Kickin It With Jasper Loco

We got this picture of Jasper Loco kicking it with ALT The Saint and MC Pancho and his boys at a BBQ a few weeks back. It was a Hellafyde BBQ that was going down with all their friends. Everyone got some bomb carne asada, chicken, potato salad and all the drinks u can drink. It was a real dope thing just to hang out and relax and eat some bomb food and crack some jokes. Shout out to ALT, Oso Vicious, MC Pancho and everyone else that always shows us support!


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Follow UKMG On Instagram

Did you know that Urban Kings has our own Instagram Account? It is run by the Urban Kings staff and we post many dope pictures, from behind the scenes of music videos, to private events, to hanging out with our roster of artists and more. Here is a picture of UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and UKMG Artist Chino Grande rollin around town. To follow us on Instagram is simple. Sign into Instagram (or make an account if you havent already – its Free). Then search UrbanKings. Then click the follow button. Thats it and your following us!
UKMG Instagram is @UrbanKings

Chino Grande CD Cover Is Now Posted

Here is the official Brand New Chino Grande CD Cover for the album “Trust Your Struggle”. This is the first time you can see it, and the album came out really dope. The photo shoot was taken in Downtown Los Angeles with the awesome creative team of Kast N Fame. This was also done with actual film, not using a digital camera. Real photographers always say that actual film photos are the best because it gives more detail and crispness. With film, its alot different than a digital camera, because the film has to be developed, and that is usually a few hours for that process. Then the cover had to be designed, and both Kast N Fame and UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr got together and created something really fresh, original, and I think this cover looks straight out of a movie. Let us know what you think of the cover!

Chino Grande’s album “Trust Your Struggle” will be released August 6th, 2013 to all major music outlets, as well as itunes.

Ms Krazie Pregnancy Vlog! A Baby Is On The Way!

Have you seen the UKMG Artist Ms Krazie Pregnancy Vlog? Ms Krazie’s vlogs are always good because she always bares her heart out to her fans and the world on her own thoughts and experiances. She tells you about her past and the things that she has gone through and she is excited about her baby. Ms Krazie has always been straight out, and real with her fans and her vlogs are no different. Watch and listen to Ms Krazie’s story directly from her as she talks and documents about her road to expecting a new child.

What You Need True Starr

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr released his most recent music video called “What You Need”. Its his newest song and is directed by Kast N Fame. I think it might be one of the top videos that ever came out of the Urban Kings label. The visuals are dope, and there are some really crazy special effects. The video is out now, and you can watch it below. Make sure to write your comments at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! We have also added the download link for “What You Need” by True Starr by clicking his single cover below!

Click Here To Download What You Need by True Starr

Click Here To Download “What You Need” by True Starr

The countdown has began, view us live here!

April 6, 2011 Live  ustream with Urban Kings Artist.

*Times and Lineup are subject to change



7:45pm-Spank Loco

8:10pm- Oso Vicios


9:00pm-Baby Jokes

9:25pm- Ms. Krazie

9:50pm- Jasper

10:15pm-Midget Loco



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