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The XSetForLifeX Special Guest Announcement

We are about to announce the very special guest that will be announced to be part of the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie and MC Magic. It is someone who you have definitely heard of enjoy this artists music. The official announcement will be made today, so be on the lookout today for the official announcement on our blog, Official Urban Kings Facebook, Instagram @UrbanKings and also on Twitter @UrbanKings. Are you ready to see who else will be hitting the stage for this awesome All Ages concert? This event will be taking place November 23rd at The  Yost Theater. Click Here For Tickets!

Announcement will be made at 3:00pm Pacific Time!

Introducing Alexandra Bombshell

We gave everyone a quick introduction to who Ms Alexandra Bombshell is. She been in everyones music video from The Game, to  Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Nu Jerzey Devil, and many more. We made a little video to show everyone a brand new model we are working with. Old English Brand not only represents the hustlers, but the female hustlers too. And Alexandra Bombshell hustles and works hard in the entertainment industry and got to be an established model because of hard work and dedication and that is exactly what Old English Brand recognizes and represents. With that being said, Old English Brand would like to introduce you to, Alexandra Bombshell!

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Burst Rock And Jasper Loco

Urban Kings has a thing with Facebook. We post videos of where we are at, what we are doing, who we are hanging out with, give updates and information and more. Today we were doing one for the release of our new albums, Fiesty 2 Guns “Bring It Home” and Jasper Locos “All About The Money“. Yesterday, we caught up with Fiesty 2 Guns, today we ambushed Burst Rock to give everyone a update on the Fiesty and Jasper orders, and with Jasper Loco himself, who had to sign a few more autographs for his fans. Make sure to Watch the video, and its only for the people who like our Facebook, so Click Here To Like The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page and watch these ambushes as we rush interview our artists, like Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco and even people who are not our artists! Fiesty 2 Guns “Bring It Home” and Jasper Loco’s “All About The Money” are both available now, at all Major Music Retailers like FYE, Digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!


The UKMG Flagship Shop

The Urban Kings Flagship Shop is open for  business right now! We give the public an opportunity to come down and pick up your favorite Urban Kings CD. We are open from Monday Through Friday, 12PM to 6PM. We offer our full catalog of music that you can pick up directly from us. That includes albums we also distributed, including the Sick Jacken “Stray Bullets“, which Urban Kings Distributed. You can also find Old English Brand clothing as well, including their new Winter Collection! Make sure to come check out the new Urban Kings Flagship Shop today!

Urban Kings Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Baby Jokes The Young And Reckless

Baby Jokes had a photo shoot with The Young & Reckless clothing line. If you don’t know, Young and Reckless is a clothing line that has been worn by tons of celebs. From Lil John, 50 cent, NY Jets Mark Sanchez, Jersey Shore’s Vinny, even Justin Bieber (like anyone cares lol) and now they got our ladies’ king of hearts Baby Jokes. (yes I know, why wasn’t it a baggy shirt lol).  Read their article on Baby Jokes here and if you want to see Baby Jokes modeling in a baggy shirt meet our good friends at Old English Brand (they got the Ms. Krazie’s and Midget Loco’s shirt too).

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