Calling Out Names

We always get hit up on making shows and going to events. Well guess what, we are down but we need supporters. Fans tell us to come to their city, we came make that a reality but we need promoters to also make it happen. So after all the constant questions and demands, we are telling you the facts. Stir up the community, request songs on the radios, tell the stores to carry our CD’s. These are the stepping stones of making it into a reality. And who knows one day we will have the Chicano Rap Red (Blue lol) Carpet awards. lol Ps. if your a store or an artist and want to promote hit us up at

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Heavy Lies The Crown

Old English Brand and our friends at Urban Kings released a collaboration tee, and we called it the “Heavy Lies The Crown Tee“, and it became a hit with our supporters. We made this tee to show the world, whoever wears this tee, will rock their crown like the King or Queen they are. With all the success comes more responsibility, but we can hold our own weight, even if it is heavy. This tee is available now exclusively at


Tomorrow, July 21st, Off The Chain Streetwear, who brought The Hello Loca 2012 Tour to Farmington & Gallup, New Mexico in March, is back at it again, throwing the biggest concert of the year in Albuquerque.Hundreds of fans asked why didn’t Off The Chain bring Ms Krazie,  Baby Jokes and Selo to perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, Off The Chain heard your voice and made this show happen. Thats right, Ms Krazie, Baby Jokes, Selo and this time Cuete Yeska will be on this Hello Loca 2012 Duke City concert. Also jumpin on this concert is Syphon, Mizztery, Threat, Envee, E Money, Spider and Negro. If you went to the Farmington and Gallup, you know whats in store for the Albuquerque show. There will be Ms Krazie Cds available and Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts. So make sure to come out and support and come see a dope show! Buy your tickets today at to guarantee your entrance! This will sell out!


Filly Brown In Sundance

The movie Filly Brown “Directed by Micheal D. Olmos” (Edward James Olmos’ son) just has been accepted to be in the Sundance Film Festival for 2012. The movie is about a Mexican Girl who has ambitions of being a hip hop artist. She has to overcome obstacles that lower income families deal with on a daily basis. The movie features a great cast of latino actors such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Jenni Rivera, Edward James Olmos, Emilio Rivera, and Gina Rodriguez plays Filly Brown. Here is the promotional clip for Filly Brown entering the Sundance Film Festival. Enjoy.



UKMG Sports – Giants the New NFL Champs

Yesterday millions of people watched Super Bowl XLVI as the New York Giants played the New England Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Since that Superbowl, every game played between these two teams have been close. And this game did not disappoint. With the opening drive, Tom Brady dropped back into his own endzone and threw a pass that was ruled intentional grounding and for that, a safety was a penalty. The Giants were rewarded by 2 points and the kickoff. They held the Patriots on their drive and once they have the ball again, they would stroll downfield and score a field goal. Then the Patriots held the Giants to punt, then the Patriots capitalized again by scoring a touchdown right before halftime.Then haftime came with the score of 10-9 Patriots over Giants. The first drive of the second half, the Patriots scored again on a excellent drive from Brady. Score was 17-9. The Patriots held the Giants with great defense and the Giants had a decent drive that added another field goal to the score. Score 17-12 Patriots.Patriots next drive was a 4 and out and punted yet again to the Giants. The Giants had another good drive, but settled yet again for another field goal. Score 17-15 Patriots at the end of the 3rd quarter. Within 35 seconds of the 4th, Tom Brady threw his first and only interception via a long 42 yard pass intended for Gronkowski. Both the Giants and Patriots couldnt convert on thier next drives. Eli Manning, starting a drive from the Giants 12 yardline, with 4 minutes left, started a drive that will be remembered for a while. he threw a 42 yard pass to Manningham, that left the Giants on the 50 yard line. With a memorable drive lead by Manning, the Giants drove down the field and scored on a touchdown run by Bradshaw. Score is 21-17 with 57 seconds left. Brady got the ball on his own 20, and couldnt capitalize to score as there last second hail mary wasnt complete.

Giants win 21-17!

Jasper Loco’s New Fan Page

Jasper now has a fan page on facebook. Become a fan to know what Jasper is up to and his upcoming events. Also get his latest album that just hit the stores EastSide Assassin now available on, Itunes and all FYE locations.

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