Fiesty 2 Guns And Midget Loco At The U-92.7 The Basement

Last Saturday (July 30), Charlie Row Campo’s Fiesty 2 Guns and Steel Banging Musick’s Midget Loco were at the U-92.7 out in Palm Springs. They were live on the air waves with “The Basement” hosted by Sean One and Westcoast Angel playing non stop Urban King’s hits. From Baby Jokes, Stomper, Midget loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Ms. Krazie we played them all. We even leaked out 2 of Chino Grande’s unreleased songs from his upcoming album coming out Aug 16, 2011. (Pre-orders are available now) We were able to recorded the show so we will be uploading it shortly.( for all those who missed it/ slept thru it, it was at 12pm-2am lol). We were asked to come back for September and we are looking forward to it. Shout out to The U-92.7 in Palm Springs and everyone that tuned in.

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Stomper – Seven Plus Six

Happy Halloween! We picked a song for everyone to listen to on this wicked Halloween. We had to pick UKMG Artist The Stomper’s music video “Seven Plus Six”. That was also his single from his most recent album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. That album featured songs that went to radio, like “Seven Plus Six”, “Born To Hustle featuring Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain, and T Nut from The Pricks” and “Look At Me Now featuring Omar Cruz, Guzzle and Fingazz”. Once Upon A Time In America 2 is available now, at all major music retail stores, including FYE. digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store. This is a really dope album, so if you dont have it, make sure to run and go get it, because its well worth it. Get 2 copies because you might wear out the first copy! The album also features Frost, Spanky Loco, MC Magic, Chino XL, ALT, Nino Brown, Huero Snipes, J Hind, Detane, Casino The G, Diamonique, Chino Brown, Mic MC, Krazy Race, Thief Sicario, Troub Nasty, Grizzly Gambino, K.O and Young Devin.

Conejo – Las Calles

Check out this track off Conejo’s latest mixtape “I Am Legend” where he shouts out Chino Grande, Fiesty, Spanky Loco and reps I AM A Urban Kings. So make sure you pick up his mixtape it is really dope!

Jasper Loco – All About The Money

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be releasing a brand new music video THIS MONDAY, JUNE 2nd, exclusively through Urban Kings Tv! This video will be called “All About The Money” which is the lead song taken from his newest album “All About The Money“. I seen the video already and its really dope and it lives up to the hype. If you heard the song already, then you will know what to expect from Jasper and the type of song it is. If you haven’t heard the song yet, then I put it below so you can hear it! Make sure to check it out and it was directed by @Famous8. All About The Money is available now at All Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes, and available at The UKMG Merch Store!

Jasper Loco – All About The Money – Taken From The All About The Money Album

Chino Grande Returns

Chino Grande’s music video is coming out today so don’t be too far your mouse pad.(Hands where I can see them lol). It will be loading on to your computer screen later on this afternoon. His album Story of My Life is out now in all FYE locations, Itunes and Mom and Pops. Our youbuycds buyers got their albums already,order yours today, the only place where you could get his official album poster. If you want to be one of the first to see Chino Grande’s music video subscribe to our youtube channel. You will be notified the second its up. Plus you can view all our videos that we have done. (quiet a collection).

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Michael Jordan Announces Comeback

Breaking News : Michael Jordan, a former NBA Professional Basketball Player for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards has decided to come out of retirement at the age of 51. He is rumored to return to the NBA next Wednesday with his new team, the Charlotte Bobcats!























April Fools!


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