Jasper Loco Photoshoot

Jasper Livin The Kush Life

Posted On The Bridge

Background : Los Angeles

Bangin On Em

Jasper Loco recently did a photo shoot with a Los Angeles dispensary called “Kush Life”. They contacted him because he is always in the streets, maintains a solid relationship with everyone and has kept a reputation for a righteous individual. So when a photo shoot opportunity came available, Jasper is the perfect candidate. With his connection in the music industry, being one third of the group Charlie Row Campo, and his connection with the streets, Jasper agreed to wear the Kush Life brand. All the promotion Jasper Loco has been doing around Los Angeles has built a huge hype around his newest release, Charlie Row Campo’s album “California Boys”. California Boys was just released yesterday to All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes and is available online right now at The UKMG Merch Store. Featuring Jasper Loco, Chino Grande, Baby Jokes, Fiesty 2 Guns , and featuring The Stomper, King Lil G, D Salas and more, this is an album you MUST HAVE, another Charlie Row Campo instant classic.

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Youtube Friday – Gangnam Style

We dont usually do music videos as our Youtube Fridays, but everyone has been talking about this crazy music video of PSY. He is the singer and made this goofy song with a goofy dance. While the song really hasnt been translated yet, its really catchy and the beat is dope. Make sure to watch the video if you havent already and watch this guy dancing his butt off…It will make you laugh how genious it is.

Ms Krazie & MC Magic This Friday!!!!!

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing at The Roxy in Denver, Colorado with MC Magic THIS Friday, October 19th. This is the very first time ever that Ms Krazie will be performing for an all ages crowd…EVER. Plus it might be the first time that Ms Krazie and MC Magic might perform a few of their songs that they have together. It is also featuring a very rare VIP Package that will include a Pizza Party with Artist, including Autographed MC Magic Poster and VIP Laminated Pass, plus very special suprise goodies! Did I Mention that kids 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult!!?? Also performing on the show is Dank 1 and Djing is Dj SI-FI. Tickets are only $20 presale and just $25 at the door on the day of the event. Make sure not to miss this event because it will feature surprises that will ONLY BE AT THIS SHOW! Doors will open at 7pm!!! Make sure to come out and support and watch a very good show!!!


Watch The Video for the commercial!!!

Rap With Ms Krazie Contestants, Here Are Your Judges

Ms Krazie just announced some of the judges that will be helping with the Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest . They will be giving Ms Krazie there opinion on who had the best video submission. All artists will be  judged by lyrics, wordplay, rhyme patterns and talent. We would like to thank everyone who had the courage to step up to the plate and enter the contest, because its not an easy thing to do. With that  being said, Here are your judges!

1. Big Los (Rapper)

2. DeadLee (Rapper)

3. Drastiko (Rapper)

4. Carolyn Rodriguez (Rapper/Singer)

5. @MrKreeper (on Twitter)

6. @MrTimido (on Twitter)

7. @Justin_Loca (on Twitter)

8. @Dat_Freak (on Twitter)

9. @Eduardo_928 (on Twitter)

10. @BrownBabyGirl (on Twitter)

*Also Ms Krazie and the Urban Kings Music Group Staff will be voting as well. Good Luck to all that have submitted.

**Due to the overwhelming last minute submissions for the Rap With Ms Krazie Contest, we will be announcing the winner in a few days!!!

Good Luck to everyone who entered the Rap With Ms Krazie Video Contest.

Stomper – Seven Plus Six Music Video

Throwback Thursday is going to feature one of my favorite music videos that we have done. It features UKMG Artist Stomper for his music video called “Seven Plus Six”. It was taken from his album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. It was one of the hardest tracks on the album, and came on a very political hip hop style. The music video was directed by Kast N Fame, and we let the music video speak for itself. If you havent seen this music video, your missing out, as it has over 140,000 views on youtube! Make sure to check it out and pick up the album if you dont have it already. Once Upon A Time In America 2 is available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE & iTunes!

What You Need True Starr

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr released his most recent music video called “What You Need”. Its his newest song and is directed by Kast N Fame. I think it might be one of the top videos that ever came out of the Urban Kings label. The visuals are dope, and there are some really crazy special effects. The video is out now, and you can watch it below. Make sure to write your comments at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! We have also added the download link for “What You Need” by True Starr by clicking his single cover below!

Click Here To Download What You Need by True Starr

Click Here To Download “What You Need” by True Starr


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