Street Scriptures Snips Out Now

Fiesty 2 Guns album Street Scriptures is coming out June 7 but we are giving the sneak peek on what Fiesty’s album has to offer. One of the hit songs on the album is already out now on Itunes “What I Dream Of” as well as the instrumental for all the MCs out there. “What I dream of” music video is out now as well with more viewers everytime we check. View it now on Urban Kings Tv.

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Chino Grande At The Three 6 Mafia Video Shoot

Urban Kings Music Group was invited this weekend to the filming of Three 6 Mafia’s own Dj Paul music video shoot. Dj Paul was filming a video for one of his newest songs, “No Panties”. We took Chino Grande down to the photo shoot to represent UKMG and latinos. We snapped this quick picture of Dj Paul and Chino Grande for our blog, and chilled on set. We also seen dope artists there, such as Kokoe, Str8 Loyalty and more. Filmed by Crime City Films, this video is looking to be epic. Make sure to be on the lookout for the brand new “No Panties” music video by Dj Paul on Urban Kings Tv once it comes out!

Shine On Me Hits 200,000

Chino Grande’s “Shine On Me” music video has been getting huge success from everyone that seen it. From artists, to fans, to directors and producers. Shine on me just hit a milestone and hit 200,000 views on youtube within one month. Being Chino’s first song since he was released, everyone had anticipated the new music, and Chino brought the heat, ripping the beat with a song he wrote being away. D Salas created the beat, and Chino talked to Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records about singing the hook, and the rest is history. This was the first single from Chino Grande’s new album “Trust Your Struggle“, and his very first solo music video, directed by Jeff Echo Reyes from Echosworld! So lets keep the momentum going and tell everyone to watch this video and lets get it up to 300,000 views on youtube! Make sure to also Subscribe To The Urban Kings Youtube Channel!


Eyes on the road

Be careful on the roads especially during the rain because the roads can get slippery. Vanessa ( the girl that picks up your calls) got in an accident today in the morning. So be careful because you don’t want this to happen to your car.

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Words of Wisdom

Have you ever thought how crazy it is that you have live power wires running throughout your whole house. Now lets multiply that by one hundred and now think about those wires in a florescent glowing manner. Picture and imagine how they are all around you, driving power to your appliances, light bulbs, bedroom, etc. How crazy it is that the power hits your tv then drives that power through a circuit board and lights up your tv. How all that works in perfect harmony. Now imagine you doing that with all your talent that you have, built up in your imagination just waiting to be released. Now do what I just described but towards all of your dreams and goals and imagine it all actually working in perfect harmony without even trying. It’s possible, and its happening to me and others and it can happen to you! It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Think big, think small, but just think, nothing can stop an idea, more than yourself. That’s that ambition, self motivation, set for life imagination. The magic is real, Los Angeles, Urban Kings is that UKMG Life on top of that, Set For Life, Boom Pow Perfect (Street Fighter Voice).

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Behind The Scenes With Charlie Row Campo

Urban Kings was behind the scenes exclusively for our artists Charlie Row Campo for their music video called “We Just Want To Party”, staring Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Lil Minor. It was a really dope shoot and the video is gonna be crazy. Its on a new tip and its something fresh and dope and I think fans are gonna be surprised on the concept and ideas we had for it. Directed by Famous 8 and behind the scenes photos taking by Jesus Lua. Here are a few more photos, and keep in mind that these pictures are behind the scenes, not actual scenes from the music video. We Just Want To Party is taken from the upcoming Charlie Row Campo album, currently untitled. Make sure to stay posted for upcoming information for the new album and music video!

Fiesty 2 Guns & Jasper Loco Ready For Action

Photo Taken Behind The Camera

Charlie Row Campo Just Wants To Party


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