Street Scriptures Snips Out Now

Fiesty 2 Guns album Street Scriptures is coming out June 7 but we are giving the sneak peek on what Fiesty’s album has to offer. One of the hit songs on the album is already out now on Itunes “What I Dream Of” as well as the instrumental for all the MCs out there. “What I dream of” music video is out now as well with more viewers everytime we check. View it now on Urban Kings Tv.

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Party This Friday

This friday we will be in Ambiente in Alhambra celebrating with our boy Oso Vicious from Hellafyde Records Birthday Party. It is free to get all night and doors will open at 8:30pm. There is a strict dress code and it is 21 and over with Valid ID. Djs spinning all night long are Dj Caveman and Dj Prospekt. Make sure if your not doing anything this Friday, to come down to Ambiente and party with us! And if you already got plans, cancel them because this is the only spot to be at Friday Night!


Richard Cabral casted in Key & Peele Show on Comedy Central

Did you know that Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, was recently casted in a television show on Comedy Central for a program called “Key and Peele“. Its a really funny skit show that touches all topics. The show is pretty funny and stars Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele and many guest stars for skits and sketches. Its a really funny show, yes, I have seen it before and I now watch it all the time. Now since Richard booked a guest sketch, I cant wait to see how it came out. I found a sketch of Key and Peele’s that I thought was really funny and want to show everyone, so make sure to check it out below. The sketch is called “Proud Thug” and about a gang meeting to get organized.

Key And Peele – Proud Thug

Chino Grande In Studio With

We taken this picture of UKMG Artist Chino Grande in the studio with non other then Ese Daz from Spanish Fly. Were they making music or just chillin vibing out in the studio? Thats something that we might just have to wait and see. Chino Grande been in the studio working on his brand new album, that is scheduled to release in 2013. Chino is also starting to work on another project, but that will be announced later on! And if you havent heard, Chino just filmed his brand new music video for his upcoming album, and the song is called “Shine On Me” featuring Dope House Songstress Carolyn Rodriguez.

Ms Krazie Drawings

Brown Is Beautiful

Ms Krazie Coming Into View

La Loca Herself

We just got submitted some really dope pictures by Ernie G, who had drew UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. He did this all with pen, in the classic black and shading style, and he even sent us his progress of his drawing, showing how he started, then a little bit more into detail how the design was looking, then he sent us in his finished product. We always appreciate when fans send us in pictures of our artists, especially when people take the time to do something really artistic and creative. We would have loved to put Ernie G’s facebook page, but he didn’t include his link in the email. Remember, you can submit your drawings, pictures with artists, or even pictures of your UKMG CD Collection, and we will shout you out. All you have to do, to submit to us, is CLICKING HERE.

Midget Loco Featured In Tattoo Art

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco was featured in some awesome tattoo work this week. We have fans submit photos to our websites at the UKMG Contact Page, and one that stood out this week was this very dope picture of some tattoo artwork featuring Midget Loco along with a 64 Impala on a full back piece. We had to share it with everyone because the art came out dope, and the portrait of Midget looks exactly like him. Not to mention to detail his chain and tattoos, as well as the ink for the car. We always ask everyone to submit your pictures of artwork or even photos with any Urban Kings Artist, submit it to us at Click Here To Submit and dont forget to add your fb, ig and twitter name so we can make you famous!


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