Fiesty 2 Guns Designs Chino Grande

We told everyone about Urban Kings artist Fiesty 2 Guns making some dope designs. He did another Digital Painting a while back that we have posted, and this time, Fiesty decided to design a picture of Charlie Row Camponero Chino Grande. He did a really good job of re-designing Chino, and behind the steel bars. Chino right now is currently away, and everyone misses him. But what we can do to honor him is to watch his music video. The one that comes into mind right now is called “Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A)” by Chino Grande and featuring Fiesty 2 Guns. It was taken from Chino’s album “The Story Of My Life“. Make sure to support Fiesty’s digital drawings and watch the music video below!

Chino Grande ft Fiesty 2 Guns – Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A) Music Video

Taken From The Album “The Story Of My Life”

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Desde Que Te Fuiste Music Video

This is the new music video of “Desde Que Te Fuiste” by Chino Brown, Big LA and Diamonique and featuring MC Magic. It is on the album “Los” . This is one of the singles from the album. It is another dope song from the CD and the music video is dope. Directed, Edited and Filmed  by Alex Magana, this video is just as good as the song. Make sure to check it out!

Desde Que Te Fuiste

And Make Sure To Pick Up These Releases 
Chino Brown - Steel Connected CD
Chino Brown - The Gangsta You Cant Trust CD
Chino Brown - Toast To The Party Single

Cecy B – Bout That New Music Video

Check out this brand new music video by Cecy B called “Bout That” featuring B Real of Cypress Hill. Cecy B is a dope female artist and has been a featured artist on many UKMG Albums, from Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Baby Jokes and Charlie Row Campo albums. Cecy has been performing everywhere, performing for fans in many different states, and just released this dope new video, directed by Jeff Reyes. Cecy B has always been down with Urban Kings, make sure to check out the last time she visited us at our office, when Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr did his infamous Facebook Ambush on her.

UKMG Facebook Ambush – Cecy B

Jasper Loco & Danny Boy On Stage

Jasper Loco sent us this picture of Danny Boy of Danny Boy Promotions rocking the stage on his performance, and Jasper was right on stage with him. Complete with a dope dj, GoGo Dancers, and artists, the show was rocking. Jasper Loco has been performing at many events so far this year, here in California and is already in negotiations with touring outside the state! Make sure to keep our blog posted for all the UP TO THE MINUTE information on Jasper Loco’s performances!

Ms. Krazie is Killing The Air Waves

Ms. Krazie has been playing on U-92.7 radio station. They have been battling her song Baby Angeles against other hit songs and its been winning every single time. But we need your support to keep the radio station playing Ms. Krazie. We got our foot in the door and now its time to kick the door open. Get on Facebook and go on their wall and request Ms. Krazie (it’s that easy) or get at them at twitter. Let your voice be heard and support Ms. Krazie and let others know. We got the video where Ms. Krazie gets battled against the other songs the radio station put her up against hear it now.

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One Krazie Night DVD Staring Ms Krazie – Out Now!

The DVD that everyone has been waiting for is now available! “One Krazie Night DVD” Stars Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie as she performed for the first time ever in the Los Angeles Area. She performed for a sold out concert, with hundreds of people in line waiting for the doors to open. This DVD is epic, showing not only the concert, but Ms Krazie preparing for the show, and footage inside her dressing room right before she hits the stage. The One Krazie Night DVD gives each viewer a front row seat into the show, as Ms Krazie performs all her fan favorites. Plus, as bonus material, we feature special performances by MC Magic and Brown Boy. Plus extra special bonus performances by Jasper LocoThe Stomper, and Spanky Loco. This DVD has it all, and it is only just $9.99 from The UKMG Merch Store!


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