Jasper Loco Before His Concert At Babylon

This picture was taken right before Jasper Loco hit the stage for his concert at Club Babylon last Thursday in Alhambra, California. The performance was Jasper Loco’s 4th concert this year, and had the crowd hyped up with many of his hits from the “Eastside Assassin“, and the “Eastside Classics” album. The venue was a packed house and fans were ready to hear some of the Jasper Loco and Charlie Row Campo songs. Jasper has been performing all around Southern California and he has been rocking all the stages. Stay updated with our blog to know when Jasper Loco will be performing and in which city! Jasper always has special guests come through, sometimes to perform sometimes to come watch the show! To Book Jasper Loco CLICK HERE .

“West Coastin” From Jasper Loco’s Eastside Assassin


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