Thankful for all the bad things

They say to be thankful for all the good things in life but me i’m thankful for all the bad things, down falls, lessons learn, bad days and mean comments I’ve heard about me. I have had them all, I had my days but like a clay in a kids hand it has shaped my mind to better understand that the only thing that matters is what is in my mind. What I thought and how close my outcome was to the delivery I was aiming. Why work if u can’t have fun. Stay humble stay silly take nothing to serious and enjoy life. Have a happy Thanks Giving from me Old English Brand and my UKMG staff.

-Jaime Diaz Jr

Did You Know Ms Krazie Did This?

 Do you remember this album by Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie? It was her very first album ever and it was called “Brown Is Beautiful” and featured Mr. Shadow, Knightowl, Mal Hablado, Abusivo, The Pricks and Danger. It is a classic album and it made her a common name in music. This album is a complete album, and has many different topics Ms Krazie touched on. This CD is one of my favorites from Ms Krazie, and I was right there along the way as she was creating it in the studio. The long nights she would be working on finding the right beat, writing her lyrics, and laying her vocals down on harmony. What is your favorite song from this album? Tell us on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! My favorite song from this album was the “Mommys Little Girl” song! Remember that one? Listen to it below to refresh your memory!!

Ms Krazie – Mommys Little Girl – Taken From Brown Is Beautiful


UKMG Sports – Giants the New NFL Champs

Yesterday millions of people watched Super Bowl XLVI as the New York Giants played the New England Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Since that Superbowl, every game played between these two teams have been close. And this game did not disappoint. With the opening drive, Tom Brady dropped back into his own endzone and threw a pass that was ruled intentional grounding and for that, a safety was a penalty. The Giants were rewarded by 2 points and the kickoff. They held the Patriots on their drive and once they have the ball again, they would stroll downfield and score a field goal. Then the Patriots held the Giants to punt, then the Patriots capitalized again by scoring a touchdown right before halftime.Then haftime came with the score of 10-9 Patriots over Giants. The first drive of the second half, the Patriots scored again on a excellent drive from Brady. Score was 17-9. The Patriots held the Giants with great defense and the Giants had a decent drive that added another field goal to the score. Score 17-12 Patriots.Patriots next drive was a 4 and out and punted yet again to the Giants. The Giants had another good drive, but settled yet again for another field goal. Score 17-15 Patriots at the end of the 3rd quarter. Within 35 seconds of the 4th, Tom Brady threw his first and only interception via a long 42 yard pass intended for Gronkowski. Both the Giants and Patriots couldnt convert on thier next drives. Eli Manning, starting a drive from the Giants 12 yardline, with 4 minutes left, started a drive that will be remembered for a while. he threw a 42 yard pass to Manningham, that left the Giants on the 50 yard line. With a memorable drive lead by Manning, the Giants drove down the field and scored on a touchdown run by Bradshaw. Score is 21-17 with 57 seconds left. Brady got the ball on his own 20, and couldnt capitalize to score as there last second hail mary wasnt complete.

Giants win 21-17!

Chino Grande At The Three 6 Mafia Video Shoot

Urban Kings Music Group was invited this weekend to the filming of Three 6 Mafia’s own Dj Paul music video shoot. Dj Paul was filming a video for one of his newest songs, “No Panties”. We took Chino Grande down to the photo shoot to represent UKMG and latinos. We snapped this quick picture of Dj Paul and Chino Grande for our blog, and chilled on set. We also seen dope artists there, such as Kokoe, Str8 Loyalty and more. Filmed by Crime City Films, this video is looking to be epic. Make sure to be on the lookout for the brand new “No Panties” music video by Dj Paul on Urban Kings Tv once it comes out!

Album Of The Week

Pre Orders For Conejo – Killer From The West – Starts Tomorrow!

Big Announcement, the Pre Order for brand new Conejo album “Killer From The West” will start tomorrow! This is the first and only place you can Pre Order Killer From The West, directly from the manufacturer. Since we have released the artwork for the album cover, everyone has been hyped up for this release and when we will make the Pre Orders available. This is all new music from Conejo, and it will be releasing October 15th, through all major music outlets such as FYE, digitally downloadable through iTunes and through the UKMG Merch Store! Stay posted to our  blog for more information about this release, snippets will be released this very soon!

*Pre Order will be coming soon through The UKMG Merch Store! As well as Snippets, World Premiers, and more!


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