New Lyrics – Times Have Changed – Charlie Row Campo

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UKMG is back at it again, working on lyrics on our artists album. Now we have up the Charlie Row Campo album, called California Boys. This released earlier this year with Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Baby Jokes. This was a really good album, and had some really good songs, like “Never” and “On Our Team” just to name a few. This has been one of my favorite albums this year and its been jamming in my CD Player in my car for weeks. The album also features UKMG Artist The Stomper and King Lil G, as well as production from D Salas. California Boys is available now in major music stores, including All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes and it will always be available at The UKMG Merch Store!

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Ms Krazie’s First Photo Of 2015!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie just took her very first photo of the new year, and shut down Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She is doing well, taking care of her brand new baby boy, and is starting to work on her brand new album. UKMG and Ms Krazie had very recently released the title of the new album, called “Sad Girls Club”. Everyone has been hyped up since the announcement, and the music will not disappoint. With her brand new album in the works, we want to ask you what your favorite Ms Krazie CD is. Answer this question at The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page. Let us know!

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“All these rappers with the tough talk…. when shit hits the fan you better be prepared to back it up!!! cuz you will be tested #justsayin” – Fiesty 2 Guns

Most people know or met Fiesty 2 Guns from the streets, or from his music from being a member of the hip hop group Charlie Row Campo. He has worked hard in the music industry starting from the beginning, performing anywhere he could to establish his name with his group, including Chino Grande and Jasper Loco to name a few. While doing shows upon shows, from concerts, to car shows, to parties, Charlie Row Campo created its image with raw lyrics and hustle with ambition. Fiesty has always been a very lyrical artist, with real creative wordplay, patterns and subjects. He seems to paint a picture with his songs that goes from one beginning to an end. He is definitely a bright star in music and those who have discovered him, already know. With his contribution on all the Charlie Row Campo albums, to his first solo projects, first releasing a mixtape called “Talking Guns” and then debuting his first solo album “Street Scriptures“. Fiesty was hard at work even after he finished his solo album, starting to work on the Charlie Row Campo album called “California Boys“. Once California Boys was completed with recording, Fiesty went back into the studio to start working on his 2nd album, which he is still working on with a scheduled release date in 2013. Make sure to click on Fiesty’s picture to add him on Facebook. Until then, check out the Charlie Row Campo Sneak Peak of the album and stay posted to our blog for everything and anything from Fiesty 2 Guns!

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

MC Magic Photoshoot With Old English Brand

Our friends at Old English Brand just did a photo shoot with MC Magic recently and they also did a behind the scenes video of the shoot. We would like to show our fans how the shoot came out, not in pictures, but by video. MC Magic has been a dope artist for years, performing around the world, and releasing nothing but hot music, including songs with UKMG Artists Ms Krazie and Stomper. Magic is wearing some really dope shirts in the video, like the Old English Brand “Heavy Lies The Crown” shirt, the Old English Brand “Street League” Crew Neck and the Old English Brand “University” tee. Make sure to check out the video above and support! Photographer for the shoot was Jeff Echo Reyes from Echosworld Films and video was filmed and directed by Filmed By JLew!

Chicano Rap History with Kid Frost

An Exclusive Kid Frost interview that took place at the Urban Kings Tv secret location. Kid Frost gives an in depth interview about the origins of the westcoast hip hop movement. While working alongside other westcoast pioneers like Dr Dre and Eazy E, Kid Frost had made his own niche in the industry with his classic single “La Raza”. He discusses his start and his road to get where he wanted to be. Kid Frost is on our 3rd segment of *Chicano Rap History*.

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Youtube Friday – Man Facing 80 Years for Medical Marijuana

We found this video of a man who is now facing over 80 years in prison over medical marijuana in the state of Montana. There was a large sweep of care givers, which used over 26 warrants across the state. Many companies have been in compliance to many of the laws from Montana. One caregiver got advice from lawyers and state attorneys, and he even gave drug task force and sheriffs and deputies tours of his establishment. In 2004, Montana voted for medical marijuana, and 17 other states also passed its law. But even though medical marijuana might be legal in a state, it is still illegal under federal law. What do you think about this? Post your thoughts and ideas on the subject by clicking the picture above.


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