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The Few That Make It

We are proud that Urban Kings has loyal fans. This collection belongs to Alejandro Delagado (Big shout out). Thank you for the support. We hope you like your autographed posters and albums. Build your collection at

Lil Minor – All About The Paper – Behind The Scenes

We have told everyone about the upcoming music video from Urban Kings Music Group Artist Lil Minor of Charlie Row Campo. It’s called “All About The Paper” and its a really dope song. Its the first Lil Minor solo music video, and one of the first music videos that he has done since he has came home. This is one of my favorite songs from Lil Minor, and we recorded an exclusive behind the scenes that will give you a sneak preview of video, so you can see how the video was made, some of the scenes Lil Minor shot, and he even has some words for his fans, and for the people who support him. He also has a few words for his fellow Charlie Row Campo Artists. The exclusive behind the scenes video will be releasing tomorrow,  Thursday, December 11th! Its a must see for all Charlie Row Campo fans and dont forget to tune in!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Shout out Sonia Luviano for making this collage for Ms Krazie. She made this for Valentines Day for Ms Krazie. We think its dope so you know we had to put it on the blog. These are all most recent pictures of Ms Krazie in the Valentines Day theme. So we wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Don’t Touch The Icing

This is a birthday cake you will never forget. This cake was for Lady Cruz for her birthday, the best design I have ever seen. Follow Lady Cruz and Ms. Krazie on twitter.

Listen To The Propaganda by Self Provoked – FREE

Self Provoked just released his brand new mixtape called “The Propaganda”, just released and one dope album. Everyone been pumped up for this release from one of the biggest buzzin artists from the westcoast. It is what the fans wanted, with only one feature, from a hip hop heavyweight in 2Mex. Then Self Provoked released this mixtape for FREE, just for his fans. The mixtape is 30 minutes long and has 14 tracks on it. Make sure to click the video below and press play. Write your comments on the new mixtape at Urban Kings Facebook Page and let us know what you think!

Self Provoked – The Propaganda – Full Mixtape

Mixtape Tracklisting

0:00 – 1:05 – Watch This Learn That (Intro)
1:05 – 4:03 – Boycott
4:03 – 7:08 – Trophies ft 2MEX
7:08 – 9:15 – Cap Guns
9:15 – 12:42 – Dear Mermaids
12:42 – 15:22 – Head On Straight
15:22 – 17:58 – Define Paranoid
17:58 – 19:54 – Cyrax
19:54 – 22:46 – Mr Officer
22:46 – 25:50 – Shroomsday
25:50 – 28:19 – Idea Of Life
28:19 – 30:42 – A Good Time
30:42 – 33:54 – Like No Other
33:54 – 35:56 – It’s Been Written


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