Chino Grande Hits 1,000,000 Views

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande has reached 1,000,000 views on Youtube for his first single, called “Shine On Me“, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records! Shine On Me was Chino’s very first solo music video and he did not disappoint. I remember the day the music video was being made, Chino and Urban Kings were ready to show the world what Chino’s album “Trust Your Struggle” is all about. The video was directed by Echosworld and the video came through perfect in a black and white classic music video. Everyone came through the set to show support and love to Chino, including the Pocos Pero Locos Staff and music websites. Make sure to support Chino Grande and Urban Kings and support the album “Trust Your Struggle”. Make sure to keep watching it and tell your friends to watch it and lets get to 2,000,000 we got to prove that we can do it! It is available now in all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes.


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Fiesty 2 Guns – Bring It Home

Today, I wanted to showcase a Urban Kings release that was one of the best CDs to come out. It was by UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo and his newest solo album “Bring It Home“. This is Fiesty’s second studio album, and had features from his Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Jasper Loco. It also features UKMG Artist Midget Loco and Lil Cuete. This was a dope complete album that featured one of my favorite songs of the year, called “Tragic” featuring Charlie Row Campo and Lil Cuete. Once the song came out, fans were going crazy because the anthem was vicious over a D Salas beat. If you dont have this album, your missing out. Check out Fiesty’s single “Tragic” posted below. Bring It  Home is available now at All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes and at the UKMG Merch Store.

Fiesty 2 Guns ft Chino Grande, Jasper Loco & Lil Cuete – Tragic

Keep Voting For Ms Krazie!!


We have another contest we have entered Ms Krazie in. We entered her in a contest, and if she wins, she will be interviewed in this magazine. She will also have the back cover, which will also double as a cover!!! We need all UKMG fans help to support and represent as Ms Krazie is in a contest for getting the most SONG RATINGS and COMMENTS on The website. All you have to do is click “VOTE ON FACEBOOK” and thats it!!! Also remember to click on the “RATE THIS TRACK”. Then, WRITE A COMMENT on the website and write that you voted or some positive feedback for Ms Krazie! Voting ends very soon so get your votes in and Support Ms Krazie and Urban Kings!

The xSet For Lifex Give Back Information

Chino Grande – Chingo Bling – The Making Of Turn It Up

Urban Kings has a brand new video coming through, showing an exclusive behind the scenes look of UKMG Artist Chino Grande in the studio recording “Turn It Up” featuring Chingo Bling. We got these two dope artists together into the studio and they made a dope track. But fans get to see both Chino and Chingo creating the track, recording their verses, and even talking about the ideas and concepts making the verses. The video will be releasing This Friday, August 15th exclusively on! The song “Turn It Up” is taken from Chino Grande’s new album “Trust Your Struggle“, releasing tomorrow, August 13th!

Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest Is Over

Today is the deadline for the submissions for the Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest.We are no longer accepting video for the contest, but you can still video response your video and we will accept it. Remember that we are deciding and announcing the winner of the Guy Contest very soon. The winner will be a featured artist on a song with Ms Krazie for her upcoming album “Forgive Not Forget”. The winner will be chosen by Ms Krazie and Urban Kings and Special Guest Judges. Here is one of the newest submissions that just made the deadline of December 1st, he goes by the  name of Weezy Brown from Compton, Ca.


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