Jasper Loco Dippin Through LA

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo sent us a picture of himself riding through Los Angeles, as he makes a few stops at some local hotspots around LA. He has been riding the success of his second solo album “It’s All About The Money“, which has done very well in both the stores and with critics. All About The Money featured some really dope artists, like CRC Members Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns, Big Hutch from Above The Law,  Kokane, King Lil G, Carolyn Rodriguez and more. Its a really dope album, so make sure to pick up your copy today! There are many ways to get the album, like in major music stores like FYE, digitally through iTunes or through The UKMG Merch Store! Below is the cover of the album!

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Snitch Now In Theatres With Baby Jokes!

Everyone talking about the new Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie called Snitch, with the movie being the #1 Action Movie in the Country. Snitch is also featuring Baby Jokes, who has released music through The Urban Kings Music Group. UKMG has released many titles featuring Baby Jokes, from his albums as part of Charlie Row Campo, to his collaboration album with UKMG Artist Jasper Loco , called “Eastside Assassin“. Baby Jokes has released some awesome music, and one of his most popular albums is called “Life On The Streets“. The Life On The Streets album features songs like “She Use To Be My Side Kick“, “Dont Love You Anymore“, “I Am” and more. The album is available at all major music stores, including stores like FYE. This is the album cover, so if you see it in the stores, make sure to pick it up! Its a dope album and you wont regret it. Also make sure to go to the movies this weekend to watch the movie SNITCH. Baby Jokes plays the character of Flaco. The story is about a father who must infiltrate a drug ring so he can lessen the sentence of his son, who was arrested on drug charges. Everyone knows that The Rock and Baby Jokes always chooses good movie roles to be a part of. I, along with the UKMG Staff, will be watching this weekend!

Charlie Row Campo – Camponeros Album

Live for the thrill, for the right thrill

You can like one thing and not have to hate everything else. Keep an open mind and opportunities will come fast and easy for you. As a team, Urban Kings works hard on promoting what we love without having to knock the next persons hustle. Its cool not to like something, but don’t promote how you DON’T like it. We just work on what we do, bringing out the best music possible. Our artists work hard on making music, and Our staff works hard to bringing the music to the public. I promote what I love and I stay focused on what I do.  - UKMG

Psycho Realm x Street Platoon x Urban Kings Present

Urban Kings is proud to announce a collaboration with The Psycho Realm and Street Platoon to distribute Street Platoon’s classic album “Steel Storm“. This is another awesome combination with UKMG and The Psycho Realm, because UKMG has also distributed many of Psycho Realm’s projects, including Sick Jacken’s “Stray Bullets” as well as Psycho Realm’s “War Story – Book 1“, “War Story – Book 2” and Sick Symphonies “Terror Tapes 1“. Working together has always made a dream team, and we continue that blueprint with “The Steel Storm”, which is a cd of 13 jam packed songs, featuring Cynic, Crow, Sick Jacken and the late Mausberg (RIP).

Street Platoon – Steel Storm – Tracklisting

1. Downtown Daze

2. Dead Lines – Featuring Sick Jacken

3. Mean Streets

4. Drug Lab

5. Sick Of It All – Featuring Mausberg (RIP)

6. Pink (Pastrami Strips)

7. Great Downfall

8. Street Revolution

9. The Funeral March

10. Friction

11. Traffic

12. Animal Factory

13. Emergency Oxygen

Midget Loco Filming With Snoop Dogg

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco was filming a movie this weekend with Snoop Dogg. We cant really give away too much information, but this movie featured Snoop and Midget Loco along with the Steel Bangin Musick. The movie is dope, and I heard there were a few more artists that will be featured in the movie. Make sure to stay posted to the UKMG Blog to read more up to date information on everything Urban Kings!


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