Jasper Loco – Hustle Music

The Urban Kings Music Group is proud to announce the first release of the year for our label, with UKMG Artist Jasper Loco‘s brand new album called “Hustle Music”. We have gave everyone a sneak peak of the album, including the very first single we released called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” featuring Oso Vicious. The album is going to be dope, and features Charlie Row Campo labelmates Chino Grande, and Fiesty 2 Guns, along with Seven, Oso Vicious and more artists to be announced! We will be posting the tracklisting very soon, as well as snippets to this album. This will be a dope album and make sure to support Jasper Loco and Urban Kings! I posted the song “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” below so you can check it out, and know what to expect from the album! Stay Posted for more information! JASPER LOCO’S “HUSTLE MUSIC” WILL RELEASE ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 19TH!

Jasper Loco ft. Oso Vicious – I Grew Up Then I Blew Up – Taken From Hustle Music

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Youtube Friday – Ms Krazie Make Up Story Tag

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie just made a brand new vlog. It is a Make up tag. If you dont know what a tag is, its when you ask someone questions, and the person answers the questions on video. Since this is a make up tag, many fans asked Ms Krazie about some make up questions, and Ms Krazie answers many of them, as well as future topics for her vlog episodes. If you have been counting, this is Ms Krazie’s vlog #19. She always reaches out to her fans and tries to answer all questions being asked. So if you asked her a question for her tag video, make sure to watch because she might have answered yours. A must watch for every Ms Krazie Fan.

Midget Loco Concert Tickets

We just got a picture of the tickets of the upcoming concert by UKMG Artist Midget Loco. He will be performing for the First Time Ever in Idaho, city of Caldwell, for all his fans in the Northwest. This event will be going down on April 25th at The Rodeo Nightclub, and will be an all ages show. Everyone has been hyped up about the event since Midget has announced the concert, and all fans are expected to come out. This will be a Private V.I.P Event that will have special of just $20 tickets to the first 50 fans. Make sure to come out and support Midget Loco and Urban Kings and come out to a dope concert, that will be featuring the classics and the new songs Midget will be performing! More information and a brand new flier is coming soon! Stay posted to our blog for more information!

Snow Tha Product Behind The Scenes

Urban Kings Music Group was at the brand new Snow Tha Product music video shoot for her new song “Play” from her upcoming mixtape “Good Nights And Bad Mornings 2″. Her first GNBM mixtape brought us dope songs like “Hola” and “Cookie Cutter Bitches“. This new mixtape is gonna be dope. We been WOKE since we first heard Snow rap, and she has always been dope. We were invited to the music video shoot, which was directed by Jeff Reyes of Echosworld, and we took some exclusive behind the scenes pictures. Many specials guests were in the house too, like King Lil G, Khool Aid and E Dub of Pocos Pero Locos, Cecilia The Mamacita from Latino 96.3, The Cup Cake Cartel and more! Check out these exclusive pictures!

Play It Back

Gettin Hype

An Urban Kings Exclusive

Artists : Be Featured On Urban Kings Tv!

Are you a dope artist and just havent had the exposure you need? Are you buzzin in your city already and want extra exposure? We are now looking for an artist to be featured on Urban Kings Tv! We are looking for the best of the best to feature on Urban Kings Tv and put your Music Video on our site! You can be from anywhere in the world to submit your work, any age, any gender, and any genre (hip hop, rap, underground, rock, pop, etc). We are looking for an artist to feature in January so start sending in your music, along with your Stage Name, Facebook link, and at least ONE (1) Youtube link of your song (Preferably a music video). We will be featuring an artist every month, and you can submit music every month (Unless you win).


Click Here To Submit To Be Featured

One Krazie Night Trailer Preview

We have shown everyone the sneak peak of the upcoming “One Krazie Night” concert that took place during the XSetForLifeX concert a few months ago, staring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This was Ms Krazie’s very first concert in Los Angeles and it was a sold out show. Plus we gave out 50 FREE LOCA HATS to the first 50 fans in line! The concert was one that everyone been asking for and we brought Ms Krazie to LA with a bang! She performed all of her hits, brought out special guest artists and it was the realest show to date. The DVD brings you from behind the scenes, to the stage, to preparing for the concert. Join Ms Krazie and follow her throughout her journey to perform at her first concert in Los Angeles, backstage in Ms Krazie’s dressing room and on stage! I cant describe all the footage that is on the DVD, so you just have to watch it and see! Filmed by Echosworld! If you havent seen the sneak preview, make sure to watch it below!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview


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