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We always get hit up on making shows and going to events. Well guess what, we are down but we need supporters. Fans tell us to come to their city, we came make that a reality but we need promoters to also make it happen. So after all the constant questions and demands, we are telling you the facts. Stir up the community, request songs on the radios, tell the stores to carry our CD’s. These are the stepping stones of making it into a reality. And who knows one day we will have the Chicano Rap Red (Blue lol) Carpet awards. lol Ps. if your a store or an artist and want to promote hit us up at

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Blaze Daily & Double G – Still Rollin – Debuts Tomorrow!!!

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Still Rollin

So Smooth

Coming Tomorrow!!!

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Whats up Everyone, we are proud to announce the release of Still Rollin, which is a song made by Blaze Daily & G Double. They are upcoming artists and have been making a name for themselves. We support all upcoming artists that are grinding everyday and Blaze Daily and Double G are hustling. Still Rolling is produced by Kast N Fame , who have produced for Stomper, Charlie Row, and more for our team. We captured some still pictures that are coming straight from the music video. Make sure to check us out tomorrow so you can see the official music video for Still Rollin by Blaze Daily and Double G.

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Ms Krazie Is Always Watching

Urban Kings just received this picture from a fan that just got this tattoo of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. It is a tattoo of Ms Krazies eyes, and the tattoo came out all sick. The tattoo artist captured every small detail of the eyes, from the eyebrows, to the eye lashes, to Ms Krazie’s signature blue eyes. This is truely an amazing tattoo and came out better than the sketch did, and exactly like Ms Krazie’s eyes. Shout out to the fans. If you have a cool tattoo of a Urban Kings Artist, of a song a UKMG Artist made, or even a line from a song, send the picture in, so we can show you guys some support back. To submit your picture, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and we got you!

The Set For Life Supershow Staring Ms Krazie & MC Magic

The Urban Kings Music Group has announced a huge concert taking place in Los Angeles area in NOVEMBER! For the very first time ever performing in Southern California, Ms Krazie will be performing alongside MC Magic for the “Set For Life Super Show” concert! More information is coming soon, including ticket prices and when and where you can purchase tickets, and the official concert date. Their will also be some special guest performers that will be announced soon as well! You hear it here first on! You will not want to miss Ms Krazie’s very first show in Southern California, because everyone will be at this event. Stay updated with our website as we will release more info about the event very very soon.

Midget Loco In A Smirnoff Commercial

Did you know UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a Smirnoff Vodka Commercial, and it was pretty funny. It was about a guy moving into a new house, in a new area. He has no furnature and his friend invites cool random people to a party, but you must bring some furnature. Then he introduces him to many different types of people. Its pretty cool and an interesting idea Smirnoff had put together. If you haven’t seen this video, then make sure to check it out right now because its a classic.

Meet Ms Krazie At The XSetForLifeX Concert Nov 23

Now is your first chance to see the official Ms Krazie Biography officially and exclusively here on Urban Kings. It will be your very first time seeing her at the upcoming Set For Life Super Show along with MC Magic. Watch as she talks about her thoughts and feelings about her first Southern California Meet and Greet, and see the response she had for the event. UKMG just announced the Set For Life Super Show so now you can see Ms Krazie perform all of her hit songs, and you can also see MC Magic do his classics. Watch the video above and get  your tickets for the XSetForLifeX Super Show!



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