Gigs Is Set For Life, Are You? Where’s Your Video

Check out this brand new video we just seen from Gigs MonDragon, talking about the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show featuring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, along with MC Magic and Special Guest Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. Gigs is SetForLife as she got her VIP tickets already and she talks about what to expect from the show. Especially being the very first time Ms Krazie will be performing in the Los Angeles area! And MC Magic’s last time performing in the Los Angeles Area (in 2013), and Chino Grande’s first time performing in 4 years! It takes place November 23rd at The Yost Theater and YES, it is ALL AGES! She talks about meeting Ms Krazie at her last Meet and Greet, and when she got in line. So make sure to watch the video and make your own videos, we might post them on the blog and you might get a shout out! Make sure to follow Gigs and watch her other videos Clicking Here!

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Gigs XSetForLifeX Super Show Video


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Conejo Auction Is Now Over

Today is December 6th and the auction for the 2 Conejo Canvas’ are Andy and Radalyn.

^^^ Radalyn won the Conejo – Shady Conejo Canvas, which was Conejos first original full length album. She won with the highest bid of $376!

^^^Andy won the auction for the Conejo – Game Over Canvas. Andy won with the highest bid of $270!

Thank you to everyone who participated in bidding on these two Canvases, which are printed directly from our film that was from a photoshoot with Conejo, to the canvas. Each is the only one ever made.

Limited Edition

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Official Ringtones!

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We just received the brand new Ms Krazie Ringtones for her new album “Forgive Not Forget”. These ringtones are all brand new, with most verses and songs never being heard by the public yet, and now you can own the ringtones before the cd even releases. We took a different new approach with this album, releasing 2 options for the ringtones. One option is downloading the hook of the song, and the other is downloading the verse. So now you can hear more of your favorite songs on ringtones. Download them all today and designate different Ms Krazie ringtones to different friends or family. There are 18 songs on the new Ms Krazie “Forgive Not Forget” album and the CD will be releasing September 18th to all major music outlets, such as Best Buy, FYE, iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store. But IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW for PRESALE PACKAGE that comes with a Autographed CD, Free Poster, Free Sticker, Free Ringtone, and MORE by clicking The UKMG Merch Store!!

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Official Ringtones

[[Text Ringtone Hook Code or Ringtone Verse Code to Phone Number "69937"]]

Song     —————————–     Ringtone Hook —   Ringtone Verse  –>  Text To This

——                                                          Code                          Code                       Number

1. Never Let Me Go                           19279420                 19279421                      69937
2. Sedated                                           19279422                 19279423                     69937
3. Homegirl Dry Your Eyes              19279425                 19279426                      69937
4. What You’ve Done                        19279427                 19279428                      69937
5. Cuando Me Querias                     19279429                 19279430                       69937
6. Vivir Sin Tu Amor                          19279431                  19279432                      69937
7. Forgive But Not Forget                  19279487                19279670                       69937
8. Little Heavens                                 19279747                19279775                       69937
9. A Mothers Lullaby                          19279941                 19280070                      69937
10. Your Everything                            19280153                 19280756                      69937
11. Nobody Else                                 19281035                  19281421                     69937
12. Real Good                                     19289188                  19289236                     69937
13. WHy You Worry                           19289250                   19289263                     69937
14. Tu No Eres                                   19289385                   19289420                     69937
15. Love Of The Sick                        19289422                    19289452                     69937
16. Homewrecker                             19289457                     19289458                     69937
17. Forgive Me                                   19289517                    19289518                     69937
18. Love You To Death                    19289557                    19292695                     69937

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16/8 Webisode Staring Spanky Loco

Urban Kings is back with another segment for the popular 16/8 Webisode Series. This time, we feature UKMG Artist Spanky Loco, and its from a song thats taken from his “The Superior Mixtape“. If you dont know about the Urban Kings 16/8 webisodes, its an online music video that is designed to give fans the music videos they have been wanting to see. The music can be taken from past albums, upcoming albums, mixtapes, and even some unreleased music you might have never heard before. Its now featuring Spanky Loco on Vol 3. The release date for the video is Tomorrow, Friday, April 11th. Make sure to stay posted and watch the video as it premiers! More info will be releasing tomorrow morning, so stay updated! – Can you guess what song it will be? (Remember I gave you a hint!) Post your guesses at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Ms Krazie Performing Tomorrow For Charity Event

Tomorrow is the big day that we are all excited for. Tomorrow is the First Ever “Rap For The Kids” event, and headlining the show will be UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, along with Juan Gotti, Puppet and Duende. This will be a very big show and many good names are on the bill as this event is all for a great cause. Ms Krazie put this event together to give back to the underprivileged kids from Juarez, Mexico. Tickets are very affordable, being only $10 at the door, or a brand new unwrapped toy that has a $10 or more value. (Make sure to please keep the receipt, as proof may be asked for, at the door). This is an all ages event, and will be taking place from 6pm to 2am. There is also a very very super limited amount of VIP tickets available, and VIP Tickets will let you go where the artists go, including the Artist VIP, Meet and Greet with All The Artists, and Express VIP Entrance to the event.

Also performing will be Payaso 915, Vicious, Looney, Silencia, Tokes, Machete, Ese Ninety One, Mz Lovely, Wicked Babydoll, Chikilyn, MR E&J, Slowpoke, Babi Loka, LXSPanto, El Cacho of Paisa Movement, OG Sancha, Jes Latino, Low J, Varrio Star Ent & Jasper Lokote!

Taking place at Frankies West in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, December 8th! Address is 5850 Onix Drive, El Paso Texas, 79912.

Get Love Advice From Ms Krazie

Pocos Pero Locos is putting together a television show and is putting together something special with Ms Krazie from the Urban Kings Music Group. Have you ever needed love advice from someone you can trust? Through life experiences, Ms Krazie makes her music through what she has been through. She talks about love, pain, fun, and heartache. She relates to so many people because she too, is a person who has gone through those issues. From “Brown Is Beautiful” to “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 1” to “Smile Now Cry Never ” , “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 2” and now Forgive Not Forget (which will be releasing September 18th), she has made each album personal. Support Ms. Krazie, as she takes her life and love advice to your tv screen. Record your questions on video (either by phone, camera, iPad or webcam) and send video to and Ms. Krazie will personally answer some of them, and give your shout outs on TV! Start the video with your name and city you represent.

Send your love question to Ms. Krazie now!

Dont Include your name, phone number and e-mail address in the e-mail.

For further info :



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