Charlie Row Campo Performing At The Roxy

The Crowd Is Hyped

Charlie Row Campo On Stage

California Boys

Chino Grande / Danny Boy / Cyzer

Chino Grande Kickin It Backstage

Jayo Felony Was The Surprise Guest

The Real Rick Ross Came To Support Charlie Row

UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Jasper Loco are 2/3 of the supergroup Charlie Row Campo. Charlie Row performed this past weekend at the World Famous Roxy Venue in Hollywood, California. Hundreds of people showed up to watch Charlie Row Campo perform along with artists like Jayo Felony, who was the nights special surprise guest. Charlie Row performed many of their classic songs from albums like “The Camponeros“, “Southern Gang Violence” , “Stop Studio Gangsters 2” and “Gang Tapes“. Charlie Row also performed songs from their newest album “California Boys“. It was a very dope set, but it didnt end there, with Jasper Loco performing some tracks from his album “Eastside Assassin” and Chino Grande performing songs from his solo albums, like “The Story Of My Life“, “Slow It Down” and “Still Active“. If you missed out on this event, you missed out on something classic. Also, The Real Freeway Rick Ross showed up to show some support for the artists, which also included Ric Hard, Straight Royalty, Cyzer and Big Silenca and more!

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Looking for the 2000th Twitter Follower!

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Street Anthems 4

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. Today, we showcase the Urban Kings “Street Anthems 4” album. It is available everywhere, at all major music retailers, but only available at this price from Urban Kings! We have made each ‪‎Urban Kings‬ CD for just $7.99, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

Up Close And Personal – Chino Grande – Pocos Pero Locos

We have the exclusive interview of UKMG Artist Chino Grande for the Pocos Pero Locos Interview Series “Up Close And Personal“. It is a segment where Pocos Pero Locos interviews the top artists, and gives fans an inside look on knowing their favorite artist, from questions about their career, to random questions. Khool Aid is an awesome host and always has been, and with this brand new interview with Chino Grande, asking questions like how he first linked up with Wreck of Wicked Minds (R.I.P Wreck), to what is his favorite restaurant and more. Make sure to check out this interview and support Chino Grande as well as Charlie Row Campo by watching the video! Make sure to read up on all and everything at! And shout out to Pocos Pero Locos for the interview!

Chino Grande – Up Close And Personal Interview – Pocos Pero Locos

The High Life x Connection Album Release Party

Check out this event coming up on November 27th, its from our boys at The High Life, their album release party for their newest CD “The Connection“. The album release party will feature a performance  by The High Life, along with Mad Struggl3, Bad Seed and more special guests to be announced. It will also feature Dj Frog and hosted by G Funky Gomez. It will all be taking place at The OC Steel House Bar & Grill in Anaheim, California. It will be a pretty dope event so make sure to stay posted!

50 Cent Wearing Rick Ross Crews MMG Chain

50 Cent made news last week when he jumped Maybach Music Group artist Gunplay at the BET Awards in Atlanta. 50 and a group of his boys jumped Gunplay in the parking lot of the venue, within Police view, while exiting the awards show. During getting jumped, Gunplay got a runback and ended up beating up one of the persons jumping him, but then got maced and arrested by police.

50 cent made an appearance yesterday for a charity event and arrived with a Maybach Music Group chain that is believed to be owned  by Gunplay, which was lost in the fight. With all that being said, 50 cent looks like hes about to engage in more beef with Rick Ross and the MMG label. Below is the footage of the fight between 50 and his goons getting at Gunplay at the BET Awards.

BET Awards Fight – 50 jumping Gunplay


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