but we need promoters to also make it happen. So after all the constant questions and demands, we are telling you the facts. Stir up the community, request songs on the radios, tell the stores to carry our CD’s. These are the stepping stones of making it into a reality. And who knows one day we will have the Chicano Rap Red (Blue lol) Carpet awards. lol Ps. if your a store or an artist and want to promote hit us up at

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The Suspects + Sinful – Mexican

The Suspects music video for theis song “Mexican” is probably one of the best video ive seen. And that song is SICK! The song features Sinful aka El Pecador. This song and video delivers in every way.

Ms Krazie’s Firme Homegirl Oldies 2!

A release date has been set. All you Ms Krazie fans will be happy to know the album is coming June 15th. Make sure you put this flyer on your pages wether it be myspace or facebook or any other interacting place to help promote Ms Krazie’s highly anticipated “Firme Homegril Oldies 2″

Get your Dibs

Want to get your hands on the newest Street Anthem, how about with the 3rd Street Anthem poster and with the a chance of winning one of the 25 Urban Kings prizes. (personal fone call from our artist, autographs, shirts…) Only one way to find out what they are. You guys can now get your  presales for the 3rd Urban Kings Street Anthems. The album won’t be released til April 19 but you can claim your cd with the poster and a chance to win one of the 25 prizes at only here and only for the presales. Also don’t forget that this  April 6 we are doing our livestream in which the super guest from the album will be on for the fans to interact with them. But while you wait listen to snips of the album. 
My personal top 3 favorites is #2 (of course Ms. Krazie duh lol) Letter to my Felon. This song is for all the girls that have or had their man locked up and were feed up with the drama. Its another Ms. Krazie song to set on repeat. #3 In the rain by ALT. He got deep with his lyrics, and I loved how he got the reliaty in life. And last but certainly not least #10 My lifestyle Gangster. Damn, thats the song to bump in the car. No words to describe. And if you don’t believe me, listen.

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Jasper Loco & Kid Frost

We got a picture in from UKMG Artist Jasper Loco at the Eazy E Tribute event this past weekend in Downey, California. Mexicans always show love to Eazy E not as the godfather of gangster rap, but because he gave Mexicans a chance in hip hop. Many people dont know, but Eazy E signed Brownside, Kid Frost, and was signing Hollow Point (Knightowl and Lil One). Kid Frost released “Smile Now Die Later” through Ruthless Records, and had the classics “Eastside Rendezvous”, “La Familia”, “You Aint Right” just to name a few. Jasper went to the show to show love and represent Charlie Row Campo and took this dope picture right in front of Frost, while he was performing.

UKMG Facebook Interview – Low G of Dopehouse Records

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Yesterday, we had a very special guest inside the Urban Kings offices. It was Low G of Dopehouse Records. It is a rare time when Low G is on the westcoast, and the first thing he did when he got off the plane was take a trip straight to Urban Kings. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr interviewed Low G, and Jaime had some very dope questions for the interview. He asked about the start of Dopehouse Records and recording with the legendary South Park Mexican. This is an exclusive to the The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page. It is only viewable for fans who LIKE our page. Make sure to watch it now!


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