Get Locked Up Raw To Listen

Have you ever seen locked up raw? Well if you haven’t its a show that they visit different prisons and capture prison life. They interview prison guards,warrens, and the inmates. What does this have to do with anything? Do like you Chino Grande? You down with Charlie Row Campo? Want to support the movement? Do you love champurado? lol. If you said yes to the any if not all. Then you got something you gotta do right now. We want Locked Up Raw MSNBC to do an interview on every Charlie Row Campo member that is we want them to interview Jasper, Chino Grande, and Lil Minor. We need to get them to listen. So here is what we do. Copy and paste the message below. Change it up if you want (don’t spam them tho lol)We want them to see that there are fans that do want to see how their doing and since we get messages asking how the Charlie Row Campo is doing well know we will be able to get to see them on TV. Email them at the message below is the main part if you guys want to add in your own words go for it let them know what’s up.

Dear, MSNBC Locked up Raw

We would like it if Lock Up Raw would interview the Rappers Chino Grande, Jasper,Lil Minor from the Charlie Row Campo. They are chicano rappers from urban areas signed by Urban Kings records. The fans want to know how are they doing and Please call the record label for their information 562.696.5222. or email them at

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Ms Krazie’s “Love You Till Death” Music Video Releases Today

UKMG and UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is very proud to announce the very first music video from Ms Krazie. Everyone at Urban Kings has been extremely excited since we have started preparations for the music video, which included deciding what song was going to be chosen, and then who was going to direct the video. Choosing the director was easy, because we have our go to guy when it comes to quality videos, and thats Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Films. Everything came together very easily after that, with the ideas of concepts being thrown around, and a very nice location to film, everything was set and ready to go. With a massive production team of over 30 staff members of Echosworld Films, including sound, lighting, film crew and actors, this video is raising the bar to the next level. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr knew that with Ms Krazie’s very first video, it had to be perfect, and with the finish result, we can all say it was.

The countdown is officially on, with Ms Krazie’s “Love You Till Death” Music Video featuring Kozme is releasing today! Stay updated right here to see what time the video will be debuted WORLDWIDE!

Breaking news!

Well known rapper, “Jasper”of Charlie row Campo has been critically injured in a severe car accident that occurred last night in the Los Angeles Area.. We have got news that he is in Intensive Care (ICU)…. A head trauma has left him in a coma and we are hoping for the best. Our respect goes to his family and Friends. Please Keep him in your prayers.. Here is his myspace link , where u can show some respect…

Fiesty 2 Guns – What I Dream Of

Urban Kings released a classic music video by UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo. The music video was for “What I Dream Of”, which was featured on Fiesty’s first solo album, called “Street Scriptures“. It was a really dope album, and featured Charlie Row Camponero Chino Grande, Bigg Bandit and many more. The music video has over 200,000 views on youtube and pushed as the first single for the album. If you havent seen the video, it came out amazing, directed by Bad Fame, and gives a look into the Street Scriptures album. Street Scriptures is available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and at the UKMG Flagship Shop and the UKMG Merch Store!

Slush Da Villain Out On Bail Shipment is here!

Look What We Just Got In

He Wants YOU! To Buy His Album

When You Cop The Album, Double Up For Your Homies

Hot Off The Press, Hot Out The Box

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Look what we just got in. We got the new Slush Tha Villain CD “Out On Bail” into the Urban Kings office today. With the anticipation growing of Slush Tha Villains new album almost to its release date, we have been flooded with Pre-Sale Orders, because everyone wants to get that free poster and get the cd before everyone else. It comes out May 15th, but if you Pre-Order it, you get a free poster with the cd, and you get it a few days before everyone else. If you havent heard, the album is featuring Brand New Songs from Slush, featuring Urban Kings Music Group Artists Midget Loco from Steel Bangin Music, Chino Grande and Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo, Stomper, and The Queen of Urban Kings, Ms Krazie. It also features Kozme.

Check Out These Shoes

Sometimes you see things and it doesn’t compute in your head that it is something you just seen. Like you just seen something but it doesn’t make sense. This is what happens when you go into the store at 2:30am and your still a little tipsy from the club and you notice some shoes that you don’t understand. Are they boots, are they loafers, are they dress shoes, are they slippers? Are they Louis Vuittons? Till this day I dont know what these types of shoes are or boots are, but I know I wouldn’t want to be kicked by one of these pointy things.



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