Get Locked Up Raw To Listen

Have you ever seen locked up raw? Well if you haven’t its a show that they visit different prisons and capture prison life. They interview prison guards,warrens, and the inmates. What does this have to do with anything? Do like you Chino Grande? You down with Charlie Row Campo? Want to support the movement? Do you love champurado? lol. If you said yes to the any if not all. Then you got something you gotta do right now. We want Locked Up Raw MSNBC to do an interview on every Charlie Row Campo member that is we want them to interview Jasper, Chino Grande, and Lil Minor. We need to get them to listen. So here is what we do. Copy and paste the message below. Change it up if you want (don’t spam them tho lol)We want them to see that there are fans that do want to see how their doing and since we get messages asking how the Charlie Row Campo is doing well know we will be able to get to see them on TV. Email them at the message below is the main part if you guys want to add in your own words go for it let them know what’s up.

Dear, MSNBC Locked up Raw

We would like it if Lock Up Raw would interview the Rappers Chino Grande, Jasper,Lil Minor from the Charlie Row Campo. They are chicano rappers from urban areas signed by Urban Kings records. The fans want to know how are they doing and Please call the record label for their information 562.696.5222. or email them at

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New Facebook Ambush – Sand One

Must LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page To Watch!!!

What was Sand One doing with Urban Kings yesterday? You may have seen something on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page already, but let me tell you, its pretty funny. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr went out to Sand One’s live mural painting for Kush N Wax Connection. Sand One is the artist who created the Official Mural for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie in East Los Angeles. We linked up with Sand One again for her new mural. Check it exclusively on The Urban Kings Facebook, and you must like the page to see the video, so make sure to LIKE the page and check it out! Here are some behind the scenes photos we took yesterday, and we also filmed an exclusive video for Urban Kings Tv, and that will be coming out very soon too! Make sure stay posted to our blog for more pictures and the video!

Sand One and A Fan

UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr & Cyzer

The Urban Kings Upcoming Video Will Finished Mural!

Ms. Krazies New Single “I Like It” The iTunes

Its Cinco De Mayo!!! in celebration of the victory of Puebla you should buy ms. krazies new single off her upcoming album “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2″ on iTunes.


Tomorrow, July 21st, Off The Chain Streetwear, who brought The Hello Loca 2012 Tour to Farmington & Gallup, New Mexico in March, is back at it again, throwing the biggest concert of the year in Albuquerque.Hundreds of fans asked why didn’t Off The Chain bring Ms Krazie,  Baby Jokes and Selo to perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, Off The Chain heard your voice and made this show happen. Thats right, Ms Krazie, Baby Jokes, Selo and this time Cuete Yeska will be on this Hello Loca 2012 Duke City concert. Also jumpin on this concert is Syphon, Mizztery, Threat, Envee, E Money, Spider and Negro. If you went to the Farmington and Gallup, you know whats in store for the Albuquerque show. There will be Ms Krazie Cds available and Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts. So make sure to come out and support and come see a dope show! Buy your tickets today at to guarantee your entrance! This will sell out!


Stomper Once Upon A Time In America Update!

Stomper took a trip to our office which we reviewed the process of Once Upon A Time In America. We have GOOD news and BAD News!

BAD NEWS.. After much talk we decided to push back  to  next year giving us more time to market and make sure  the album comes out with heat. We just got caught up trying to perfect this album that we won’t be making the datelines for the release dates. If we do rush it to make it to the end of the fourth quarter it would be killing the album and we wouldn’t want that.  Not to worry time goes by fast, next thing you know it is spring 2010.

THE GOOD NEWS.. We have also decided to bring out a Stomper Presents compilation featuring nothing but heaters before “Once Upon A Time In America”. The compilation will be promoting his upcoming album as well.  As many of you might know Stomper has plenty of good friends with other labels and this comp will for sure have alot of fan favorite artist. More info coming soon. Compilation is schedule to release early 2009.

Jaime~ UKMG

Wild Cats Kick Butts!

Wild Cats Kick Buts! Yes Sirr.. Oldenglsihbrand/Urbankings Sponsors a girls little league soccer and this week they kicked major butt. 4/1 here are some pics we took!

Click on pic to enlarge

Another pic at our wild cat game. We won 4/1 the girls were k... on Twitpic Another pic at our wild cat game. We won 4/1 the girls were k... on Twitpic



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