Camponeros by Charlie Row Campo

Urban Kings Music Group released a highly anticipated album by Charlie Row Campo called “The Camponeros“. It featured all Camponeros, like Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Lil Minor and Baby Jokes. It also featured artists Oso Vicious, Midget Loco, Bigg Bandit, D Salas, ALT The Saint and more. Its a dope album that featured songs like “Los Angeles“, “Dippin In My Chevrolet“, and “Better Run, Better Run“. Its a really dope album and available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes! Make sure to check out one of the fan favorite songs below, called “Baby Love”!

Charlie Row Campo – Baby Love – Taken From The Camponeros


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OE Commercial Coming Soon

We Board but Never Bored

We Stay On That Pipe

Skate Or Die

Urban Kings just received the Old English Brand commercial still frames for the upcoming Old English Brand commercial. Old English Brand asked us to promote their upcoming commercial to all our fans, since UKMG and many UKMG Artists support Old English. They have a brand new commercial that they have been working on. Its a very inspiring video that has motivated and inspired us to keep doing what we are doing. And it can inspire you too, and you dont have to make music, it can be your job, and even your character. Old English gave us an exclusive sneak peak of what it looks like, and it came out really dope. They have used friend of UKMG director Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Films. We will post the commercial once it debuts, which will be this Monday, October 22nd, so make sure to stay posted to our blog or check out .

Air Time Schedules

Tomorrow is the Street Anthem Live Stream!! Its going to Start at 7pm pacific time and we got the schedules of the air-times of the artist so you don’t lose the chance of being able to talk to them and ask them questions. Don’t forget to pre-order the Street Anthems 3 because the prizes we are giving away are only going to be available for the pre-sales only. All artists and times are subject to change.Below the air times of the artist apperances. We have the times zones in the US so you guys know what hour to login the website on the flyer. So if your in Chicago (Illinois) it would start at 9pm and if you want to make sure you get to see Ms. Krazie it would be 11:25 pm  If your location is not in the US don’t trip we didn’t forget about you guys put in your info on this link and it will tell you what time the show will be starting on your side of the world.


7:45pm-Spank Loco

8:10pm- Oso Vicios


9:00pm-Baby Jokes

9:25pm- Ms. Krazie

9:50pm- Jasper

10:15pm-Midget Loco


(there’ll be more surprise appearances and prizes so tune in early)

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Ms Krazie New Picture

Check out this new picture of Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie! She took this picture without no reason but being happy and being herself. This is a dope picture and captures who Ms Krazie is. She was spending time with her family……and CATS! Make sure to follow us both on Instagram at @UrbanKings and @HelloLoca!

Music Thursday: The Sick Life

Gangsters Wife


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