EastSide Assassin has been Released!


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Ms Krazie Reaches 300,000 on Facebook

Did you know that UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has just achieved another milestone in history? She has just reached over 300,000 Likes on the Official Ms Krazie Facebook Page. Its a pretty big deal because alot of hard work, thought, energy and passionate lyrics have went into Ms Krazie’s music. She has been touring and getting to meet her fans all across the country, as well as in Mexico. And with the just announced Ms Krazie and MC Magic Set For Life Concert going down in LA, she will meet her fans and her Southern California Fans can finally see her perform! More info on the concert coming soon!


We Caught Bruno Mars In East LA

Do you remember this? I remember going into the Urban Kings Music Group offices, the day before the release of the music video of “Grenade” video, which launched Bruno Mars into a worldwide superstar, and knowing that two of our artists were featured in the video. It was a big deal, because we were able to hear the song before the release of the video, and heard the potential of how big the song would be. UKMG Artists Midget Loco and Richard Cabral (aka Baby Jokes), were featured in the video, along with Oso Vicious. This video did exactly what was expected, but reached even further than we thought. Played on thousands of radio stations around the country, as well as music television stations like MTV, BET, FUSE, VH1 and more. Grenade hit over 340,000,000 views on youtube, and Bruno Mars was this years Super Bowl Halftime Show Artist. Make sure to watch the video and support everyone involved, including us at Urban Kings!

Bruno Mars – Grenade – Music Video


Want Your Makeup Like Ms Krazie?

This video by Britney aka Nopalxochitl doing a video tutorial about how to make your make up just like Ms Krazie. This is a complete run down how to do your make up, step by step, to get your own Loca Look. This is a pretty long video, but it will show you exactly how to do it. It goes over dramatic eyeshadow, eyebrows, eyeliner, falsies, & lips. Enjoy the video!

A Ms. Krazie Collection

This was sent in by the creator of the Ms. Krazie Fan Page on twitter. Has every single album as well the posters(which some will never be printed again) and even the official Ms. Krazie shirt(out for a limited time only).  Follow the Ms. Krazie’s Fan Page as well as Ms. Krazie on twitter. A shout out goes to Mikel Gracia for always keeping the fans up to date! You can get all of Ms. Krazie’s items that you see below on youbuycds your guaranteed to them all there (its the mother ship).

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UKMG 16/8 Featuring Lil Minor & Jasper Loco

The moment you have been waiting for is here. We have just made the official Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode 4 available online for the public. It features Lil Minor and Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo. This is Webisode 4 of the 16/8 Series that we made just for our fans. Its a series that gives everyone a brand new music video. But the music video might be for a classic song, a new song, a unreleased song, or even a freestyle. You never know what is coming from the Urban Kings 16/8 Webisodes, but we pick the songs that you want! Today, we released the brand new 16/8 Webisode 4 called “Loco To The Brain”. I Think the video came out really dope and it was directed by @Famous8. Did you know that Loco To The Brain is taken from Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes collaboration album called “Eastside Classics“, which is available now at all Major Music Retailers, Digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Jasper & Baby Jokes – Eastside Classics – Album Cover


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