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Now before you start gathering up hate on why we took down your videos of Ms. Krazie and of other Urban Kings artist let us explain…. The big picture is that illegal downloading is killing music in general but what it is doing for independent hustle and grind record labels like ourselves, its taking what we need to keep on going. Its money used for the studio time, events, posters, cds, equipment, you name it and we don’t do no mickey mouse work we are setting ourselves to play in the big leagues to bring chicano rap to the stage so air waves can finally stop being discriminative and play what our people want. So how do we get this to become a reality? When you download illegal songs most of the programs you use gets them from youtube and turns them into songs. So even if you were supporting the movement, others were not even taking in a count of the struggle. Now before you start saying “why did you guys take off our songs but put up yours?”. Well have you notice that our uploaded songs come with horns?(annoying aint it lol). Well, when those people download the song, they will be hearing it and well at least they know where it came from lol. Plus they will want to just buy the album just so they don’t have to put up with it. And when they look us up they will become aware of what we are trying to do. We want people to know that we are the direct source of the message.  We gotta gather up our people anyway we can so we can bring the vision to play and that way is having everyone subscribe to our youtube channel youbuycds.com.  Its nothing personal those who didn’t get deleted was because you guys had a lot of viewers (and we respected that). When we shine everyone shines.

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Stompers New Days New Ways CD Releases Tomorrow

New music alert! Urban Kings artist The Stomper will be releasing a brand new album called “New Days New Ways” and it comes out 7-6-2016 (Tomorrow). The demand for a new CD from Stomper was huge on our Facebook Page and Instagram, and Stomper worked like crazy to get it done. He finished up the album, and it is one of the best Stomper CDs he ever made. Straight to the raw and real lyrics that the games been missing the past few years. Featuring some dope collabs with Conejo, Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Venom, Low-G, Carolyn Rodriguez, Troub Nasty, Oso Vicious, Huero Snipes, ALT The Saint and more. Remember, the album releases tomorrow, and you can be the first to own it!

Also, we made Stomper CDs just $7.99, so you can pick up “Once Upon A Time In America 1“,  ”Everybody Killa“, “The New Testament“,  ”Once Upon A Time In America 2” or the latest one “Free Stomper – Unreleased Kuts 2” all out now!

Street Love by Midget Loco

UKMG Artist Midget Loco released a highly anticatpated album called “Street Love“. This is another classic album by Midget Loco, as his music has been getting better and better, and this album I think is his best album so far. This is Midgets third solo album, with his past albums including ”Bloodline Flatline” and “Dedicated To The OGs “. Both were really solid albums, and were bumped heavy in the streets. With Street Love, this album will hit hard with some really dope songs like “Crazy About Her”, “Street Love”, “California Dream” and more! Street Love is Now Available Nationwide to all Major Music Stores such as Amazon, FYE, and Digitally through iTunes and at The UKMG Merch Store!

Midget Loco – Street Love – Listen To Entire Album Below FREE

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Psycho Realm Music On iTunes

Are you Having a hard time finding your favorite Psycho Realm albums in your area? Well Urban Kings and RMG music group have connected so we can offer the classic cd’s everywhere. Check out itunes for Psycho Realm War Book 1, Psycho Realm War Book 2 and Terror Tapes. We have also turned into over 200 various digital stores if you prefer to browse around. If you still want to purchase the pyschical cd that comes with the inside artwork, lyrics etc you can visit www.thepsychoshop.com . Powered by Urban Kings Music Group Distribution.

Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour/Latin Lockdown Tour

Ms Krazie is combining her Hello Loca 2012 Tour with the Latin Lockdown Tour, in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, June 23rd. This event will be at the COMMROW, at 255 North Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89501. This event will also Co-Headline with Lil Rob, Knightowl, Brown Boy, Proper Dos, and Young Diggy. Ms Krazie will be performing her classic songs, as will the other major artists. This is an ALL AGES Event, and tickets are available at www.COMMROW.com  . Fans from Reno will also be able to hear the commercials for the Latin Lockdown on Wild 102.9FM and hear Ms Krazie’s music on it as well!!! Make sure you get your tickets today as this event will sell out! Tickets are only $23 Presale and $25 at the door!!!



True Starr – I Dont Trust

Urban Kings Artist True Starr released his brand new music video for his newest song “I Don’t Trust”. It just came out this week and fans are loving it. The storyboard is crazy, with him taking out a snitch to the desert and not trusting anyone. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is scheduled to also be a single that will be available on iTunes very very soon! True Starr is already back in the studio, working on the next song, to make another music video. His grind never stops, so make sure to check it out and support him.


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