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Have you ever seen locked up raw? Well if you haven’t its a show that they visit different prisons and capture prison life. They interview prison guards,warrens, and the inmates. What does this have to do with anything? Do like you Chino Grande? You down with Charlie Row Campo? Want to support the movement? Do you love champurado? lol. If you said yes to the any if not all. Then you got something you gotta do right now. We want Locked Up Raw MSNBC to do an interview on every Charlie Row Campo member that is we want them to interview Jasper, Chino Grande, and Lil Minor. We need to get them to listen. So here is what we do. Copy and paste the message below. Change it up if you want (don’t spam them tho lol)We want them to see that there are fans that do want to see how their doing and since we get messages asking how the Charlie Row Campo is doing well know we will be able to get to see them on TV. Email them at the message below is the main part if you guys want to add in your own words go for it let them know what’s up.

Dear, MSNBC Locked up Raw

We would like it if Lock Up Raw would interview the Rappers Chino Grande, Jasper,Lil Minor from the Charlie Row Campo. They are chicano rappers from urban areas signed by Urban Kings records. The fans want to know how are they doing and Please call the record label for their information 562.696.5222. or email them at

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Letter To My Felon

Today is Music Monday, and today I wanted to pick a song that was one of my favorites from our whole catalog. Ms Krazie always creates songs that are relatable, and she made this song for all the women who have, or had, a relationship with a man in jail. This song was put on the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3 CD, and its only available on the CD. It is not anywhere else, not even her own albums! Make sure to take a listen to the song, and order the CD. The CD is just $7.99 but only inside the The UKMG Merch Store!

Album Of The Week

Ms Krazie Hello Loca Tour 2012 – Midland This Saturday

Ms Krazie will be performing this weekend in Midland, Texas as part of her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. This stop will be at the Cabanas Nightclub and it will be ALL AGES! This concert will be featuring Ms Krazie, Baka, Rekluse, Ese Busta, Midwest Mexicanz, El Cacho, Moneyville Productions, Mr 505, POM Records, Trouble Loc and more!!! Hosted by the Kueen Of Krunk and DJ Spree will be in the mix!!! Also the Chop Shop will be in the house!!!! Shout out to Country Boyz, Respect Is Due Records, Team Cake and S.A.P! Ticket information go to the Ese Busta Facebook Page .

Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Concert in Midland – Radio Commercial for B93

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Contest

Click The Picture – Then Download

Congratulations, If your reading this you are able to enter the exclusive UKMG Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget Contest. We will be giving away a Free Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget T Shirt OR a Free Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget AUTOGRAPHED CD. The winner can decide which item is best for them. There will be 2 Steps to follow to be entered in the contest. Read very carefully!

Step 1. Click The picture above. By clicking the picture, it should take you to a new window, with the same picture, but MUCH BIGGER. Now, DOWNLOAD THE BIG PICTURE. – Once you downloaded it into your computer, Step 1 has been complete. Your half way there!

Step 2. Sign into Facebook. Now put your new COVER PHOTO as the picture you just downloaded (The BIG PICTURE size of the Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget – Available 9-25-2012), Now, just comment in our official Ms Krazie New Release date facebook post, Right here >> Click Here and Post A Comment and thats it!


Gangster Love from Midget Loco’s Unreleased Album

Midget Loco’s album is dropping Tuesday, August 2. We recently uploaded one of the tracks on the album Gangster Love featuring Dolle Girl on the mic (one of my favorite songs on the album) so you guys can get a sample of the album. Pre-sales are now available to order but we are switching it up on how its done. Get the dedicated to the OGs album on , where you also have the option of getting the album with an autographed poster as well as getting 8 posters which comes with special dedicated autographed poster and get the album at the VIP price.We are even going to send it before it 4 days before it hits the stores.

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