Chino Grande Freestyle

Its still #FREECHINOGRANDE and we will stay on our campaign till he comes home. Do you remember when  Chino Grande filmed a classic freestyle ? This was one of the best freestyles I seen from any artist, as Chino practiced his lyrics even more while he was away. This freestyle he named “The Time Has Risen” because he just came home and he was ready to hit the studio to work on his next album, which was the “Trust Your Struggle” album. That album came out really dope and featured UKMG Artists Ms Krazie and Spanky Loco, along with Glasses Malone, Chingo Bling, MC Magic, Carolyn Rodriguez, Cuete Yeska and more. This is a classic freestyle that Chino really put his heart into, so make sure to check it out here on Urban Kings, and stay posted for more info and news about Chino Grande and Urban Kings! Trust Your Struggle is available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE and digitally through iTunes.

Chino Grande – Trust Your Struggle – Official CD Cover

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Conejo First Leak From Killer From The West

We are releasing the first leak officially from Conejo exclusively from the Urban Kings Music Group, and technically, the boss has not given me the official go ahead. He had said he will get back to me, but I just can’t wait. The song is too dope and its track number 2 off the upcoming  ”Killer From The West“, and the song is called “Every Which Way But Dead“. The album releases this Tuesday, October 15th worldwide, and will feature all brand new songs! There will be 16 tracks in total, and there are NO FEATURES! That makes it a 100% Conejo album, real, uncut and raw.

Today is the last day to Pre Order the album, and orders will be shipping out tomorrow! Each Pre Order comes with a FREE CONEJO POSTER, just something for those fans who ordered the album a little earlier gets something extra. Now, below is the world premier from Conejo’s Killer From The West album, called “Every Which Way But Dead“.

Conejo – Every Which Way But Dead – Taken From Killer From The West

Ms Krazie Cds Shippin Out

Signed, Sealed and Gettin Delivered

Ms Krazie Autograph CD – Blocked Version

Ms Krazie Autograph Cursive Version

The Money Shot

Everythings Ready

Cant Keep Up


Each Package with Autographed CD, a Free Poster, a Free Sticker & Free Ringtone!!

Ms Krazie’s new cd “Forgive Not Forget” has officially been shipping out since last Thursday. Our employees have been working around the clock for all the pre orders that fans have ordered for the new cd. For this pre order, Ms Krazie has signed her autograph in two different ways. One in block writing, and one in cursive! We had a conference call with Ms Krazie and discussed the importance of a new, more mature cd, that Ms krazie should sign some autographs as signatures, like a nice handwritten name, like athletes do, and it looks so simple, smart and cool. There are few cds signed handwritten, so hopefully you get one! Plus the pre order came with a Free Ms Krazie Poster, Free Ms Krazie Sticker, and Free Ms Krazie Ringtone.

Ms Krazies “Forgive Not Forget” releases Tomorrow, September 25th, 2012 to all major music stores like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, and digitally on iTunes!!!

It is never too late to order Forgive Not Forget, so order today at The UKMG Merch Store.

Spanky Loco In Washington This Weekend

Have you heard that UKMG Artist Spanky Loco will be on his first tattoo tour of the year, starting This Weekend in Vancouver, Washington on February 8th. Spanky has toured everywhere on his Music and Tattoo Tours last year, from Southern California, To New York and New Jersey, to Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam and Holland. Spanky was promoting his brand new album, called “The Best of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits“, as well as his very first collaboration sketchbook (with legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks), called “Grind Now Shine Now“. With a new year, comes a harder hustle, and Spanky has some big plans in the works. He told me that he had ONE Cancellation, so he has only ONE Spot Left, all you have to do is send an email to him at

Midget Loco In A Smirnoff Commercial

Did you know UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a Smirnoff Vodka Commercial, and it was pretty funny. It was about a guy moving into a new house, in a new area. He has no furnature and his friend invites cool random people to a party, but you must bring some furnature. Then he introduces him to many different types of people. Its pretty cool and an interesting idea Smirnoff had put together. If you haven’t seen this video, then make sure to check it out right now because its a classic.


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