Set For Life Super Show Countdown – 6 Days Away

The Artists are ready, the venue is ready, are you ready? We are officially 6 days away from the XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie, MC Magic and Chino Grande! This concert is going to blow away other shows, with many of the events at the super show being a first, this is going down and its going to be huge! First, this will be Ms Krazie’s very first time performing in the Los Angeles area! Ever! Second, this is going to be the Last Time MC Magic will be performing in Los Angeles area (in 2013). Next, this will be Chino Grande’s first time performing in over 4 years! This will be the first time each artist will all be performing under one roof, and the first time there will be 100 Free items given away!

Did you know that? We are going to give out 100 FFREEEE LOCA SNAPBACKS to the first 100 fans in line (that have pre-sale tickets in hand – and it does not matter if it is VIP Tickets or General Admission!). This is a special way to say thank you to the fans who have always supported and represented with us!

We also have some brand new merchandise that will ONLY BE AVAILABLE at the XSetForLifeX Super Show. First we have a brand new Ms Krazie x Old English Brand ”La Enferma Tee Shirt”, that will be only at the XSetForLifeX Show, Two brand new Ms Krazie x OE Beanies, called “Enferma” and “Mexside”, and again they will be only at the concert! We also have the new Ms Krazie x OE “Tote Bags” that are exclusive to the event! We also have a brand new Chino Grande Tee Shirt called “Trust Your Struggle” which will be available at the Set For Life Show! And we will have more information about more surprises and info and secrets about our show this week!

There are currently General Admission tickets available for the concert, and this event will sell out, so make sure to get your tickets now, because trust me, you don’t to be that person who doesn’t go, and all your friends are talking about it. Everything is set and ready to go for the event, so make sure to get your tickets, and take pictures because this will be one of the biggest events of the year guaranteed!

This Event is ALL AGES, taking place @ The Yost Theater on November 23rd!

Click Here To Get Your XSetForLifeX Super Show Tickets Here!

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Blaze Daily and G Double – So West Coast – Music Video

Urban Kings has the brand new music video from Blaze Daily and G Double called “So West Coast”. This is another dope video by the dynamic duo, creating the Westcoast Vibe complete with lowriders, fine women, palm trees and the whole atmosphere is dope. So West Coast is the official 4th single from Blaze Daily and G Double, from their newly released album “Still Rollin”, which will be available today on and also on iTunes. Make sure to support Blaze Daily and G Double by picking up their music today. Their album features King Lil G, Eyekon and more, so get it now!

Street Scriptures Snips Out Now

Fiesty 2 Guns album Street Scriptures is coming out June 7 but we are giving the sneak peek on what Fiesty’s album has to offer. One of the hit songs on the album is already out now on Itunes “What I Dream Of” as well as the instrumental for all the MCs out there. “What I dream of” music video is out now as well with more viewers everytime we check. View it now on Urban Kings Tv.

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Youtube Friday – Celebrities Fight Back

We have another Youtube Friday for everyone today. This one is a throwback, but want to show how people act crazy once they are around celebrities. Sometimes, people mess with celebrities, thinking they can do anything and get away with it. But that is not true. Celebrities also have breaking points where they just snap after people mess with them or act disrespectfully towards them. See what happens when celebrities cant handle it anymore and fight back. Here is the top 5 celebrities that fought back.

Sick Jacken – Stay Bullets CD – Just $7.99

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. Today we showcase the album we distributed with Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. We have made each ‪Urban Kings‬ CD for just $7.99, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!


Fiesty 2 Guns New Tattoo

We have a brand new picture of UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns brand new tattoo that he got. You can see the infamous Charlie Row Campo tattoo on his hand, and his new ink is of the three women on his forearm. Fiesty came up on some really dope work, and the ink came out sick. Not only has he got some new artwork, but Fiesty also been putting the finishing touches on his brand new solo album, which will release this year through UKMG. I know he has some really dope features on the album too, and the album is really really dope. We will be leaking a few songs from Fiesty very soon through our blog ONLY, so make sure to come back to hear some new music. Until then, we are gonna play a dope song from Fiesty 2 Guns from the album “Street Anthems 3“, which is available now!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Feat. Chino Grande – Hood Cry




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