Stop Studio Gangsters 2

Urban Kings released a classic album from Charlie Row Campo called “Stop Studio Gangsters 2“, featuring the Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor, Baby Jokes, Troub Nasty, Midget Loco, Oso Vicious and Toro. It also featured  UKMG Artist The Stomper. It was a classic album that featured some really dope songs like “Bad Cuz Im Brown”, “So Gangster”, “Where Im From” and more. This album featured all the Camponero members and had just one guest feature. It came raw and uncut and even had one of the biggest music videos called “Dreams” that reached over half a million views on youtube. Charlie Row Campo’s Stop Studio Gangsters 2 is available now in All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store! I am posting the music video to Dreams below so you can check it out. It features Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns and Baby Jokes!

Charlie Row Campo – Dreams Music Video – Taken From Stop Studio Gangsters 2

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Coming To Your Neighborhood

A Better Life  has been doing excellent in the theaters and now its going to be aired in more locations for more people to see. This weekend only, see the director and star of A BETTER LIFE in person! Get to ask them questions and see them in real person. They are going to be showing up to all the movie theaters that are air it so come out and show love to the movie that is going against to odds to get a real struggle on to the big screen. Locations and showtimes listed below:

Los Angeles

Friday, July 1

The Landmark

5:20pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir post-screening Q&A

8:00pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir pre-screening introduction

Friday, July 1

ArcLight Hollywood

7:40pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir post-screening Q&A

10:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz & Demian Bichir pre-screening introduction

Saturday, July 2

Regal South Gate Stadium 20

7:30pm showtime: Demian Bichir photo opportunity, autograph session and pre-screening introduction

Sunday, July 3

Pacific Winnetka

7:20pm showtime: Demian Bichir photo opportunity, autograph session and pre-screening introduction

Monday, July 4

Regency Van Nuys Plant 16

2:40pm showtime: Demian Bichir photo opportunity, autograph session and pre-screening introduction

New York

Saturday, July 2

Landmark Sunshine

7:15pm showtime: Chris Weitz post-screening Q&A

9:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz pre-screening introduction

Sunday, July 3

Landmark Sunshine

7:15pm showtime: Chris Weitz post-screening Q&A

9:30pm showtime: Chris Weitz pre-screening introduction

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Conejo’s Limited Portraits

“The Shady Conejo” was truly the first album Conejo recorded and if anyone says anything different they don’t know the story I’m about to tell….. Conejo made this album way before “Angel Of Death” (released in 2005) but he hid ” The Shady Conejo” because he was saving it for the perfect moment to come. Unfortunately  things didn’t go as expected .He caught a case and went on the run. It was around this time, when he decided to sell the album to Urban Kings Inc.Urban Kings Inc. released the album and  then later re-released it as the album now known as Dead End Gangster.

And still to this day this album remains has one of Conejo’s top selling albums. Containing his hit songs Smiling Faces, Killer of the West, El Varrio Mas Chingon and so on. This other canvas you see before you comes from Conejo’s album, “Game Over”.

Both of this canvases are made from the original film that was use for the photo shoot. How do we know? Urban Kings was close friends with the photographer and hired him to do Conejo’s photo shoot. At that time Conejo was deep into his addictions, which is why he always had a syringe on him.

When photo editors got the photo, they would edited as a pencil or took it off completely.  Both of the canvases are hand stretch and have a wooden frames.  These canvases are in auction right now, and the bid start at $120. The Shady Conejo is currently at $200. Enter your bid at Conejo is still currently on the run but both of these albums have become his monuments.

Street Anthems 3 – Out Now

Urban Kings releases a signature album compilation that everyone gets hype for. Fans always ask us about music from their favorite Urban Kings artists, so we put together something dope that everyone can bump. UKMG Artists like Ms Krazie and Chino Grande and also  Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco are featured on Urban Kings Street Anthems 3, as well as featuring dope artists like Conejo, Baby Jokes, Slow Poke, Oso Vicious, ALT,  and more. We also threw in a few classics from The Stomper and Ese Lil Joker. Everything is featured from Urban Kings “Street Anthems 3“. We are all still pumped up about this album, because its one of the sickest Street Anthems CDs out. Did you know that some music on Street Anthems will only be released on that album? Meaning it wont be on any other album. For example, the song “Letter To My Felon” will NEVER be on Ms Krazie’s upcoming albums, its only for Street Anthems 3. The album is available now from the UKMG Merch Store for just $7.99.

Listen To Ms Krazie – Letter To My Felon – Taken From Street Anthems 3!

Summer Nights with DJ #5

Am glad to be back from Vegas and finally get a chance to kick back and relax to some oldies but not your art laboe kind of oldies. When people think of oldies they think of the classic songs like Al Green or Mary Wells but many don’t know there was plenty of Chicano artist’s back in the days as well. Today I want to share an artist that goes by the name of Ralfi Pagan. You can purchase his cd at our online store which is titled Ralfi Pagan The Legend. He has plenty of songs besides this one that you might want to check out. I picked this song because you can hear by his voice why he was hitting it very big.  Ralfi Pagan was murdered at a very young aged right about the time he was becoming famous. I really don’t no the details but all no that his jams are some thing else. I will be sharing a lot of more of his songs but today;s song is called No Soy De Ti. If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD

Urban Kings Secret Santa Is….

Urban Kings Secret Santa is coming your way and has lots of free goodies in his hands. Place your order with from now until DECEMBER 21st,2011 and you will be receiving a surprise straight from the Urban Kings Secret Santa! There are many free goodies in the bag and are waiting to jump in your orders. I been hearing from the boss’s that some might win money, I been hearing music, I been hearing sweets. Too many rumors floating around about whats going in the packages. So make sure you put your order in before DEC 21,2011 and you will be one of the lucky few to get something extra. We know everyone likes free stuff, and Urban Kings loves our fans so much and appreciate all your loyalty and support we just want to give a little something back to say thank you. Also please make sure to send in your pictures of your packages of what we sent you! We will promote your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the picture you sent in and we will make you famous! You can do that by Submitting The Picture Here ! Also if you send us your Twitter name, WE WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK! Also if you ordered an Old English Brand Product , you will automatically receive a free Old English Brand Poster featuring Baby Jokes ! Merry Christmas And Feliz Navidad!!!


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