Over 150 million views with Baby Jokes

If you guys have been out of the hoop. Bruno Mars’ hit song Grened ft. Baby Jokes on the music video has hit over 150 million of viewers. This was one of first Baby Jokes appearances on the big screen (computer screen that is lol on youtube) and since then Baby Jokes has been climbing up the steps on the Hollywood scene. His newest hollywood project is “A Better Life” (watch the trailer here) said to come out June 24. Directed by the same man that brought you Twilight and New Moon. If you want to watch everything Baby Jokes is doing for this year watch his latest interview on Urban Kings Tv. Also Baby Jokes Album “Life On The Streets” will be coming out this summer. But his music video ” She use to be my SideKick” is coming out May 11. Watch the trailer.

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Jasper Loco on The Relevance Show Tonight!

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will TONIGHTS GUEST on The Revelance, one of the biggest online radio shows that is hosted by hip hop emcee Krazy Race. Its one of the few online radio stations that plays nothing but the best in hip hop, underground, funk and interviews some talented artists. This week features Jasper Loco along with world famous tattoo artist Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink. The Relevance will start at 9pm (Pacific Time) TONIGHT, Thursday, April 10th, so make sure to tune in and listen to the questions and some music of Jasper Loco. Jasper will be premiering some new music too, so its a must tune in, especially if your a Charlie Row Campo fan.

Baby Jokes – Used To Be My Sidekick

Here is a favorite song of mine, that Urban Kings has turned into a single. It is from Baby Jokes and the song is called “She Used To Be My Sidekick” and features Jasper Loco. Its a dope song that was taken from his album “Life On The Streets“. It’s a really dope album, and we even had released a music video for it, directed by Echosworld. Echosworld has released music videos by Waka Flaka Flame, The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Nipsey Hussle, Sage The Gemini, B Real and more. The music video already has over 583,000 views on youtube! Since then, Baby Jokes, now known as Richard Cabral, has been featured in movies and television shows. The album is currently part of the Urban Kings “Analog Vs Digital Campaign”, which makes all UKMG CDs just $7.99 (Only from our website!). The song is available now on iTunes, and can be downloaded 24/7. Make sure to download it and support!

Baby Jokes ft. Jasper Loco – She Used To Be My Sidekick – Music Video

Midget Loco Taking It Old School

We have a brand new picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco doing a very rare old school photo shoot. From the old school suit, to the poppin fedora, Midget Loco always respected the ways of the past, and the style that was. In classic black and white, suited up with a lowrider behind him, the picture came out really dope. Photography credit goes to Antonio Garcia. The photo shoot was taken in El Monte, California, and the photo shoot went very well. This is just one of the pictures UKMG was able to get our hands on so far, but we will be posting up more pictures very soon, so stay tuned to our blog for the complete photography session! This picture also reminded me of Midget Loco’s music video called “Thirteen Letter”, click on the picture below to watch it.

Midget Loco Ft D Salas – Thirteen Letter Music Video

Taken From “Dedicated To The OGs” – Available Now!

Midget Loco on Urban Ink

For those who didnt know, Midget did a photoshoot and a interview with Urban Ink Magazine, a very popular tattoo magazine geared towards the tattoos of Latinos, African Americans and usually the more gangster tattoo work. Midget has always stood out because of his tattoos, from his television episode of the show “Marked“. Urban Ink Magazine recognized Midget Loco’s artwork and his music, and wanted Midget to be in the magazine. Urban Ink also is a big fan of Midget, asking when the new music video will be releasing for “California Raised”. Midget told them that it will be released on JULY 30th through Urban Kings Tv! Make sure to stay posted to our blog and to Urban Kings Tv for the World Premier of California Raised!

Midget Loco – California Raised – Behind The Scenes


Introducing Alexandra Bombshell

We gave everyone a quick introduction to who Ms Alexandra Bombshell is. She been in everyones music video from The Game, to  Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Nu Jerzey Devil, and many more. We made a little video to show everyone a brand new model we are working with. Old English Brand not only represents the hustlers, but the female hustlers too. And Alexandra Bombshell hustles and works hard in the entertainment industry and got to be an established model because of hard work and dedication and that is exactly what Old English Brand recognizes and represents. With that being said, Old English Brand would like to introduce you to, Alexandra Bombshell!


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