Fiesty 2 Guns Street Scriptures

Who remembers this song right here? This is one of the most positive songs I have heard, from turning a negative to a positive. The song is by UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo, and its called “What I Dream Of“, taken from Fiesty’s album Street Scriptures. This was Fiesty 2 Guns first solo album, and he had some heaters on the album. It was a very dope CD that featured some sick songs like “Make The Hood Cry”, “Dont Cry For Me”, “Everybody Gonna See” and “Grind To Shine”. Fiesty had few features, but the artists featuring are dope, like Chino Grande, D Salas, Rigo Luna, Eddie Kane, Bigg Bandit and more. The “What I Dream Of Music Video is closing in on 200,000 views on youtube, so make sure to check it out and lets have it reach 200k! If you don’t have the album, I am putting the album cover and where you can find the CD! Support Charlie Row Campo.

Fiesty 2 Guns – Street Scriptures


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Youtube Friday – Mitt Romney LIED

Welcome back to another session of Youtube Fridays. With all the Presidential Race stuff going on, we have been listening to Mitt Romney lie over and over and over. Now that he finally lost to Barak Obama for Presidency, we wanted to try and find a video that captures many of the lies he has told. Not only that, but Romney has also flip floped on many of his policies, especially one about supporting abortions and now he was pro life. This shows Romney lying about Obama’s plans, his own numbers of his plans, and basically everything he could think of, from adding more jobs in the government, to spending money more than ever. Watch the video and count how many lies you can within the 8 minute video!

What Does XSetForLifeX VIP Mean?

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Fans have been asking many questions about the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show, Staring Ms Krazie and MC Magic! Questions range from what are the ages for the event, how much are tickets, is there a limit to how many you can buy, and more. The most asked question we have so far, is “What does V.I.P Include”. We have made a little video to answer that exact question, while being in the concert venue where the concert will be. Make sure to check out the video and learn what being a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON means at this super event! Make sure to get your tickets now and dont miss out before its sold out! Click Here To Buy Your XSetForLifeX Super Show Tickets!

The video above is an exclusive Urban Kings Facebook video, and you must like the Official Urban Kings Facebook Page!!

Oscar de la Hoya

A new iteam to add Urban Kings collection…..a boxing glove autographed by Oscar de la Hoya. Mike went to his signing and as a gift he gave him a CD from Urban Kings but what he forgot was that he left the CD in the car because he was listening to it on the way to the signing. The only thing that was inside was his business card. So Oscar if you tumble across this we fired Mike lol (JK) but he says my bad. Call him up and thank you for signing our glove.

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Spanky Loco – Way Low

“Way Low” Spanky Loco’s first single off his highly anticipated “The Superior Album” which features the funk king George Clinton on the track. After being in high deman the album is finally out available to the public.

Sly Boogy Interview

Check out our interview with the West Coast Legend Sly Boogy. For those who don’t know him one of the famous songs he did the song was It’s Nuthing. In this interview you even get to meet Mark. He is the guy that edits our videos. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

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