Street Anthems And Chicano Rap Love Dedications OUT NOW!

Two of the biggest albums have just released through Urban Kings, one called “Street Anthems 4” and the other called “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2“. Both Cds gives a different style and vibe for each. Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 is the best collection of slow jams onto one album. Street Anthems 4 has all the hard hitting street songs and favorites. Both albums feature Urban Kings Artists, such as Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Stomper, Jasper Loco, and Spanky Loco along with some songs featuring MC Magic, Baby Jokes, Payaso, Conejo, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, D Salas, Sinful aka El Pecador, Oso Vicious, Ese Lil Joker and more. These two albums are really dope, and features some exclusive songs that will not be on any other album, except Street Anthems 4 and Chicano Rap Love Dedications. Not even on the artists albums. Make sure to check them out and you can listen to both albums snippets! They are available at All Major Music Retailers like FYE, digitally through iTunes, and online through The UKMG Merch Store!

Street Anthems 4 – Official Album Cover

Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 – Official Album Cover

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Clip Of The Week-Cholo Boy Swag

Cholo Boy Swag

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Charlie Row In Studio

Urban Kings Music Group artists Fiesty 2 GunsJasper LocoLil Minor, who are 3/4 of the members of the infamous group Charlie Row Campo. They are back in the studio, doing a brand new song for an upcoming Charlie Row album! The other day, they were recording music with producer D Salas! Wait until you hear the track Charlie Row did. This is a dope picture and good to see Charlie Row moving forward. The music is always dope, and more information on the album title, CD cover, and all the good information will be posted here as soon as we get it! Make sure to stay posted to The Urban Kings Facebook Page to let us know what you think of seeing C row back in the studio making music!

Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest Is Over

Today is the deadline for the submissions for the Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest.We are no longer accepting video for the contest, but you can still video response your video and we will accept it. Remember that we are deciding and announcing the winner of the Guy Contest very soon. The winner will be a featured artist on a song with Ms Krazie for her upcoming album “Forgive Not Forget”. The winner will be chosen by Ms Krazie and Urban Kings and Special Guest Judges. Here is one of the newest submissions that just made the deadline of December 1st, he goes by the  name of Weezy Brown from Compton, Ca.

Spanky Loco Tattooing San Diego

Urban Kings artist Spanky Loco will be a special guest tattoo artist at Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Mission Valley this weekend, February 21st & 22nd. Spanky has been tattooing alongside legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks for a few years, and now Spanky will be tattooing in Mr Flaks shop as a guest artist. Spanky has been touring the country for his tattoo tour, heading to many different states in the Northwest to the East Coast. He has also gone international, touring many different countries, including Europe and Japan. Now his next stop will be in San Diego, California, so fans and collectors who live in the area, make plans to get some westcoast ink by scheduling an appointment by texting 716-562-6828 or just walk in!

Pre-Sales for Tirando Y Rifando

As the release date of Spanky Loco’s newest album gets closer, we have pre- sales available now for Tirando y Rifando. Its going to be released May 17 world wide on and all FYI stores nation wide, as well as our private distributors. Get to listen to his all spanish album when you click listen on the flyer. Our pre-sales will include Spanky Loco’s Tirando y Rifando poster. We are the only place where you can get his poster without paying extra and if we don’t have it nobody has it. But the poster will only be for those who get the pre-sales (cuz they are the true fans lol).

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