Has Anyone Talked To Chino Grande?

The Video That Has Been Leaked


We havent spoken to Chino Grande for a minute, and this pops up on his Facebook. Pictures of him beat up, and a video of him getting jumped. If anyone has heard anything about Chino, or has talked to him. Please tell him to contact the Urban Kings Offices.

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Clip Of The Week- Immortal Technique Interview

Much respect to Immortal Technique for always speaking for the ones without a mic and opening the eyes of individuals to make a difference.

Live for the thrill, for the right thrill

You can like one thing and not have to hate everything else. Keep an open mind and opportunities will come fast and easy for you. As a team, Urban Kings works hard on promoting what we love without having to knock the next persons hustle. Its cool not to like something, but don’t promote how you DON’T like it. We just work on what we do, bringing out the best music possible. Our artists work hard on making music, and Our staff works hard to bringing the music to the public. I promote what I love and I stay focused on what I do.  - UKMG

Clip Of The Week-Cops Get Checked

Bet you wished your parent was like this when you got busted lol. Just comes to show that when you know your rights you can stand up against authority who abuse them. Props to the parent that got the time to read his rights.

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I just got to tell you how it is..

Summer Nights with DJ #5

Am glad to be back from Vegas and finally get a chance to kick back and relax to some oldies but not your art laboe kind of oldies. When people think of oldies they think of the classic songs like Al Green or Mary Wells but many don’t know there was plenty of Chicano artist’s back in the days as well. Today I want to share an artist that goes by the name of Ralfi Pagan. You can purchase his cd at our online store which is titled Ralfi Pagan The Legend. He has plenty of songs besides this one that you might want to check out. I picked this song because you can hear by his voice why he was hitting it very big.  Ralfi Pagan was murdered at a very young aged right about the time he was becoming famous. I really don’t no the details but all no that his jams are some thing else. I will be sharing a lot of more of his songs but today;s song is called No Soy De Ti. If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD


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