Happy Birthday Jasper Loco

UKMG would like to send a Happy Birthday to one of our artists today. Today, is Jasper Loco’s Birthday. He has been a big part of our artist roster, as a solo artist, as well as a vital member of Charlie Row Campo. Jasper has been an artist on many albums, released through UKMG, including Charlie Row Campo albums, as well as his collaboration album with Baby Jokes, called “Eastside Classics“, as well as his most recent solo album, called “Eastside Assassin“. He is currently working on his brand new solo album, which is scheduled to release this year through the Urban Kings Music Group. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information! Happy Birthday Big Jas!

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Spanky Loco Performing Live

Spanky Loco will be performing in Santa Barbera for his first show in 2012. Taking place THIS FRIDAY, February 24th at Tony Rays. Also performing is his The Real 310 West counterpart Huero Snipes, along with Cali Lifestyle, J-Knuckles, Young Spanky, G.O and Obie Loc. Fans have been asking us when Spanky will be performing this year, and here it is. Spanky Loco will be performing all the fan favorites from all his albums and even some of his compilations, including, from his most recent projects like “Everybody Killa” , The Superior Album” and his spanish album “Tirando Y Rifando 2“. This event is 18 and over with Valid ID with a fully stocked bar for the 21 and over fans. There will be special guest performers and invites that will be there as well so take your cds to get signed and watch a dope show by Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes and all the other dope performers who are rocking the stage on friday.



Set For Life Super Show Countdown – 6 Days Away

The Artists are ready, the venue is ready, are you ready? We are officially 6 days away from the XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie, MC Magic and Chino Grande! This concert is going to blow away other shows, with many of the events at the super show being a first, this is going down and its going to be huge! First, this will be Ms Krazie’s very first time performing in the Los Angeles area! Ever! Second, this is going to be the Last Time MC Magic will be performing in Los Angeles area (in 2013). Next, this will be Chino Grande’s first time performing in over 4 years! This will be the first time each artist will all be performing under one roof, and the first time there will be 100 Free items given away!

Did you know that? We are going to give out 100 FFREEEE LOCA SNAPBACKS to the first 100 fans in line (that have pre-sale tickets in hand – and it does not matter if it is VIP Tickets or General Admission!). This is a special way to say thank you to the fans who have always supported and represented with us!

We also have some brand new merchandise that will ONLY BE AVAILABLE at the XSetForLifeX Super Show. First we have a brand new Ms Krazie x Old English Brand ”La Enferma Tee Shirt”, that will be only at the XSetForLifeX Show, Two brand new Ms Krazie x OE Beanies, called “Enferma” and “Mexside”, and again they will be only at the concert! We also have the new Ms Krazie x OE “Tote Bags” that are exclusive to the event! We also have a brand new Chino Grande Tee Shirt called “Trust Your Struggle” which will be available at the Set For Life Show! And we will have more information about more surprises and info and secrets about our show this week!

There are currently General Admission tickets available for the concert, and this event will sell out, so make sure to get your tickets now, because trust me, you don’t to be that person who doesn’t go, and all your friends are talking about it. Everything is set and ready to go for the event, so make sure to get your tickets, and take pictures because this will be one of the biggest events of the year guaranteed!

This Event is ALL AGES, taking place @ The Yost Theater on November 23rd!

Click Here To Get Your XSetForLifeX Super Show Tickets Here!

Jasper Loco – All About The Money CD

UKMG has put a awesome album together, for the latest music by Jasper Loco (of Charlie Row Campo). Its called “Its All About The Money“! This is Jasper Loco’s second solo album from Urban Kings, with his first Cd “Eastside Assassin“. He also has a collaboration album with Baby Jokes, called “Eastside Classics“, which is also available now. “Its All About The Money” has some really dope features on it, like Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns, King Lil G, Big Hutch from Above The Law, Kokane, D Salas and more. Make sure to order your copy today, because its definitely one of the hottest albums releasing this year. “Its All About The Money” is Available Nationwide at All Major Music Retailers including FYE, digitally through iTunes as well as the Urban Kings Flagship Shop. It is also available online at UKMG Merch Store!

All About The Money – Track Listing

1. Intro
2. I Won’t Ever Forget Featuring Big Wix, Rigo Luna
3. We’re So True Featuring Big Hutch, ALT The Saint
4. All About The Money
5. Image Of A Star – Skit
6. Home Of The Gangsters
7. Better Days Featuring Chino Grande, Rigo Luna
8. Still In The City Featuring Chino Grande
9. Love Hurts Featuring Big Wix H.O.A.H, Mr Menace
10.Get Your Cash On Featuring Bigg Bandit, Na Mean, Lil G
11 All I Want Is You Featuring Doll-e Girl , Fiesty 2 Guns, Carolyn Rodriguez AKA Medicine Girl
12. Serve and Protect
13. I Got To Keep it Real – Featuring Kokane, Big Wix
14. Streets Get Cold – Featuring Mr Menace, Lil Mickey
15. Nasty Freak Featuring Mr Menace, Livin Real
16. Outro
17. This is for my Gs Featuring Na Mean, Oso Vicious

Jasper Loco – All About The Money – Listen To The Entire Album Below

(Click Previous Track & Next Track To Change Songs)

Midget Loco In School Dance

Did you know that UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a brand new movie that will be releasing on Wednesday, July 2nd in theaters, Video On Demand and Digital HD Worldwide. Nick Cannon is directing his very first movie with “School Dance”. It will feature and star Bobb’e J. Thompson (the kid from Role Models), George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Wilmer Valderrama, Amber Rose, Katt Williams and more. It also features Urban Kings very own artist Midget Loco! The story follows Jason, a high school student who finds his dream girl in Anastacia. But she doesn’t even know he exists. Jason wants to be part of the most popular dance crew in school, so maybe he would be noticed by his crush. That is a mission, not to mention overcoming his mother, Anastacia’s gangster brother, and officially join the dance crew. The movie trailer has officially released, and make sure to mark the date on your calendar to watch the movie and support Urban Kings and Midget Loco!

School Dance – Official Movie Trailer

Street Anthems 4 Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Urban Kings Music Group will release the highly anticipated compilation album called “Street Anthems 4″. This is the album everyone has been waiting for, featuring your favorite artists like Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Ms Krazie, Spanky Loco, The Stomper, Jasper Loco, Conejo, Midget Loco, Sick Jacken from The Psycho Realm, ALT, Slush Tha Villain, Sinful aka El Pecador, Oso Vicious, Ese Lil Joker, and more. We are really geared up about this album, because Street Anthems always sets the tone of how our releases will shape up. And with a dope line up like this, this album will do even better than before. Street Anthems 4 Releases TOMORROW Nationwide, at all major music retailers, and digitally through iTunes! Below is the Official Track  Listing along with the Snippets of the album!

Street Anthems 4 – Official Track Listing

1.  Sounds Of The Streets – Chino Grande Featuring Jasper
2. Just Another Mexican – Fiesty 2 Guns
3. The Addict - ALT The Saint
4. Ask No Questions – Conejo
5. Kings Of The Streets –  Midget Loco
6. Pobre Quey – Ms Krazie
7. We Got ‘Em –  Chino Grande Featuring Jasper Loco
8. This Gangsta’s Paid – Jasper Loco
9. Gangster Relief – Stomper Featuring Chino Grande & Lil Minor
10. I wish I was fake – The Stomper
11 Aint No Sense – Slush Tha Villain
12. Number 1 – ALT The Saint
13.We Gonna Do It All Sick – Jasper Loco, Baby Jokes Featuring The Stomper
14. Sicko Psycho – Midget Loco
15. Drug Money – The Stomper Featuring Casino The G & Guzzle
16. For Really –  Spanky Loco Featuring Dough Boy Produced by Niles Davis
17. Vida Loca – Big L.A. AkA Grande, Featuring Sick Jacken AKA El Chavo and Down Aka Kilo
18. Long Struggle – Ese Lil Joker
19. Aztlan en el Barrio – Chino Brown feat. Big LA, Sinful el Pecador & Diamonique

Street Anthems 4 – Official World Premier Snippets


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