Chino Grande – New Picture

UKMG Artist Chino Grande sent us a quick picture of him, with his back against the wall, alone in a four corner room. I think this is a dope picture because it came out dark, grimey and full of dark shadows and very clear shadowing. This is a few days after his music video shoot, just to share a new picture with his fans. He told us to tell his fans “Gracias For The Support Always”. Make sure to check  out his music video, which is already filmed, and just needs to be put on some finishing touches here and there! And shout out to Chino Grande.

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Urban Kings New Years

Chino Grande

Spanky Loco

Jasper Loco

Burst Rock

Urban Kings

We want to hope everyone is having a happy new year so far for 2013. This is the way we celebrated new years, from our artists to our staff. First we got the picture of Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, grabbing some quick party favors for the nights festivities, getting a few brews for his people to bring in the new year. New Years Eve had everything turnt up, and Spanky Loco and Huero Snipes from The Real 310 West, as Huero had a big New Years Eve Party at his house, and it turned out very active. We also seen Jasper Loco celebrating his New Year kicking it with Cyzer from CTE, grabbing the right medication for his New Year. The night was also busy for Burst Rock, while he was performing with Boogie Frantic and Ms Daphne and D Salas at the World Famous Florentine Gardens in Hollywood. And finally we got Mr Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr celebrating his New Years with Alex Dreamz at a undisclosed location with a bottle of Hennessy and Belvedere.

So from All the Urban Kings Family, we hope everyone had a very safe New Years Eve, and New Years day, and for 2013, we promise to bring our fans, supporters, representers, and team, the best music to the game and we will continue to never put out wack product. We are working on our 2013 release line up with many artists, so stay tuned to our Blog for more information.

Music Thursday- I Tried

Get this song from Midget Loco’s newest solo album Dedicated To The OGs. Now available in all FYE locations, Itunes,, and the mom and pops.

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Ms Krazie On Her Sad Girls Club


Im finally calling it a night. con la ayuda de dios, this will be another successful week working on myself and back in the studio to keep SAD GIRLS CLUB on the scheduled path.. So I can bring you more samples. I been holding back because im waiting for the mix and mastered tracks so we can release a single the right way. So far I have ZERO collaborations on the album (by choice) and I feel like thats the way it should stay even if I get people rolling their eyes lol. Its an EXTREMELY personal album, closing some wounds which have been opened for many years & aside from singers (on hooks).. I am super attached to my music to where I wont allow just anyone to get on just because. At least not on stuff this touchy. A lot of these songs are helping me close chapters of my life to finally learn to let go of A LOT of pain and incidents which haunt me till this day. I simply cant and wont throw someone on a song just to “hurry up” and finish it. We will see what happens.. but so far, I like where this is going. the album is set to release in a few months if all continues on schedule.  We are also working on new merchandise for this summer which I am excited af about because its just been so long! I have new tshirts coming with AMAZING tops lol I say amazing because I finally found tops that are long and stretchy! So no more 100% cotton crap that does not fit my curves! lol I have a meeting next week hope I can bring you girls more updates! @urbankings @oldenglishbrand GOODNIGHT! ‪


Tomorrow, July 21st, Off The Chain Streetwear, who brought The Hello Loca 2012 Tour to Farmington & Gallup, New Mexico in March, is back at it again, throwing the biggest concert of the year in Albuquerque.Hundreds of fans asked why didn’t Off The Chain bring Ms Krazie,  Baby Jokes and Selo to perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, Off The Chain heard your voice and made this show happen. Thats right, Ms Krazie, Baby Jokes, Selo and this time Cuete Yeska will be on this Hello Loca 2012 Duke City concert. Also jumpin on this concert is Syphon, Mizztery, Threat, Envee, E Money, Spider and Negro. If you went to the Farmington and Gallup, you know whats in store for the Albuquerque show. There will be Ms Krazie Cds available and Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts. So make sure to come out and support and come see a dope show! Buy your tickets today at to guarantee your entrance! This will sell out!


Spanky Loco Photoshoot

Posted On The Block

Slangin And Bangin

Cant Cage Us All

We recently met up with Spanky Loco in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles for a photoshoot. Spanky decided to wear the super exclusive UKMG Shirt in BLACK . The UKMG Shirts are also available in WHITE. We got the drop on what Spanky has been working on, as far as music, tattooing and much more. Spanky has been now tattooing part time, we have bloged a few images of his work so far. Spanky is working on a new project for this year, and has also been working on some top secret projects. Make sure to stay connected with him through his Official Spanky Loco Facebook. Spanky Loco’s most recent album was released through the Urban Kings Music Group was “Tirando Y Rifando 2“. It is available at All FYE Locations, also digitally through iTunes , and online through The UKMG Catalog. Check out the “Soy Loco” video from “Tirando Y Rifando 2″.

Spanky Loco – Soy Loco Music Video – Taken From Tirando Y Rifando 2


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