Jasper Loco – All About The Money Music Video

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be releasing his brand new music video called “All About The Money”, a song that is taken from his newest album “Its All About The Money“. The whole album is dope, and it was hard to pick a song from this album for the music video. We finally came up with the All About The Money song, and we made a video for it. The video will be premiering on Urban Kings Tv on June 2nd! We want to be the first to give everyone a heads up on the exclusive info, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for all information about Charlie Row!

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Stomper on The B Side Show on June 4th

Urban Kings Music Group’s The Stomper will be a featured guest on The B Side Show on Monday, June 4th,2012. The show will start at 8pm Pacific Time and will be STREAMING LIVE!!! The B Side Show is a once a week show that interviews big artists and up and coming artists. Stomper will be interviewed, and talking about his newest album, Once Upon A Time In America 2, which will be releasing June 19th to all nationwide music outlets, as well as iTunes and online through the UKMG Catalog. Stomper will also be launching his new website, which will be made live in about a week or so, so keep checking in daily to check out Stompers new website. Also on the show will be Baby G, O Brown, and BZ Bwai. DJ Super Mario is the resident DJ at the B Side Radio and plays all the artists hits as well as the songs that are fan favorites, and even some music videos. Hosts for the night is Silly Rabbit,Wackoe and Daisy.

Stomper – Behind The Scenes of Seven Plus Six

The Psycho Shop Hashtag Giveaway!

Our friends at The Psycho Shop along with Psycho Sounds joined forces to bring to you a special Free Hashtag Giveaway exclusively on Instagram! This contest gives you the chance to win a Free Psycho City Blocks Wireless Speaker for doing 3 easy things. Repost the picture above, and follow both @ThePsychoShop and @Psycho_Sounds on instagram, then Hashtag both #ThePsychoShop and #PsychoSounds, and thats it. Then you will be entered to win the speaker. You can also order the speaker directly from them inside The Psycho Shop Online Store!

Diamonique Re-Release Of Diamond In Da Ruff

June 29th, 2010 make sure you go pick up Diamonique’s re-release of her album Diamond In Da Ruff. Diamonique is one of the baddest female rappers in the game, and before she releases her newest album she wanted to give everyone who didn’t get a chance to pick up her album the first time to pick it up with a whole new layout out.

Midget Loco on the History Channel

I know some of you have already seen this, but i thought id show ya’ll again. Midget Loco was featured in a documentary for the History Channel named Marked. Marked is a Documentary about Chicano prisoned styled tattoos. This is just a clip where midget loco comes out. If you get a chance to watch it all you should its probably one of the best documentaries on Chicano tattoos I’ve ever seen. Its well documented and it has well spoken people representing our culture.

Out The Box Interview With Big Lefty

One of the most memorable episodes of the “Out The Box” series featured Big Lefty, aka Tony Ramirez, who starred in the episode “A Cold Piece Of Work”. This episode was praised for its gritty realness, being so raw and emotional, yet inspiring and hopeful. It was a true story written and performed by Tony, detailing his experience when his life was out of control. Urban Kings made the Out The Box episodes along with Lineage Ent, to showcase artists talents in the Los Angeles area, showing the truest form of raw passion and emotion. Different artists have different talents, from poetry, storytelling, music, and more. Thats where we showcase Out The Box to have the world see the talent. Now we are are on Season 2, and everything is coming out amazing!

Out The Box Interview With Tony Ramirez

Out The Box – A Cold Piece Of Work – Staring Tony Ramirez


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