In Need For More Sharpies

We recently got the posters for Baby Jokes album Life On The Streets to go along with the pre-sale orders which is coming out July 5th. And yes they will be auto-graphed by the one and only Jokes. It just so happened that he came in today and there was no sharpies in site to get them autograph wamp-wamp-waaamp lol. Don’t trip they will be auto-graphed by the time we send them out. Order your pre-sale today before it hits the stores so you can get to post your auto-graphed Baby Jokes poster on your wall. Oh there was one that did get to get auto-graphed it was not for a customer, but for a vendor, Gil’s Shop one of our good vendors (shout out). And if your a vendor that wants to join contact us so you can have this album on your shelves July 5. The album is gonna have his hit song “She Use To Be My Sidekick” as well as “Call Me Freaky” and so on. Get your sneak peek below.

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Ive heard of people stealing tires and leavin em on bricks…but ive never heard of a shopping cart robbery. And to make it funnier is that the person left the cart on bricks like someone else would pick it up and put some new tires on it lol. I seen this in the beautiful city of La Mirada, California. Remember, do not try that at home. The recession is hurting many people in different ways.


Album Of The Week

Midget Loco In Teen Angels Magazine New Issue

Check out the picture that we found from the upcoming Teen Angels, and guess who is in the magazine? Its UKMG Artist Midget Loco. He has a full page ad for the company OG Family. Its a dope ad for Midget, and the first magazine he will be featured in for the new year. Midget is ready to grind heavy for 2014, and this is the first of many magazine features that he will do. Plus Midget is working on some brand new music, and has a few shows that are already being lined up and negotiated! We got this picture of the Midget Loco magazine feature, and wanted to share it with everyone, and im working on getting some issues! I also heard UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is also featured in an ad in the magazine, but more on that in a future blog! Stay Posted!

Midget Loco X Andres Herren

Check out these pics of Midget Loco taken by Andres Herren, a photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. There’s a lot more pictures i didn’t post so make sure you go to his website to check out the rest of the pics.

Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget Snippets

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has been working on her cd for months putting together the songs that would go towards her album.Not only has she been writing her music, but she has also been on tour for her first tour ever, called “The Hello Loca 2012 Tour”, and is already over 25 tour dates in. This is a very special sneak peak of her new album, which will be releasing on September 18th through the UKMG imprint. Press Play and be the first to listen!!!


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