Performing Live Jasper Loco, Oso Vicious

Midget Loco Performing May 25th

UKMG Artist Midget Loco will be headlining a concert on Saturday, May 25th in Whittier, California at The Green Turtle. This event will be jam packed with dope artists, including Kozme, The Campain, Ybe aka Lil Yogi, Str8 Royalty, Rob G, Lil Smitty, Tony Muthaphukking G, OG Rome, G Ric & Miss Yarii, Deadikated, and Braindead. The show will be hosted by Silly Rabbit of The BSide Show. This event is expected to sell out, and tickets are only $10 presale. and this event is 18+. Everyone come out and support Midget Loco, because I also heard he will be taking some surprise guests with him to the event. This is an event you dont want to miss out on, and Midget Loco performing all of his classic songs from his albums, including his new stuff from his upcoming album, called “Street Love”, coming this year. Brought to you by Danny Boy Promotions.

Ms Krazie Contest COVER Pinche Vida by Jacky

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Jacky.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Jasper At The City Of Angeles

Jasper will be in Los Angeles Saturday, July 30th at G-Code, on the corner of Pico and Maple. Jasper is going there to talk with fans and will be signing albums. Get your album at G-Code or have it ready in two days (at youbuycds) so you don’t have to worry about the albums on hand selling out. Both of his albums are out EastSide Assassin and EastSide Classics with Baby Jokes.

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A Tribute To Mia – Benefit Art Show

Next week, Saturday, July 13th, will be a special tribute to a very cute baby named Mia. Their will be a special auction in honor of Baby Mia and will help raise proceeds towards Mia’s final resting place. Many artists, from photographers to designers to sketchers and painters, will be contributing items towards this awesome cause. This event is open to the public and will be taking place on Saturday, July 13th at Smoking Mirrors Gallery, From 6pm to 10pm. Make sure to come out and support because it will really go to something important. Our Friends Kast N Fame will also contribute to the cause, donating a really cool portrait picture of UKMG Artist Chino Grande. If you are feeling the photo below, make sure to come down and bid on it, because if you win, you will be able to take it home that night! Its a 1/1 limited edition photo! Below is what the portrait looks like, and the Smoking Mirrors Gallery address. Hope to see everyone there!

Taking Place


Smoking Mirrors Gallery

565 West 2nd Street

Pomona, California 91766


Jasper Loco – Hustle Music – Just $4.99 This Week

Today’s Urban Kings Deal of the Day features UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo, on his most recent album “Hustle Music“. This CD is regularly priced at $13.99 and now it can be yours for just $4.99! Make sure to get your copy today before we sell out, because we have a limited amount of CDs for this sale, and once they are gone, we will return the album to the regular price! Make sure to get it today!


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