Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Premier Date Announcement!

Today, we release the premier date for UKMG Artist Chino Grande’s (Of Charlie Row Campo) brand new music video, called “Shine On Me”, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records. This is the first single from Chino Grande’s upcoming 2013 album, “Trust Your Struggle”. We have already released the song via iTunes, and we have released the exclusive behind the scenes video and trailer for Shine On Me, and now the Official Music Video will be Premiering on Friday, JUNE 21st exclusively on! This video came out dope, directed and filmed by our friends at Echosworld Films, the video came out dope, and we cant wait to show it to everyone. Below we have put the exclusive behind the scenes video of “Shine On Me”, along with the link available to support Chino Grande by purchasing “Shine On Me” on iTunes! Remember, June 21st is the official release date!

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Exclusive Trailer & Behind The Scenes

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Spanky Loco New Tattoo

Spanky sent us in a picture of the new tattoo he did for a client. Spanky did a tattoo for one of his customers for a shoulder piece with the gunsmoke of a barrel rising from a clown that is the suspect. I say suspect because in life everything is not all what it may seem. The shading and the coloring came out all sick. If you would like to book some artwork for Spanky Loco contact us by CLICKING HERE .

Ms Krazie & MC Magic In Denver

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie and MC Magic performed in Denver at the Roxy venue and the show was bananas. Both put on an awesome show and it was the FIRST TIME EVER that they both have performed “Reasons” and “Let Me Love You“. It was a really big show with a near sell out in Denver. Ms Krazie performed many of her hits, including some special songs from her brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. MC Magic also performed his many classics that he has made, and it was just a very good night that the club was rocking and everyone had a good time. Positive energy and the crowd one of one the best ever. Also we would like to shout out the other artists who performed, like MOB Fam, Melissa Lujan and Dank 1. Do you want to see Ms Krazie and MC Magic perform at the same concert in your city? If you do, What City should we perform at? Post your comments below and we might go out that way to put on a special show for your city! You seen the energy in Denver, and I think we should do it again, Dont You?

Get Your Ms Krazie Customized Poster THIS WEEK ONLY

For this week only (Ending Wednesday, June 29th) Ms Krazie will be doing a private signing autograph session. This is a very exclusive and limited time offer, as the Customized Poster Package will be available for only 6 Days. Ms Krazie will be personally signing each poster with your special message that you would like her to write (Example : “To Your Biggest Fan”, or “Congratulations On Graduating”, or “Congratulations On New Child”, etc). This is a very rare offer as she is making time for her biggest fans between family, touring, and studio time. The Poster is of her new full length studio album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will be available in Summer 2012. DO NOT be left behind wishing you should have gotten the poster, so get yours today and dont waste this wonderful opportunity. Click here to get your own customized poster.

Ms Krazie Commercial for Spring Bash 2012 in Washington

This is the official commercial for the Ms Krazie performance at the Spring Bash 2012 show in Yakima Washington. This concert is ALL AGES and features other great artists like The Game, DMX, Baby Bash, Ying Yang Twins, Ray J, and Brown Boy. Make sure to get  your tickets today at ! This is Ms Krazies first performance in Washington and she is very excited about performing at this show. See you at the show! And this is ALL AGES!!! Limited amount of Meet and Greet Tickets Available!

Baby Jokes is in the Building

Baby Jokes came the other day to the Urban Kings Headquarters to check up on things. He also had news that he is going to be representing a motorcycle clothing line. For those who don’t know Baby Jokes is into Motorcycles and it just happened that a Canadian Company found out about him and wanted to work with him. Seeing that Baby Jokes is a rising star they want his image to help them grow in the US.(who can blame them). So in return Babe Jokes gets to wear their gear when he goes riding. Sorry ladies no Calvin Klein yet lol. But no matter how big Baby Jokes is getting he is still the same. (Thank God lol )

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