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This morning on my way to  work today I got on the last bus I needed to take and I saw someone left their newspaper behind. I had time to kill so I grabbed it and I started flipping through the pages. Then a light bulb popped off and I started searching. Just when I thought that once again the same sh** different day, I got my answer: ” A Better Life” made it on the Los Angeles Times today. Big smile came up ( I bet people were like what’s up with her lol). Took the page and showed it at the Head Quarters. Now I gotta wait for Baby Jokes to come so he can sign it and hang it up at our Wall Of Fame. This isn’t your everyday mainstream movie so its only going to be in two movie theaters in Los Angeles and two in New York (blame The Man lol). But there have been a lot of Latino Organizations that have been grinding to get this movie out there for the community see. Trust me when I say this movie has something that brings our generations together, it relates to our culture as well as the struggles that some of our older or past generation had to face. Yesterday I was telling my jefa (mom) about it the commercial pop up while she was watching Primer Impacto (The Mexican News report lol) and it got her attention so I am gonna take her to see it this weekend. Now the reason why they are doing being selective about showing it is because they are testing the market (even though they give us the unfair vantage) we have to make the best of it the more people see it then they are going to have it play in more movie theaters and that’s what we want. So get your people together and use your student id, your abuelas’ senor pass lol every butt in a seat counts. It has been getting good reviews (even though the critic of L.A times wanted to d***k in their report lol every one else has been praising it) and its looking at a few awards ( so suck it Betsy Sharkey lol). Get the times and place where the movie is playing here.

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Ms Krazie – Pop Up Shop – Recap Footage




Yesterday, Urban Kings Music Group along with UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and our friends at Old English Brand put together a Pop Up Shop with Ms Krazie being the special guest artist. The event was held in Orange, California at the Pachuco Tattoo. With a few hundred people attending, getting an exclusive chance to meet Ms Krazie, get her autographs, and take pictures with her. Ms Krazie was their for over 6 hours, meeting every single person in the line. Ms Krazie is starting a “Out The Trunk” travel day today, going to various cities. We will keep you posted on our blog to give you locations and times for this! Make sure to stay updated! (The video above you can only see at the The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page).

Below is some cool pictures we have from the exclusive event!

[Left] Ms Krazie Portrait – [Right] Mommy Loves Loca Shirt


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Street Love

UKMG Artist Midget Loco released a highly anticatpated album called “Street Love“. This is another classic album by Midget Loco, as his music has been getting better and better, and this album I think is his best album so far. This is Midgets third solo album, with his past albums including ”Bloodline Flatline” and “Dedicated To The OGs “. Both were really solid albums, and were bumped heavy in the streets. With Street Love, this album will hit hard with some really dope songs like “Crazy About Her”, “Street Love”, “California Dream” and more! Street Love is Now Available Nationwide to all Major Music Stores such as Amazon, FYE, and Digitally through iTunes and at The UKMG Merch Store!

Midget Loco – Street Love – Listen To Entire Album Below FREE

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Slow Poke got Heart

As the 19th of April gets closer and pre-sales are coming in, Slow Poke reveals what are the 25 exclusive prizes when you pre-order the Street Anthems 3. Slow Poke couldn’t come into our studio because he is out in New York so he sent in his interview to talk to his fans on Urban Kings Tv. He talks about his songs (2) on the album, as well him working with Chino Grande on the song What’s Real. What were his inspirations for is songs and what they mean.  His topic favorite songs on the album and what he thinks about the album. Get the answers in his interview for the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3

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Chino Grande – The Struggle Continues Video

We have a Chino Grande Exclusive Video we want everyone to see. Releasing this Monday, November 18th, is a commercial of UKMG Artist Chino Grande signing copies of his new album “Trust Your Struggle“. This is Chino’s very first album since being released and he pulled an all-nighter to sign all the copies of his album when it was released. He also talks about the album, the features, and we made a really dope commercial from the video. This came out really dope, and a one of a kind commercial for Chino’s new album. Here is an exclusive still shot of the commercial, and the commercial will be releasing soon. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more video stills and Monday for the commercial!

Trust Your Struggle is available now at all major music stores, including FYE, and digitally through iTunes! The album features Ms Krazie, Glasses Malone, Chingo Bling, MC Magic, Spanky Loco, Carolyn Rodriguez, Cuete Yeska, Cecy B and More!

Jasper Loco Has Been There

These last few weeks, UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo has been grinding in the streets, by networking, promoting and performing all over the Southern California area. Jasper is no stranger to hustlin, you can tell by his music and if  you have met him in person. Jasper has been doing alot lately, he performed at the xSetForLifex Super Show, and he also performed at a special Free Chino event that took place in Chino’s hometown city. Jasper also performed this past weekend as a special surprise guest at the King Lil G concert in Whittier, California. Jasper has been promoting his most recent album “All About The Money“, which is now available in stores, digitally on iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store. Jasper Loco might be hitting an event as a special guest very soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information! Below is the album cover of “All About The Money”, and he has features from Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, King Lil G, Big Hutch of Above The Law and Kokane. Its definitely worth it to pick up this album!


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