Jasper Loco – Hu$tla Muzik Coming Soon

Did you know that this year is going to release one of the most highly anticipated mixtapes? Its by UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo is wrapping up the final touches of his upcoming tape called “Hu$tla Muzik“. Jasper has been working non stop to get this mixtape finished, and has some really dope features on it. Its as good as an album but Urban Kings and Jasper wanted to give something back for the fans. The first single from the mixtape is called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” and features Oso Vicious. We will be releasing more music as it comes so make sure to stay posted to our blog! Listen to I Grew Up Before I  Blew Up here.

Jasper Loco ft Oso Vicious – I Grew Up Before I Blew Up

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Ms Krazie Music Video PERMIT!!!!!

We have just secured the official Permit for Ms Krazie’s first official music video! We will be filming in Los Angeles and have everything locked and ready to go to start filming this brand new epic video. With Jeff “Echo” Reyes as Director and his film company Echosworld , the production of this music video is going to be intense. We cant really give away too many details, but this video is going to be huge. Many fans have been waiting to see an official Ms Krazie music video and now one is already in the production phase, and here is the proof. And to think…One lucky fan will be able to meet Ms Krazie on set, talk to her, get autographs, and watch her film her first music video will be something that you will never forget. If you havent entered the Ms Krazie Biggest Fan Contest, make sure to do so quickly, because the contest ends THIS TUESDAY, OCT 2nd! Watch

The Video Below for all the rules!

EastSide Assassin has been Released!


What are you waiting for buy EastSide Assassin while posters last! Test your luck and see if your order comes with free prizes from our warehouse.

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Urban Kings – Flashback Friday

Today we doing it big with a special Flashback Friday, and this time we are choosing this classic photo of UKMG Artists Charlie Row Campo. This was taken in Lowrider Carshow in Las Vegas and has Camponeros Chino GrandeFiesty 2 Guns and Midget Loco. Charlie Row released many dope albums with Urban Kings, including Stop Studio GangstersFor The StreetsGang TapesStop Studio Gangsters 2Southern Gang ViolenceThe Camponeros, and California Boys. Charlie Row is also working on their brand new album, and have already have half done. All Charlie Row Campo CDs are available from Urban Kings for just $7.99! Pick your favorite one inside The UKMG Merch Store!

First Loco At The Street!

Midget Loco stopped by today and dropped his next release . This will be a street album and will  be exclusivly available at www.youbuycds.com along with all small indie shops and flea markets. Midget Loco “Dedicated To The Og’s” is still schedule to release 2011. The release he dropped today is titled “First Loco at the street” and with all new songs Midget Loco really brought some new hitting songs.

Follow Ms Krazie On Instagram

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Do you follow UKMG Artist Ms Krazie on Instagram yet? Did you also know that she does not go by Ms Krazie on Instagram? Her instagram name is Hello Loca, and she always posts cool stuff on her instagram, from concerts and shows, to vacations and autograph signings. She has over 38,000 followers on Instagram and is getting more followers every day. She also replies to fans regularly. Make sure to follow her today on Instagram by Click Here.


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