Chino Grande Performing In Atlanta August 29th!

Tickets are on sale now for UKMG Artist Chino Grande for his concert in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, August 29th! This is going to be a really dope concert and Chino Grande’s first time peforming in ATL and tickets are already selling fast. Also performing is Midget Loco, 2Tone, 27 Junkies, G Kickdoor, Sleepy Loks and more! Presented by Firmeza Clothing and 27 Junkies! For more information and for tickets, Click Here!

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Cecy B – Bout That New Music Video

Check out this brand new music video by Cecy B called “Bout That” featuring B Real of Cypress Hill. Cecy B is a dope female artist and has been a featured artist on many UKMG Albums, from Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Baby Jokes and Charlie Row Campo albums. Cecy has been performing everywhere, performing for fans in many different states, and just released this dope new video, directed by Jeff Reyes. Cecy B has always been down with Urban Kings, make sure to check out the last time she visited us at our office, when Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr did his infamous Facebook Ambush on her.

UKMG Facebook Ambush – Cecy B

Ms Krazie At The Latin Lockdown Tour

Ms Krazie recently performed at the first Latin Lockdown Tour Stop this year, which was held in Reno, Nevada on June 23rd. This concert was headlined by UKMG artist Ms Krazie, Lil Rob, Knightowl, Proper Dos and Brown Boy. The venue for the concert was held at The Commrow, which is a brand new state of the art concert facility in Reno. The Swag Radio Station was playing the radio commercial all weekend long and the whole city was pumped up to be the first city to enjoy this concert, which is full of latin legends. The concert ended up great and the Reno fans showed soo much love and support for Ms Krazie. Watch the video and you can see the response!



Corina Calderon In Out The Box

Have you seen this episode of Out The Box yet? It was one of my favorites and it was the very first episode that featured a female role. Out The Box is presented by Urban Kings and Lineage Entertainment. It stars Corina Calderon in her episode called “Daddy”. Its a story about a woman talking to her estranged father and lets her know how his absence created her destructive life. She lets it all out, only to find out she still stood alone talking to herself. It is powerful and emotional. Stories like these touch the soul because you can feel the pain and love she has her father. Make sure to watch the video and support Out The Box!

Cain Valasquez – The First 2 Time Heavyweight Mexican Champion

Cain Valasquez won the heavyweight championship this past weekend with a brutal fight against Junior dos Santos. With dos Santos winning the first fight via TKO against Valasquez, within a minute into the fight, and the first national live fight for UFC on FOX. Valasquez vowed to come back stronger, faster and take his belt back. This weekend was the rematch. dos Santos is widely concidered the champion among the heavyweight bracket, with the KO of Valasquez, but this fight was a different story. Valasquez applied much pressure against dos Santos and beat dos Santos to the punch, and scored takedown after takedown, with a little ground n pound. The fight went the full 5 rounds, with Valasquez winning all rounds, and even scoring a 8-10 round on two of the judges scorecards. Here is a review of the fight with some highlights!

Cain Valasquez Vs Junior dos Santos II

Spanky Loco Headed To Brazil

Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco is headed to Brazil this weekend to take part in Viva LA Raza, a huge event that takes place in Brazil. Spanky has been touring everywhere as of late, and has plans this year to add Paris, France to his tour for his tattooing. He has released a very popular album called “The Best of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits” which features many of his classics, including some brand new songs too! Make sure to support Spanky Loco and pick up his latest album!


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