Chino Grande Performing This Friday

UKMG Artist Chino Grande will be performing This Friday, December 21st. This is a Charity Event Ball, that is donating to the Overseas Millitary, and to Special Low Income Families. There will be a Red Carpet, for all artists, celebrities and special guests to walk down, while entering the event. There will be many celebrities on hand to either perform or attend this event. Including UKMG Artist Chino Grande, who is a member from Charlie Row Campo. Also attending is Ted Alva, who is in the television show “Sons Of Anarchy”, as well as Comedian Jojo Devotions and Boxing Champion “Mighty” Mike Anchondo. Produced by Wynn Productions.

This event is only $25 per person to attend the Charity Event. This is a Christmas Ball, that not only just includes entrance for the entertainment, which includes comedy, music, a live band, and dinner catered by Mun2 Banquette. We will see you there! This will be taking place at

Old Town La Puente

136 South First Street

La Puente, Ca 91744

For Tickets Email :

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Echosworld Just Inked Deal For Ms Krazie Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group and Echosworld CEO Jeff “Echo” Reyes just signed a deal for Echosworld Films to Direct and Produce Ms Krazie’s first music video from her new album “Forgive Not Forget“. It is still in discussion on which music video will be made, but all songs are being negotiated with a few favorites from staff members of UKMG and Echosworld. “This video is going to be awesome, thats all I can say” said UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is very confidential information and will be announced soon which song will be recorded for a music video. We took this candid photo of Jeff Reyes at the UKMG Studios where he was wearing an Old English Brand Division Seal Tee.

Album Of The Week


Fiesty 2 Guns “Street Scriptures” is only available at You Buy

Youtube Friday – Zombies Prank


Everyone heard of the Zombie from Miami who ate a guys face off, and continued to eat the guys face and head, even when police got there and warned him to stop, then the police shot and killed him. Well this guy decided to go to Miami and use that crazy story to make up a Zombie terrorizing and pranks alot of unsuspecting people. Watch the video its funny.


Exclusive Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

Everyone have been asking us and our staff when the new Charlie Row Campo album will be coming out, since we released the title of the album “California Boys”. Camponeros Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, and Baby Jokes were all working on the albnum that the world has been waiting for. California Boys will be releasing This summer, and its lookin like a July release. This album is really dope and lives up to the hype that people having been giving it. Maintaining to the original Charlie Row belief of less features, and more Charlie Row. The album features Urban Kings Artist Stomper, Lil G, and Big Banditt. And produced by none other than beat baker D Salas. Make sure to listen to the World Premier of California Boys by Charlie Row Campo! The Audio is below!

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – World Premier Sneak Peak

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande has reached 1,695,000 views on Youtube for his first single, called “Shine On Me“, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records! Shine On Me was Chino’s very first solo music video and he did not disappoint. I remember the day the music video was being made, Chino and Urban Kings were ready to show the world what Chino’s album “Trust Your Struggle” is all about. The video was directed by Echosworld and the video came through perfect in a black and white classic music video. Everyone came through the set to show support and love to Chino, including the Pocos Pero Locos Staff and music websites. Make sure to support Chino Grande and Urban Kings and support the album “Trust Your Struggle”. Make sure to keep watching it and tell your friends to watch it and lets get to 2,000,000 we got to prove that we can do it! It is available now in all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes. But for a limited time, Chino’s album Trust Your Struggle is available for only $7.99!


Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Music Video


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