Fiesty 2 Guns Takes On Midget Loco

First, UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns took on the task of knocking out Chino Grande’s design, something he has been working on for a few days. Now he just finished his new project, designing UKMG Artist Midget Loco. I think this design came out really dope. The coloring of Midget Loco, to the tattoo design and shading of midgets ink came out really sick. Plus the cop car and the broken wall looks perfect as a background. Fiesty been working on his designing and he is getting better with each one. He will be sending more work for our blog so he can share them with his fans. So if you like art and Urban Kings, you will appreciate the designs.

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Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version

UKMG would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas Eve everyone, and do we got a very special present for you! We have the brand new music video of “Love You Till Death” the Official Music Video from the Album Version. This new version is the extended version, which features Kozme and Problemaz. We have made two different versions of the album. One is the Radio version, which has been sent out to all television stations that play music videos. This is the extended version, which is unedited and unfiltered. Special thanks to Echosworld Films for coming through once again with a awesome video, and the executive producer of the video, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. And now, click the video above to watch Ms Krazie’s brand new Music Video of Love You Till Death, the Official Album Version!

Brands Give Back Turkey Drive

We have filmed the “Brands Unite To Give Back Turkey Drive for everyone to see! Urban Kings along with Old English Brand, Vndta, Streetwise, Narcotiks, OhNo, Club Killers, Mike Sincere, Guaranteed Clothing, Hectic Society, Opina Music, Dillions, Unauthorized Ink, Mariscos Olas Altas, Ill Skills, Slicks Barbershop, Mr Dog and many amazing brands are combining forces to bring some holiday cheer to the community. We all come together along with some really dope artists like Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Reverie, Oh No, Self Provoked, Anthony Blanco, True Starr, The Stomper and more. Everyone donated their time, along with some turkeys, to help out families in need. We dont have to be rich to help, because we are the people. We handed out Free Turkeys on Wednesday, November 25th. It took place at Senor Charlies Sports Bar in Santa Fe Springs, CA! Thank you to Kast N Fame for filming and directing the event!

All the Snips From Midget Loco

Get to have a taste of what Midget Loco’s upcoming album is all about on our Urban Kings Tv. Pre-sales are now available on where you get to choose what package you want from the basic -the album by itself, to the album with a shout out autographed poster, to the VIP price of the album with the 8 posters -one being customized to say what you want. We are going to be sending the pre-sales 4 days before the album drops in stores. Coming out Tuesday, August 2nd.

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Are You On Our Level?

A year ago there was a Break Dancing/Popping/Locking DVD that was released called “Street Level”. It showed different crews around California that have a solid and established name not only in the streets, but in the entertainment business. Some dancers have been featured in Movies, Super Bowl Tv Commercials and Music Videos. This is not only the dancing, but the roots of the artform and how breakdancing progressed over the years and how it originated from the streets to the stages.

The Street Level Part 1 Dvd Cover

Click Here To Buy Street Level DVD Part 1

Youtube Friday – Family Feud Fail

Youtube Friday we got lined up for you a Family – Feud – Fail. Steve Harvey is the host of the new Family Feud tv show and he was doing the Fast Money segment of the show with the winners of the show, and he asked this woman a simple question for round 2 of Fast Money. From there things got a little crazy that Steve had to stop the show and gather up his thoughts from the first answer the lady said…Watch it and be amazed!

Family Feud Fail


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