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We have a brand new Behind The Scenes video of UKMG Artists Chino GrandeJasper Loco, and Fiesty 2 Guns doing their exclusive album photo shoots for their Urban Kings album covers. We contacted our go to guys, the art directors of many of our album covers, Kast N Fame, to do the photography for the shoot, and also the behind the scenes video, hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is a really dope video that shows everything that we put into the album covers, from locations, to lighting, to the scenery and feel. This will be a must watch for all Charlie Row fans, and Urban Kings fans to see what goes behind the scenes in a process to release albums. The video will be releasing on Monday, July 29th to!

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Urban Kings Just Signed a 12 Country Expansion

Urban Kings Music Group has just signed the final paperwork to distribute music into 12 new countries, which will feature 100% of all Urban Kings Artists and Compilations. Urban Kings Music Group will now be available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Thats right, you can now digitally download Ms Krazie , Chino Grande , Midget Loco, The Stomper , Spanky Loco , Fiesty 2 Guns , Jasper Loco and even download the albums that we did exclusive deals with, like Sick Jacken’s Stray Bullets, Conejo’s Dead End Gangster and Game Over, and the Urban Kings Compilations! We have been working on this contract for months, adding additional countries that have been in high demand for Urban Kings Music. With the interest in one country, many other countries caught wind of our negotiating, and were added into the business deal, which is now 100% complete. We still have many more top secret projects and business ideas we are currently working on, and these great countries have recognized our will and desire to share our music with them.

How to reach your life goals | xSetForLifex

Jaime CEO of Urban Kings shares some secrets and knowledge for all young entrepreneurs out there.


This is what makes me smile

We just got our new shipment in for Old English Brand Clothing. We are now re-stocked with all the Old English Brand and Old English Vandals, in different colors and all sizes. We got boxes on top of boxes with all the shirts you have been waiting for. Make sure to click on and click on shop to check out our new shirts!

Urban Kings Inks New Deals

Urban Kings is very proud to announce a new venture with 3 companies who have been doing amazing music business throughout their years of operation. As our company grows, expansion to various new countries is now normal. With the reach of our staff, we have begun multiple working relationships with hundreds of companies throughout the world to bring our artists to an international stage. We would like to announce our new partnerships with such companies.

UKMG is proud to announce its deal with VerveLife. VerveLife is  a music company giant in the country of Canada. It’s specialty is a huge technology platform provider, which is now the parent company of AppliedSB, MCNE and GroupieTunes. VerveLife is also a backend provider for many ALC download stores, including the companies “Live Nation” and “HMV Canada”. So now you can have an easier access to listen to your favorite UKMG artists and titles through VerveLife.

Another partnership UKMG has created is with a music company called Yandex. Yandex is based in Russia and is an internet company that operates the largest search engine in Russia, with a market sare of over 60% and the 5th largest worldwide. Yandex is the very first Russian company to launch a legitimate music service offering members free streaming towards the end of 2010. This year alone, the monthly listeners of Yandex is over 4 million people and the number is continuing to grow larger. In 2012, Yandex started a paid subscription service which available online, also including the iPhone and Android mobile devices. This will bring the UKMG Artists music throughout Russia and the CIS.

UKMG is also working with Bloom, which is a brand new subscription service from the company who created MFlow. Bloom has now launched a mobile streaming application that will work on the premise of lower barrier entry access in order to encourage the user to upsell gradually, from radio into a large number of subscriptions. Once a member is subscribed to Bloom, the user is allowed to ‘barrow’ a certain number of songs which are made available for offline listening, and are encouraged to convert into higher value subscriptions.

New Chino Grande – I Remember You Homie

Urban Kings is leaking the brand new song from Chino Grande’s brand new solo album called “Trust Your Struggle“. This is a really dope album and has been getting nothing but great feedback from everyone who has listened to it, from all the Chino Grande/Charlie Row Campo fans, to other well established artists. Here is another brand new song for everyone to bump, its called “I Remember You Homie (R.I.P Wreck Remix). Wreck was and will always will be a legend in the industry, starting Wicked Minds, and Urban Kings has known Wreck for years upon years and always was a solid dude. This song is in dedication to him, featuring Chino Grande, Cuete Yeska, Rigo Luna, and Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records. The song is produced by the popular beat maker  D Salas. Here is the song below, make sure to turn it up and tell everyone this song is now out!

Chino Grande – I Remember You Homie (R.I.P Wreck Remix) – Featuring Cuete Yeska, Rigo Luna & Carolyn Rodriguez


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