Slow It Down Is Now Only $7.99!


Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪‎Analog Versus Digital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each ‪Urban Kings‬ CD for just $7.99, only on Like the album by UKMG Artist Chino Grande called “Slow It Down“. Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

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Stomper In XXL Magazine

Did you know that Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was featured in XXL Magazine? He was featured in a segment shot by world famous photographer Estevan Oriol. This was a really dope shoot and features Stomper in his old neighborhood. Here is the magazine cover that he was featured in, and the photo that was taken inside the magazine. Since then, Stomper has released “Once Upon A Time In America“, “The New Testament“, “Once Upon A Time In America 2” and his newest “FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2“. All are available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes!



The Set For Life Tee Releases This Thursday

Coming Soon to UKMG is a brand new design collaboration we did with our friends at Old English Brand. We have collaborated with them on multiple projects, like the Heavy Lies The Crown Tee, the Ms Krazie Collaboration Collection and the Chino Grande “Trust Your Struggle Tee“.  Now we join forces again to bring you a really fresh design called the Set For Life Tee. We will have this design exclusively in Olive Green and Black. It releases this Thursday, May 19th. Make sure to stay updated as the release comes up! It will only be available inside The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and their online store!

Stomper – Seven Plus Six

Happy Halloween! We picked a song for everyone to listen to on this wicked Halloween. We had to pick UKMG Artist The Stomper’s music video “Seven Plus Six”. That was also his single from his most recent album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. That album featured songs that went to radio, like “Seven Plus Six”, “Born To Hustle featuring Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain, and T Nut from The Pricks” and “Look At Me Now featuring Omar Cruz, Guzzle and Fingazz”. Once Upon A Time In America 2 is available now, at all major music retail stores, including FYE. digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store. This is a really dope album, so if you dont have it, make sure to run and go get it, because its well worth it. Get 2 copies because you might wear out the first copy! The album also features Frost, Spanky Loco, MC Magic, Chino XL, ALT, Nino Brown, Huero Snipes, J Hind, Detane, Casino The G, Diamonique, Chino Brown, Mic MC, Krazy Race, Thief Sicario, Troub Nasty, Grizzly Gambino, K.O and Young Devin.

Did You Know Ms Krazie Did This?

 Do you remember this album by Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie? It was her very first album ever and it was called “Brown Is Beautiful” and featured Mr. Shadow, Knightowl, Mal Hablado, Abusivo, The Pricks and Danger. It is a classic album and it made her a common name in music. This album is a complete album, and has many different topics Ms Krazie touched on. This CD is one of my favorites from Ms Krazie, and I was right there along the way as she was creating it in the studio. The long nights she would be working on finding the right beat, writing her lyrics, and laying her vocals down on harmony. What is your favorite song from this album? Tell us on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! My favorite song from this album was the “Mommys Little Girl” song! Remember that one? Listen to it below to refresh your memory!!

Ms Krazie – Mommys Little Girl – Taken From Brown Is Beautiful


True Starr Takes Over Chinatown

True Starr Does Chinatown

The Legalizer

Ready For Anything

Heart Of Gold

Old English Brand went out to Chinatown with Urban Kings Artist True Starr for an adventure just to go check it out. Every time they go on an adventure with True Starr, they always just chill and hang out, and take photos while we do what they do. Here is their story of their adventure.
“We headed to Chinatown and started just walking the blocks, getting a feel of the culture and the vibe. We walked a few more blocks, taking a few pictures along the way, including the one with Los Angeles on True’s back. Then we stopped a little bit for a session. Then after the session we started looking for a spot to eat, we found a little spot and had some food, then we just talked to some people that lived there then came back home.”

True Starr rocked the Old English Brand “Inglorious Bastards Longsleeve Tee”  and the OE “Original Beanie in Black” both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and Online Store.


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