Jasper Loco Before His Concert At Babylon

This picture was taken right before Jasper Loco hit the stage for his concert at Club Babylon last Thursday in Alhambra, California. The performance was Jasper Loco’s 4th concert this year, and had the crowd hyped up with many of his hits from the “Eastside Assassin“, and the “Eastside Classics” album. The venue was a packed house and fans were ready to hear some of the Jasper Loco and Charlie Row Campo songs. Jasper has been performing all around Southern California and he has been rocking all the stages. Stay updated with our blog to know when Jasper Loco will be performing and in which city! Jasper always has special guests come through, sometimes to perform sometimes to come watch the show! To Book Jasper Loco CLICK HERE .

“West Coastin” From Jasper Loco’s Eastside Assassin

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The Last Ms Krazie Canvas…

Urban Kings has just released a very dope, very exclusive, very limited edition canvas of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. The canvas is called “Forgive Not Forget” and only 1 canvas left. And only a very few were made. They are a limited edition lithograph, which means Ms Krazie’s autographed signature is printed into the canvas. These will never be made again, and once they are sold, they will be gone forever. For only the biggest Ms Krazie fans, the canvas dimensions are 24.5 inches in height, and 16 inches wide, made of tough durable canvas with a double thick wood frame. It is available right now inside The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or get it online inside The Urban Kings Merch Store! Get it before it’s gone!

Spanky Loco’s Newest Album

Spanky Loco has been hard at work in the studio assuring that the newest edition will top the first one. Tirando y Rifando 2 is dropping this month and pre-sales will be ready to purchase on Tuesday 10th. We will be announcing the special perks that will be given out when you pre-order Tirando y Rifando 2. The last Tirando y Rifando was notorious and had sold out. The album is all in spanish (finally your parents will understand what they are saying lol).  If you haven’t heard the first Tirando y Rifando check out this Spanky Loco music video “En El Varrio” that was featured in the 1st Tirando y Rifando

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Unheard Tupac Interview – Just Released

Check this one out. We are a big fan of Tupac, and we just discovered this RARE, UNRELEASED audio interview of Tupac and Jim Belushi, on the set of “Gang Related”, that was released just 3 weeks before his death. Tupac talks about many different things, like being jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, the true meaning of his name, and his haters always wanting to see him fail and keep him down. This is a must see and must listen for all Tupac fans, and when Pac spoke, everyone listened. Make sure you listen and check it out.

Ms Krazie Tour Dates

Ms Krazie’s Official Tour Date Flyer for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. There is 8 Tour dates that are already confirmed. From Colorado, to North Carolina, Texas, and Indiana, Ms Krazie is performing in various cities and states around the country. And we are still adding new cities to the line up. Some of Ms Krazie’s concerts have featured top artists like Urban Kings’ Midget Loco from Steel Bangin Musick, Akwid, Duende, The Game, DMX, Baby Bash, The Ying Yang Twins, Brown Boy, and Ray J just to name a few. Make sure to keep coming back to our blog to see all the news on Ms Krazie’s Hello Loca 2012 Tour, for new added dates, up to the minute special guest artists, and news on the tour! If you went to Ms Krazie’s shows in Denver or Raleigh, be sure to send in your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE .

Words Of Wisdom

Your mind transforms into your body language. Your mind transforms into your daily attitude. Your mind, it lifts you physically and emotionally. Take care of your mind and educate the brain. It’s going to do what it does regardless. Why not allow it do it at it’s highest potential. Your mind is only trying to succeed within itself, but how can the mind succeed on a higher level if your mind doesn’t even know that higher level exist. It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Don’t be a broken promise to yourself, don’t fear the fear of falling. xSetForLifex crew where we are out of place because we’re in outer space and I’m waiting for the long fall back to earth. Live it with me on that higher level #SelfMotivation #Ambition #Direction Pow. What a life, xSetForLifex #UrbanKings

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr


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