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We have a brand new Behind The Scenes video of UKMG Artists Chino GrandeJasper Loco, and Fiesty 2 Guns doing their exclusive album photo shoots for their Urban Kings album covers. We contacted our go to guys, the art directors of many of our album covers, Kast N Fame, to do the photography for the shoot, and also the behind the scenes video, hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is a really dope video that shows everything that we put into the album covers, from locations, to lighting, to the scenery and feel. This will be a must watch for all Charlie Row fans, and Urban Kings fans to see what goes behind the scenes in a process to release albums. The video will be releasing on Monday, July 29th to!

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New Pricks And Fatal Collab Shirt

Our boy T-Nut from The Pricks just sent us their brand new collaboration shirt with Fatal. The design is dope, with a dope female wearing a button up shirt, with the Pricks Hat, Bandana, and showing off her tattoo’d tears. She also has a dope fatal tattoo on the front of her neck. The girl came out dope, and the logo came out dope too, proving that everyone can wear the shirt. Shout out to our boys from The Pricks and Fatal Clothing. To order your official Pricks/Fatal shirt Click HERE.

The Pricks – Got To Fight To Survive – Rehearsal

The Pricks Interview With Urban Kings
The Pricks – Ghetto Blaster – Music Video – Featuring B Real & Smoke DZA

Words Of Wisdom by UKMG CEO

If you really sit there and pay close attention to yourself you can learn a lot. You give out energy. what type of energy are you giving out? What are u representing without even knowing? Your a blank canvas to the world and you paint your own prosoma and display it to the world to view, to judge, to feed of it. People look at all this before anything and even after everything. Before your knowledge of studies, before any word spoken or even any chance for you to win them over your canvas is displayed from a distance. What is your canvas displaying today? What are you doing today to beat yesterday? We are that xSetForLifex crew, where if you pay close attention to the background of our bigger picture we display the highest potential without even knowing. On that HocusPocus chit

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

After the Show

Ms. Krazie is down to perform where ever we got promotors to put in work with us. This picture was taken at a concert in North Carolina ( i didn’t even know we had people there, so shout out our fans in N.C!). If you guys want to book Ms. Krazie or anyone of our Urban Kings email us at title it booking and we will give you the info to get it started. We can even get other artist from different record labels get booked as well.  Next you go to a Ms. Krazie concert don’t forget to wear the Ms. Krazie T-shirt and yes got them for guys too

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Ms Krazie Performing In Las Cruces TOMORROW

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing tomorrow, May 4th celebrating Cinco De Mayo Weekend in Las Cruces, New Mexico for the First Annual “On A Sunday Afternoon” Carshow and Concert. It will be featuring the top Hip Hop and Oldie artists, including UKMG’s very own Ms Krazie, as well as world famous oldie groups Sly Slick and Wicked and Thee Midnighters. Also performing is Low Profile Records artists Mr Sancho, Mr Knightowl, Lil Bandit and Royal T. Also on the performance list are dope artists like  Mav, Pachuco Records, Wicked One, Krooktown, Blanco Loco, and more. Tickets are only $15 presale and $20 the day of the event. You dont want to miss this concert, this is Ms Krazie’s first time performing in Las Cruces in over 4 years, so this is an event you have to be at. Brought to you by Henry G and New Money Entertainment, in association with Sweet Desires Car Club, and sponsored by HOT 103, Budwieser, Pachanga Catering, Hi Low, Redemption Tattoo, Micky Mann, and VIP barber shop!

New Ms Krazie Vlog – Mexican Guide To Hair Extentions

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie recently signed her sponsorship deal with Uber Virgin Hair, which is a hair extension company that specializes in quality hair. She talks about everything concerning hair, including her first time using her hair as well as dying your hair. She also talks about getting her own color through Uber Virgin Hair, called the “Ms Krazie Platinium Blonde #613″. This is an in depth blog, over 43 minutes of notes, tips and helpful advice for women that use hair extensions and to those who are thinking of using hair extensions. This is a must watch for Ms Krazie fans and women in general, all from a Firme Homegirl!



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