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Brand New Out The Box

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group Present the brand new Out The Box episode. This brings the series to episode 5, and it stars Corina Calderon. I am really excited about the new show, and its called “Daddy”. When I watched the performance of this Out The Box episode, I felt the raw emotion and power of the content, the words and the feeling that was behind everything. It ranks high on my favorite Out The Box episodes, and this time, it gives a topic from the first featured female artist of the series. The Out The Box “Daddy” episode will premier TOMORROW, September 4th at 7PM Pacific Time, exclusively on Urban Kings!

La Loca’s Lesson #10

“one must know when its time to stop trying to hold the love together, specially if the one you love let go a long time ago.”

-Ms Krazie

The UKMG Cinco De Mayo Sale 2016

Urban Kings Cinco De Mayo $5 Sale! Get all CDS on our website for only $5.00! Ms Krazie, Stomper, Charlie Row Campo, Jasper Loco, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Spanky Loco, Baby Jokes, Sick Jacken, Slush Tha Villain, Conejo, Capone and more. All you have to do is type in “Puebla” for the coupon code to save!

Ms Krazie Baby Update!

I know fans always ask us how UKMG Artist¬†Ms Krazie¬†is doing, is the baby coming soon, is the baby born already, and more. We have a little update for everyone today, that Ms Krazie sent us this update for her fans. She is less than 3 weeks away from her first son and she is keeping her sons name under wraps for now. Its an awesome day within the Urban Kings family, because all the artists and staff are all family. As tradition, Ms Krazie makes a song for each of her children on her albums. What can we expect for her new baby boy, only time will tell, but we cant wait to add another member to the Urban Kings family. Remember, Ms Krazie’s CDs are available at all Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store! Find Your Favorite Ms Krazie CD Today!

Free Stickers For YOU!!!!

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