Jasper Loco Surprise Guest at Oso Vicious Concert – Fan Footage

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UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo was a special guest performer at the King Lil G and Oso Vicious concert last weekend in Las Vegas. Fans went crazy as soon as Oso brought him on stage, and they performed for the Las Vegas fans. You know Jasper had to represent Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings. This is some exclusive fan footage we found through facebook, which is now on the Urban Kings Official Facebook Page. Jasper has been traveling everywhere, promoting his new album, “All About The Money“, and his upcoming mixtape. Make sure to support Jasper and stay posted for his upcoming mixtape, presented by Jasper Loco and Urban Kings!

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Who Do You Got – Obama or Romney?

The presidential election is now here in the United States. There are two men that are the top options here in the U.S. One is current President Barak Obama, the other is Mitt Romney. Both have made their case to the American people, and now its time for everyone to choose who will do a better job. Obama has been in the White  House for four years, beginning with a Stimulus Plan that has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans while our country was in a recession. Mitt Romney has been very criticized about his plan for presidency. Being secretive of what his plans and strategies are, saying parents should have enough money to send their children through college so he can take away grants and government scholarships to the underprivileged citizens, and he plans to take away government funding from PBS, which many 70s, 80s and 90s babys grew up watching shows like Sesame Street. While Obama has been working hard on his plans for four years, there has been a huge hole Obama had to fill since President Bush screwed up the country, led us to war, and so on. Obama has laid his four year plan on the table, and Romney still has not decided when he will release his.

Who are you voting for/or did vote for. Remember, your votes will count to choose our next US President.

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President Barak Obama or Republican Mitt Romney?

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I gotta get me one of these

Hash does Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas from the Ms Krazie’s Firme Homegirl’s Oldies 2. If your wonder what he has in his mouth its called a talk box. Mc Magic also uses it, you can catch him using it in his music video Todos Mis Dias from his new album The rewire. It looks like fun to try hmm lol Stay tune for MY video of using the talk box for one of Ms. Krazies songs jk.


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Your New Role Model

Here at Urban Kings Music Group, we work hard every day, all day. okay okay sorry for the corporate talk lol but thats pretty much what we are going for. I been working on this top secret new Urban Kings site for the last 2 month to display all what we have and will do. From music, to clothing, to websites, to radio, i want to incorporate all the info with out being boring. I also notice tumblr has been a fast growing platform being used by all our fans. So i figured ill incorprated a tumblr to our photo sectoin (click here to visit our tumblr and start following us). Now you can reblog us and we can reblog you guys anytime. I also added a lyric sectoin which even i go there to read some of our artist lyrics. Of course i couldn’t forget a media section highlighting any and all media we have been involved with. Our video section is also one of are dopiest section giving the ability to see what you hear not just from our label but from all our friends, indie rappers and indie films makers who are working with our movement. Over all im very proud of this site and the many new features and options you will get to browse through, read about, and see first hand on what we have updated. It is a fun new interactive way to read about your favorite artist, write your personalized album review, read lyrics from your favorite songs or read what we have been doing in mainstream media! Welcome to the NEW www.UKMG.net! Like always please leave us your suggestions and feed back

Words Of Wisdom

There is a level between our reality, meaning your “own” reality and reality meaning “life’s” reality. The only difference between those is what reality are you Attracting the most to yourself. Its like a scale, your reality versus life’s reality. In my eyes, your strongest friend to make that happen is Theory. And that comes before Ambition and Motivation.The more theory you have based on Knowledge and Experiance, the better you are able to attract the best of life’s reality to your own reality. Which in turn strikes a liquid in your mind called Dopamine. That liquid is worth more than anything you can ever drink or take. It brings your ambition and motivation to an all time high. Thats no Drug. Thats your Soul and Heart talking to you and they’re the realest Motha Fuckas you’ll ever meet. When you can grind with your eyes closed, the only thing open on  your face is your smile. It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. We are that xSetForLifex Crew, where everytime I say cheese, you always get the picture.

- Words Of Wisdom by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr.

Baby Bash – Slide Over Music Video Behind The Scenes

Baby Bash just sent us in this behind the scenes music video for his latest single “Slide Over” which is taking over the airwaves across the country. This single has been jamming since it first dropped and the success has carried over into a monster record. Make sure to stay posted to our blog to see the official release of Baby Bash Slide over as we will be one of the first to have it on our site!


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