Chino Grande Targets Release Date

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. After two and a half years of being in state prison, Chino Grande will finally be released from the department of corrections very soon. We dont have an exact date, but it will be before the year ends. The UKMG Staff and Artists, Family, and Friends have all missed Chino as he has been in a California Institution, and now he has served his time and paid his debt to society. We spoke with Chino earlier and he said, “First I would like to thank those who sent prayers my way, gracias to the support, and I will see you soon, I get notified about messages through Urban Kings on my Facebook and it means alot for everyone to stick by my side”.  For those who dont know, Chino Grande recorded an album while on bail, called “Story Of My Life”, which was music with the thought of returning to prison. That album had the songs “Blue Rose“, “I Had A Dream” and “Everthings Gonna Be Alright“.

Story Of My Life is available at all stores, such as FYE, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store!!

Here is my personal favorite from the album, Called “Sweet Valentine”, which Chino recorded for his girl, knowing he wasn’t going to see her for Valentines Day. Taken from the album “Story Of My Life”.

Chino Grande – Sweet Valentine – Taken From The Story Of My Life

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Clip Of The Week-Cops Get Checked

Bet you wished your parent was like this when you got busted lol. Just comes to show that when you know your rights you can stand up against authority who abuse them. Props to the parent that got the time to read his rights.

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Kid Frost Launches $150 Million Business Venture

First off we gotta shout out OG Kid Frost.He just launched a business with a $150 Million dollar company that will be producing movies, television shows and music. Frost’s current company “Old West Entertainment” has teamed with X-Change to build this multi-media company.
The company also works and specializes in fields such as talent management, finance organization and television and music production. It also plans on representing and working with well established directors, producers, writers, actors, and entertainment companies.

This new company has a schedule of 15-20 films, all with a budget between $3 to 15 Million Dollars each.

Also Frosts latest CD “ALL OLDIES” is available now at

DJ Muggs x Chino Brown

We took a trip to Soul Assassins Studios with Chino Brown. We are working with Chino Brown we are releasing 2 of his albums, “Steel Connected” and “A Gangster You Can Trust,” in all digital stores. iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc. The release date is July 1st 2010. So stay tuned for that.

Ms. Krazie’s Fans

Ms. Krazie has to have thee most dedicated fans I’ve ever seen. Everyone has seen fans get their faces autograph, yeah that’s old news and possibly a bore fest. But how many fans actually get tattoos of album tittles, song tittles, lyrics, and their favorite rappers name?! And some one getting Ms. Krazie’s face tattooed on their chest! That’s why Ms. Krazie keeps doing music for her fans who love and appreciate every single word she writes and raps. Well you’ll believe me when you see these:

Stay tuned for more tats!

The City Of LA Got Jaspers Back

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco sent in this picture right in the heart of Los Angeles, with the downtown backdrop looking awesome, especially with the grey skies above him. Jasper has been all around town, promoting his upcoming album, doing guest features for other artists, and finishing up everything with his album, from final touches on the music side, to his album cover, not to mention all the networking Jasper has done throughout the music side of everything. Jasper’s new solo album will be releasing this year, 2013, and does not have a date as of yet, but we will be announcing it shortly, so always stay tuned for the most up to date info on our site!


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