Street Anthems 4 by Urban Kings

Urban Kings releases a signature album compilation that everyone gets hype for. Fans always ask us about music from their favorite Urban Kings artists, so we put together something dope that everyone can bump. UKMG Artists like Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Spanky Loco are featured on Urban Kings Street Anthems 4, as well as featuring dope artists like Conejo, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Sinful aka El Pecador, ALT, Down and more. We also threw in a few classics from The Stomper, Slush Tha Villain and Ese Lil Joker. Everything is featured in the brand new Urban Kings “Street Anthems 4“. We are all still pumped up about this album, because its the newest Street Anthems CD. Did you know that some music on Street Anthems will only be released on that album? Meaning it wont be on any other album. For example, the song “Pobre Guey” will NEVER be on Ms Krazie’s upcoming albums, its only for Street Anthems 4. The brand new Street Anthems 4 is NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE, From All Major Music Retailers, such as Amazon and FYE, as well as all digital outlets like iTunes. It is also available online directly through Urban Kings at The UKMG Merch Store! So make sure to order your copy today!

Listen To Entire Street Anthems 4 Album Here!

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Richard Cabral in The LA Times


I remember when Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, was first starting his career as an actor. He became serious and dedicated bout his new acting path, studying and learning from seasoned established actors, how to get better. His growth has led him to his first big break, being a re-occuring role in the television role for “Southland“. Since then, many people started to take notice of his talents, from his fans from music, to fellow actors, directors and producers. He got his first supporting role in a Southland episode where the policeman took him to a dessert to kill him. After this episode, he was casted for a movie from Chris Weitz (from the Twilight series) called “A Better Life“. With the hype from the city of Richard acting in the movie, The LA Times contacted him for an interview about his life and his uprising career in acting. This is the official article taken from the LA Times website.

Since then, Richard has went on to feature in movies and television shows like “End Of Watch”, “Snitch”, “Chicago Fire”, “The Counselor”, and the upcoming “Blood Father” movie with Mel Gibson and a supporting role in the upcoming ABC Series “American Crime”. Richard has released music through The Urban Kings Music Group, being featured on over 10 albums on the albums for Charlie Row Campo, including his first solo rap album “Life On The Streets” as well as his collaboration album with UKMG Artist “Jasper Loco” called “Eastside Classics“. All CDs are available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE and iTunes.


Midget Loco In School Dance

Did you know that UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a brand new movie that will be releasing on Wednesday, July 2nd in theaters, Video On Demand and Digital HD Worldwide. Nick Cannon is directing his very first movie with “School Dance”. It will feature and star Bobb’e J. Thompson (the kid from Role Models), George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Wilmer Valderrama, Amber Rose, Katt Williams and more. It also features Urban Kings very own artist Midget Loco! The story follows Jason, a high school student who finds his dream girl in Anastacia. But she doesn’t even know he exists. Jason wants to be part of the most popular dance crew in school, so maybe he would be noticed by his crush. That is a mission, not to mention overcoming his mother, Anastacia’s gangster brother, and officially join the dance crew. The movie trailer has officially released, and make sure to mark the date on your calendar to watch the movie and support Urban Kings and Midget Loco!

School Dance – Official Movie Trailer

The Best Of Spanky Loco is Just 7.99

The Urban Kings Music Group released the Spanky Loco album that is a collection of his greatest hits, along with some brand new songs. Spanky Loco has been establishing himself as a top artist for years, working with many different artists around the world, touring Europe, Japan, Asia and the United States, as well as Mexico and Latin America! For the Greatest Hits album, Spanky featured artists like Conejo, Huero Snipes, The Stomper, Kokane, Smooth Hustle Artists Sonny Blue, Baldacci, LA Problemz, Napalm and Z Gunz, and more. And we just made this CD $7.99 just for you!

The Best Of Spanky Loco” is Spanky Loco’s 4th official project released through Urban Kings, from “The Superior Mixtape” to “The Superior Album” to the collaboration album “Everybody Killa” along with The Stomper. Spanky Loco also released an All Spanish album called “Tirando Y Rifando 2” with Urban Kings. The album is really dope and has many dope features. I have included the track listing for the album, and below one of my favorite songs from the cd. Make sure to listen to the song and support Spanky Loco and Urban Kings!

Spanky Loco – Real Recognize Real – Ft. L.A Problemz, Huero Snipes, Baldacci, Sonny Blue, Napalm & Gunz

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush Richard Cabral

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Have you guys seen this brand new Urban Kings Facebook Ambush featuring actor and musician Richard Cabral? We always are in the loop with him about his new film and television roles, and always will be proud of his accomplishments. He came by the office the other day and gave us and our fans an update on whats new with his new movies. First he has a brand new movie called “The Counselor“, which stars Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Michael Fassbender, and Javier Bardem. The Counselor is directed by Ridley Scott, who directed Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster, Prometheus and more. Richard also lets us know another role which he will be staring in (a franchize film series). Make sure to support and watch the video above and see what he is working on! Also make sure to pick up Richard’s music, that he released with Urban Kings, called “Life On The Streets“, available now at all FYE Locations, including digitally through iTunes, and directly from Urban Kings at The UKMG Merch Store!

Music Wednesdays

Its “Music Wednesdays” lets sit back and enjoy this classic track “Suicide Note” by Chino Grande off Charlie Row’s Stop Studio Gangsters.


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