Fiesty 2 Guns Kinda Mood

This morning I was feeling like  bumpin some Charlie Row. As I looked through my cd collection I skipped through some classic Charlie Row albums, and I stopped at Fiesty 2 Guns mixtape called “Talking Guns“. Fiesty has always been one of my favorite artists, and he always makes some really dope music that you can think about, and always has a good message. On the way to work today, there was traffic since I jumped on the freeway, so instead of starting off my day bad, I popped in the Talking Guns cd and cruised to it on the way to work. Bumping the whole album the whole way through, jamming out to songs like “The Beast”, “Dippity Slide” (Featuring Midget Loco), “Shattered Dreams” and more. If you got this album, then you know what im talking about, if not, then your missing out on something that can make your day way better. Its not to late to pick up the cd because we have it in stock right now! If your a fan of Fiesty and Charlie Row Campo, make sure to have this in your collection.



Fiesty 2 Guns – The Beast

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I Love Jenni Marathon Tonight @ 6/5c

Tonight, Mun2 will be airing a Marathon of Jenni Rivera’s show “I Love Jenni” in honor of her passing, which happened because of a plane crash. Mun2 will also be airing additional Season 2 episodes on Wednesday, which will be followed  by episodes from Season 1, as well as her television show “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis ‘n Control” on Thursday and Friday. Mun2 also dedicated as many as 30 hours of its programming to honor the late Ms Rivera that started on Monday, and ending on Friday. Filming had begun on Season 3 of the “I Love Jenni” series, when Jenni tragically perished along with six other passengers that were also on board the small lear jet. Ms Jenni Rivera had five children and two grandchildren, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. She had also just signed a television deal to star in a comedy called “Jenni”. She was working on becoming a cross-over artist into the American market until her untimely death.

Urban Kings has also worked with Jenni, who was featured on a song called “Love Again” by Chino Brown and also featured MC Magic of NB Ridaz. It was directed by acclaimed photographer Estevan Oriol. The song and the album had done incredibly well, and now it is the anthem, because there will be another Jenni, and we can never love another “la diva de la banda” as much as we love her. Here is the song and the information if you want the song.

Chino Brown Featuring Jenni Rivera & MC Magic – Love Again

Devour Ft Kap G – Half Of It

Since I heard this song, I kept this song jammin in my iPod. Its called “Half Of It” by Devour Up and Kap G. Its laid back but the message is real. We have posted a Devour song before, and I wanted to post another one because this one is too dope. It features Kap G, who we played a song for you yesterday called “Tatted Like Amigos”. Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think at Urban Kings Facebook Page!

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Fiesty 2 Guns And Midget Loco In Studio

UKMG Artists Fiesty 2 Guns and Midget Loco were at the music studio this past weekend, working on a new song from Fiesty’s upcoming solo album, which is scheduled for a 2013 release. When Fiesty and Midget get together, the creativity and music just flows, and the outcome always comes out dope. Off the top of my head I always think of songs like Dippity Slide, “In My Pendleton“, and  ”I Tried“. So you know something dope is going to come out. I added the Dippity Slide song below, which is taken from Fiesty 2 Guns Mixtape called “Talking Guns“. Also, Fiesty’s last album “Street Scriptures” is also available now, at all major stores such as FYE and available digitally through iTunes.

Fiesty 2 Guns Feat. Midget Loco – Dippity Slide – Taken From Talking Guns

UKMG Premier – Nobody Else by Ms Krazie

UKMG is very proud to announce the brand new single “Nobody Else” taken from Ms Krazie’s upcoming album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will release September 25th to all major music retail stores, such as FYE, Best Buy and Hastings. Make sure to click on the picture and listen to this great song.It is also available for download on iTunes before the cd releases, and you can download it now on iTunes today!

Forgive Not Forget will be releasing Tuesday, September 25th to all major music stores like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, digitally through iTunes, and online through the!

Forgive Not Forget has the Guest Features of MC Magic, Lala Romero, Carolyn Rodriguez, D Salas, Knightowl, Kozme, Duende, Fer Ochoa, Jehu, Betsy, T Train, Silenciosa, Garzia, Mz Lovely and Wicked Babydoll.


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